Majority of hidden treasures particularly those that consists of large deposits usually have clues left behind by the individuals responsible in hiding them. THs (treasure hunters) refer to these clues as treasure codes and signs. They are actually engraved markings of strange symbols that only few experienced and clever THs can decipher or interpret.

Encountering any possible codes and signs around your prospective site actually increases the possibility of a hidden or buried treasure deposit on that particular area. They are most likely engraved on surfaces of nearby objects such as rocks, trees and concretes. Thus, the first and most important step of THing (treasure hunting) is to “explore the site” for these kinds of clues.

If it happens that you discovered a certain strange marked symbol on the surface of an object, it is basically important that you examine it carefully. Try to distinguish the marking if it is either a “man-made sign” or “natural-made sign”.

Two Types of Engraved Signs

1. Man-Made Signs

Man-made engraved symbols are authentic signs that could aid THs in finding the location of the buried treasure. These kinds of markings can be distinguished by examining them if they were etched using manual tools. Although, this could be a problem to all TH beginners because acquiring this skill may take years of actual experiences.

2. Natural-Made Signs

Nature itself can actually carve almost anything which include natural-made signs. But unlike man-made signs, they have no intended purpose for THs but to cause “confusion”.

Treasure Codes and Signs

Interpreting Treasure Codes and Signs

Interpreting a certain treasure sign “correctly” is a vital part of THing particularly in locating the hidden object which makes MDs (metal detectors) or dowsing tools no longer necessary. It also minimizes digging efforts reducing all the hard work involve. Another importance of being able to interpret signs is to avoid dangerous traps.

So how do THs interpret codes and signs?

Most THs are able to interpret treasure signs through the use of “THing Code References”. Although, only few of these codes are made available from the public such as on the internet. Some claimed complete copies exists but they are most likely for sale and there is “no guarantee” if they are really authentic or not.

In order to explain how THs exactly interpret a certain particular sign, let us have an example.

Let us assume that you found an X sign marked on the surface of a large rock. The first step that most experienced THs do is to distinguish the sign if it is either man-made or just natural. Considering that it is a man-made sign, the second step is to “identify” its possible meanings.

In general, an X symbol could mean target, object, spot, stop and danger. The first three meanings are good because they indicate the presence of the hidden treasure on the rock. “Stop and Danger” are the two meanings of an X sign that warns about dangerous traps or some possible risks involve.

The third step is to “search for any possible additional signs nearby” because it is actually common to encounter “more than just one signs”. Each of these signs are interconnected with one another revealing more clear details and meanings about the location of the hidden treasure. So on this example, let us say that you found another sign which is an “arrow sign” engraved on the body of an old large tree. It is about 6 meters away from the rock and it is directly pointing to the X sign.

The presence of the arrow sign is actually giving great “importance” to the location of the rock. So in connection to the X sign, this importance has something to do with the target, object and hidden spot of the treasure. Thus, excavation on that spot is highly advisable.

What if there are no other signs around that can be found?

If it happens that no other signs can be found nearby then there are 4 possible reasons about it:

1. Natural Sign

As already mentioned above, these are signs that are carved by nature which have nothing to do about any hidden treasures. And unfortunately, an engraved X is just one among the common natural signs that often confuse THs especially beginners. Other common natural signs include foot prints, arrows and holes.

2. Dud or Fake Sign

Some people who hid their treasures were tricky enough to setup dud or fake signs. Even experienced THs could fall into this trick wasting most of their precious time, efforts and financial budget.

3. Danger Sign

The last two meanings of an X sign is Stop and Danger which literally both means, “it is better not to attempt or avoid working on that particular spot”. This is usually the case if no other signs nearby can support the importance of any Danger Signs which includes the X.

Treasures Codes and Signs are Not International

Missing treasures around the world were hidden by different group of people on different period of time. This is the main reason why they made use of their own “unique set of treasure codes and signs”. Thus, if your interest is to search for the hidden Pirate treasures then you should only focus your research in studying Pirate treasure codes.

Moreover, I am making myself completely available to anyone who needs help in interpreting the signs that they discovered. Just give me the complete details about it and perhaps include some actual photos then send them either to my eMail Address or FaceBook Page.

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    • Can you help me interpret a treasure sign that I found? How can I send you a photo?


      Sure. Currently, you can send the photo of the sign that you found into my FaceBook page because my email is being heavily spammed. Send it as a Private Message.

    • Sir, I have found a sign similar to letter M and a triangle rock along the river here in Kenya. Please call me at 0721xxxx.


      Hello there from Kenya, the place where the colonialists left large amount of hidden treasures. Based from the source that I contacted who is knowledgeable about hidden treasures in your place, the M stands for the deposit. As for the triangle rock, it refers to some kind of shelter which include caves.

    • Hello sir, have a blessed day.

      Can you help me about this?

      What is your interpretation about Big Left Footprint at the big rock under the mango tree. And, there is letter V near on that big footprint. How deep does the calculation or how many ft we dig it?

    • The letter V is an arrow sign and 5 steps away from it is the digging spot which is indicated by the big left foot sign. Sorry, I do not have any estimation on how deep it is for you to dig and reach the item. You need to start digging where you will be able to uncover more signs which can give hints of how deep the item is buried.

    • Sir, can you help me interpret if what is the meaning of the big rock at 15 meters deep from the top? it formed a frog and has two x from the top of it.

    • I already covered the X sign on a separate post which could either mean the "target" or the "deposit". The frog has almost similar meaning with the turtle sign.

      • Hello Sir, can I have your Facebook account? Thanks.

        • Scroll your way to the top and visit the page that says “Contact”.

    • Good day, Sir! Is it possible to discover sawdust of gold bar mixed to sand? That is what we have discovered in our suspected area. Please help us identify what it is.

    • Yes, it is called "raw gold" where it requires several steps of processing before you can turn it into its gold form.

    • Hello Sir,

      Are the signs of treasure can also have a precious substance? We've found a stone that looks like a hat of Japanese soldier. And there's no. 7 at the tip of it.

    • I am never yet to encounter a hidden treasure that is in the form of a substance but I think it is possible. Anyway, a sign that is similar to number 7 in general interpretation, usually represent the item hidden on that spot.

    • Sir, what does it mean when there is a square cement formed after digging 4 ft from the ground?

    • It is considered a positive sign.

    • Good day Sir, may I know the meaning of twisted metal, two of its leg is curling like a circle we found it 4 ft.from the ground together with broken Japanese glasses.

    • That twisted metal can be interpreted as "under" while those broken pieces of glasses indicate that you are digging on the right track.

    • Sir good day,i have a question on the side of the twisted metal there is a wood charcoal it forms like a spot and a different piece of small cut metals and a ceramic and broken potteries, is there a possibilities that the deposit is hidden under the rock because under ground surface is floored with a limestone. Thanks for the help sir.

    • Those are interesting signs and yes, the chances are, the item is buried under that floor made of limestone. Unless, you will encounter a buried sign pointing you to another different direction.

    • Thank you sir for the replies, we have encounter also under the ground near the twisted metal a plenty of nail it forms like no.7 a copper looks like a letter Z in form and U shape the soil are itchy smells like bad odor is there any chances that we are near to the object,last week we break the limestone under the twisted metal its very hard to break. Can i have your opinion in our project thank you sir.

    • I have a question sir regarding the twisted metal that we encounter underground because last week as we continue digging the other two leg of the twisted metal is connected to a round rod around length lying under my question which we will going to follow the 3mtr.round rod lying under or the twisted metal that is lying under in series with the round rod.thanks you sir for the replies.

    • Hard objects as blockages are actually reinforced by the JIA which are basically intended to cover their hidden treasures. Thus, encountering such objects is also considered a sign which means that you are on the correct path.

      Moreover, be careful about that itchy soil and bad odor. I already discussed several times the consequence of being exposed from them.

    • As for the twisted metal, I think that you are doing a great job so keep it up.

    • Sir what kind of bomb does the JIA used in their treasure?
      It's because I found a foot step sign with a flower sign on the middle of it.

    • You have to expect anything that will dangerously explode. The flower symbol does not actually tell what kind of trap has been setup.

    • Thank you for the replies sir more power and godbless .

    • Hi there, what is the meaning of 3 circles 1 meter apart from each other and a sign that look like eye or 8 and a footprint.

    • Those three circles means "good sign" which is often interpreted indicating the presence of a buried treasure. Since there are three of them, it is likely that there are three separate deposits around the site situated at certain distances.

      The 8 like figure mean, "on that spot" but since there is a foot sign involve then it is probably trying to tell you the spot where the footprint symbol is indicating. I suggest that you should read the post entitled, "Foot or Feet Yamashita Treasure Sign" to learn more about its meaning.

    • Hi Sir Elmo,

      How can I send pics to your FB?


    • You can send them into my FaceBook Page which is accessible via the FB icon at the right side bar navigation of this website.

      • Hi Sir Elmo, good morning. We have digging a hole 6 by 6 wide at the 4.5 feet and we found human teeth almost everywhere. Then at 5 to 7 feet, we have found 3 big stones. 1 stone has a V at the side and at the corner D and the other stone form like a heart and the other one is triangle. Then we smell like you know metal that was being wet all the time. What is the meaning of that Sir? How far the distance from the items by the way is it a treasure signs Sir Elmo? I’d like to add you in my FaceBook so that I can send you all the images inside the hole Sir. I try to check your FB but I can’t find you Sir. Can I ask favor? Please add me in your FB. Thank you Sir Elmo.

        • My FaceBook is a FB page which is completely accessible publicly. The link to my FB page is found on the top navigation bar and also posted under the Contact page. Anyway, the signs that you encountered and described here on your comment is very interesting which I can say that the deposit is hidden inside a rock. I will be waiting for those photos so that I can check it and perhaps able to interpret them more accurately.

    • Hi Sir. I would like to know if I can bring a metal detector to the Philippines from USA? Is the airlines allow to it?

      Thank you.

    • Yes, they do allow it. I already knew several treasure hunters from the US who brought their metal detectors with them in the Philippines without any problem.

    • Hi Sir, can i ask regarding of what we dug last month we encounter a spot of charcoal around 3 ft under the ground together with Japanese glasses broken potteries and a 1/2 meter round rod lying under the edge is sharp and the other side is bending downward. The other metal is curling just like an inside tunnel sign according to Japanese treasure sign. Below surface is limestone, is there any possibility that there is a treasure under the stone which has a charcoal?

      Thanks for the reply Sir and God bless.

    • Yes, that would be the perfect spot that I also do suggest for you to try and dig.

    • Sir good day, I just wanna ask if the area we dug is positive or not, actually we reach 40 ft already and we found some artifacts. The sign is fish but we can't continue because there's a water and very itchy and the smell is like a gas.

      Please answer me sir. Thank you.

    • The fish sign is simply a sign that tells you about "water" and that is probably the itchy water that you already encountered. Despite of that obstacle, you have to continue working on it.

    • Good day Sir we are at 30 feet down below now after we get those 3 huge stone we encounter the green gravel with some mixed of black and after that. It turns to like a mud clay sand greys and white sticky form of soil and every time we remove some big stone that has like a cemented. Or something the water getting faster to rise up..

      And i'm just curious Sir one of the rock that we remove is red under rock is another circular red rock about 50 kg and the next one under is oblong pointing down and its still red but is already coated with white sticky sand soil what dies it mean Sir?

      Thank you.

    • The JIA often makes strange objects to easily identify the correct direction of their hidden treasure. So in your own case, those objects that you encountered simply states that you are still digging on the correct spot.

    • Thank you for the info Sir. So much helpful. Now we encounter the branches of woods. And some soft body of trees and the catch. There is a ores on it Sir. But we don't mind it so much. Now were on 45 feet we encountering now a hard super dark grey. Like cemented floor and as we break it its about 22 inch thick. After that Sir, we encounter the soft area still darkest green but why is it there is a white stones that so soft? You can crash it with your own hands. What does this mean Sir? Please let me understand more.

      Thank you


    • If that strange soft stones are only present on that specific spot that your dug then I suggest that you should continue digging deeper. They are probably a sign.

    • Sir Good day, as we go down we encounter a hard green cement like. But the thing that the yellow thing coming to it when it dry it become rust, Iron rust please help me understand Sir. What does it mean? After the hard green cement like is a green sand with so much white soft stone. What does it mean Sir? Am I closer enough?

      Your expertise is a very big help to us. Thank you Sir.


    • It is actually normal to encounter iron rust under the ground but that hard green cement-like is the interesting part so as the white soft stones. As I already stated on my previous comment above, continue digging a little bit more.

    • Thank you so much Sir. To the info now were at 47 feet now and as the green sand with soft white stones almost gone were encountering a white violet sand with soft white stone. Sir what does this mean?

      And on the other side of the wall is grayish green hard like cemented.

      In the other side of wall is the green with white soft stone and in the center is the hard green like cement. And after that is a mixed of white sand with white like coral stone and its look like that have a lime powder.

      Is it a good sign Sir? How deep to I need to go?

      Thanks and please help me understand More. Thank you so much. God bless.

    • You should read the post about "The Type of Soil Used by the JIA as Treasure Sign". The description that you stated above really sounds like a very similar case.

    • Good blessed day Sir. As we go down a little bit more. After the green like cement with soft white stones. Next to it is white violet like cement but its soft because of white soft stones. Then next to it is like a hard sand flooring. As we go wider and trying to finish those green like cement with soft stone we encounter dizziness headache and lacking of oxygen. As we go back up there after 35 minutes of work we feel like drunk and fatigue Sir. Why is that so Sir?

      And I forgot to mention Sir that before we reach hard green like cemented, we encounter some slabs of wood at 38 feet down below some of them is flat some of them is branches. And the catch Sir there is a gold dust sticking in some part of slabs. But before we reach those slabs we encounter lot of stones. Like I mentioned before, as I look at it its 5 feet before the white sandy lime cemented that mixed with some slabs of wood.

      Sir I have a question?

      Why is it there many color we encounter down there? Its a rice field but the history of the site is that garrison of JIA is very close in that area. And specifically that area we dug is just 50 meters away from there machine shop were they make there bayonet and samurai. And I do believe to those story because we encounter some iron buried in some areas there Sir.

      Hope that you can make me understand more about what I experience on my first site..

      Are we close enough to the item Sir?

      Thanks a lot and God bless

      Ps. Before we dug down we got some stone that has a leafs inside and the first flooring after the rice field mud is brown like tobleron color and it has lot of wood sticks and leafs.

    • I suggest that you should read the post about "The Different Types of Soil Used by the JIA as Treasure Signs". It answers most of your question about the color of the soil that you uncovered.

      As for the dizziness and hardness of breathing that you experienced, you probably inhaled a poison gas.

    • Good afternoon sir, sir may I ask what is the meaning of a heart shaped rock that measures about 2 ft. Across, it was placed sideways on top of a pentagon shaped rock measures 8 incs. in height above ground, 8 incs across on top. The pointed part of the heart was facing a large mountain rock, the ground where we found this were like grinded rocks in small pieces likewise the pentagon shaped rock was filled with this kind of rocks and it was yellowish in color. By the way this site was under an old dead tree beside the creek.

    • The heart symbolizes a hidden wealth on that area. But since you claim that its pointed part is facing a large mountain rock, it actually means that the item is hidden on that location.

    • Sir Elmo, in our place have a big stone and its look like head of Buddha it is possible that our place have Buddha.

    • Yes. Actually, any human figure sign denotes a hidden Buddha.

      • Sir, good day.

        In my place here in Bacolod city, I’m engage in digging. Now I think 7 ft but I encountered a charcoal and corals.

        Please help me to interpret. Thanks.

        • I already have a discussion about different soils of layers and that includes the charcoals and corals. So I would advise you to read it. Anyway, I suggest that you continue digging down deeper.

    • Good day Sir. I ask you something about the area we're digging now because we already found a cement but it's to hard to continue because of the water and i think there's a poison in it because me and my friends felt vomiting when we smell a gas. It is dangerous to continue sir or not?

    • Since you experienced those symptoms, it seems too dangerous to continue. I suggest that you should flash or pump the water out for a few days before you intend to continue digging.

    • Sir good day, I just wanna ask if the area we dug is positive or not. Actually, we reach 40 ft already and we found some artifacts. The sign is a fish but we can't continue because there's water and very itchy. The smell is also like gas.

      Please answer me Sir. Thank you.

    • That fish sign that you encountered has already given you an early warning about the water. However, you really have to find a way to continue digging down to obtain the treasure.

    • Good day Sir. I would like to ask you something about the area we were digging right now. We already found a cement but it is too hard to continue because of the water. I think there is a poison in it because me and my friends felt vomiting when we smell the gas. Is it is dangerous to continue Sir or not?

    • It is risky to continue especially that you experienced vomiting upon smelling the gas. I suggest using a blower and pump air into the hole that you dug. And for several days, you may want to check it if it is safe for you to continue your project.

    • Greetings. Site is in 4 corners area of new Mexico. I've found a turtle rock, approx 3 ft tall, 5 ft diameter. Below is a carved Spanish cross, it consists of a single line that circles itself, forming a cross within a cross. To the left of it, an Indian chief's face looks left to the west with great detail. There is a lamb laying near the turtle. And from above. The turtle looks like a goldfish cracker. Lol the bell symbol perhaps? 1/4 mile in the direction the turtle looks, a letter B carved into an owl shaped rock. I believe the treasure to be an accumulation left to be taken for the royal fifth, as payment for mining rights in New Spain.

    • Interesting signs. I think that there are several deposits on the site. One near the turtle rock, owl shape rock and the carved human face.

      From the turtle rock, the spot where the lamb is the perfect portion to dig.

      While the owl and the human face are interpreted with exact same meaning. They are facing the portion where you have to dig.

    • Good day Sir, we dig 7 feet below the ground and we found a big rock of about 1 meter in diameter. There is crack on the rock. When we tow it breaks and we found a hole inside that stone of 4 inch diameter, 3 inch depth. I want to know what it means?

    • Make sure that the hole you discovered is not natural. If it is not then I suggest breaking the rock into pieces because the item is most likely hidden inside that large rock itself.

    • Good day Sir. I need your help about my area we found 4k sign engrave in the cement then we found a cave, inside of the cave we found a sun with out eye nose etc… with 8 line represent the light. Beside of the sun we found a perfect flower, 3 leafs with new growing flower and also a fish.

      Thanks in advance. Thank you so much.

    • Interesting signs you got here. Anyway, the latest signs that you encountered indicate water trap so you have to be careful.

    • Good day Sir, I want to ask about the sign that we found in a cave. The engrave foot was found in stalagmite behind of it, there is a black L form of arrow pointing the circle, beside of arrow there is 2 small hole.

      Inside of the cave we found a black stone foot in the roof, under of the black stone a big stone just like an island. Under the water, there is a W engrave in the stone. In the wall, we found a map engrave in the stone and the center of a map there is a fish. I want to know the meaning.

      Thank you so much.

    • You should find the spot where the fish sign is trying to indicate. This spot is actually a water source and it is where the treasure is hidden.

    • Hi! We have found a large stone, five feet wide with a face of a monkey. Is it a possible sign? The area is in Bataan.

    • Hi Sir Elmo Good evening. I saw a big rock 100 of KG. I guess it have drawing like a bird then underneath the bird, 4 holes the three holes is deep and it form like a down triangle. And the last hole is in the side of it. Will you please help me with this?

      Thank you and more power.

    • Hi I have found a sign K with down arrow on a rock. What does this mean?

    • Sir Elmo good AM/PM. Can you read or interpret this kind of sign. 7KD in the big stone.


    • If this is a current thread I will pursue sending images and requesting assistance. So sending this post to see if I get reply. If so, will send images and continue correspondence.


    • Sir good day! What is the meaning of a samurai engraved in the rock. Instead of a handle it has "Ω" or something like omega with a dot at the center. The rock has a hole upward but the opening is under water. 1 meter from that rock, another rock with a frog head with 1 eye looking at the direction where the tip of the samurai pointing.

      I am from Mindanao, Philippines.

    • We dug a hole around 18 ft already. We encountered a black hard soil. Does it mean we are near the treasure?

    • Good day Sir Elmo, I need your help. I saw one big stone in my farm, in one side, it have an engrave of man skull. What it means?

    • Good day Sir Elmo, I need your help. I saw a man head skull engrave in big stone in my farm, 12 meters from the river. Is this a treasure sign?

    • Good day Sir Elmo, I just want to ask about the sign I found in my farm. There is a big stone I saw a man head skull engrave in one side. This is my first time I saw a sign like that.

      Thank you so much.

    • Good day Sir Elmo, we have encounter this signs: big, hard, heart-shaped concrete and at the end of the heart-shape concrete their was a small hole. The concrete was so very hard, is this possible that there are deposits? and where it might be? we dug it, and I think we were at 7 ft now, as I recall when we hit 3 ft, we found a stone which was the same to said sign, it is hard, heavy, there is a hole at the end point.

      Please help.

    • Can you help me interpret a combat rock shoes? There is an X sign too.

      Please reply.

    • Sir, we found a rock in 10 feet depth. There is a sign X. What does it means Sir?

    • Sir, we found in 13 feet deep a cement heart rock. In the rock, there is a sign of arrow and some other signs.

      What does it means Sir?

    • Hi Sir,

      I am from San Fabian Pangasinan. I just want to ask what is the meaning of x iron inserted to the trunk of a Tamarind tree?

    • Good day Sir. What is the meaning of X iron inserted to the trunk of a tree?

    • Good day Sir, we found an egg like black and shiny stone, its very hard and heavy not normal to its size weighing more or less 200 kg with a size of a pale. It was found under water fall in which the water hit on it when the water falls with a perfect shiny diamond hole, meter length side by side positioned above the stone where it is not noticeable because it was covered of the back of flowing water. If you face the diamond hole, in left portion more or less 5 meters where the left pointed angle of the diamond pointing to a shape like bottom size of a drum positioned beside the water falls wherein beside on it were surrounded with rip-rap/cemented mixed with stone.

      Thanks a lot Sir. God Bless!

    • Sir Elmo, I wanna ask what is the meaning of a heart shape engraved into a cemented waterfall. The heart is inverted and its tip point is almost connected to a hard stone that if you try to imagine its like a turtle or any animal with something on its back. And if you went down to the water falls, you will notice another 2 big cements placed on each side of the water falls. The area now is dry and you will see how nature had destroyed and washed away the soils. And my imagination goes wild again as if the two cements are in form of animals. At the right side of the water fall is like a crocodile with one eye closed while the other is opened. The other cement is like a frog facing the water falls. I don't know what it means but I'm thinking if the deposit is in those objects or indication that there is still a tunnel to dig.

      Thank you.

    • Hi Sir Elmo and good TH day,

      Please help me decode, we used Geosurveyor GPR in scanning the area sometimes in 2008, just for confirming if there is beneath the ground. Luckily, I have a copy of the scans, though a very short scan only. Last year when I visited the place, I remember the scan, which indicates a resemblance of 2 tunnel/cave. Can you interpret the results of the GPR Sir?


    • Good day Sir Elmo!

      We have dug 37 meters deep when one of our diggers found a rock resembling like that of a basketball. They tried to break it then instantly, they noticed the smell of "paraffin wax" or somewhat like "kerosene" which instantly gave them headaches and caused them dizziness. They managed to escape from the hole to grab some fresh air. We already have an air blower, so we used it and left the hole for 2 days prior returning. Prior to this operation Sir, we had a metal detector checked the site and found it positive. We have also discovered lots of layers of different kinds of soil and we have also discovered a human skeleton specifically like that of a pelvis.

      Is it possible Sir that we are digging on the right spot? Hoping to hear from you soon! Thank You! 🙂


    • Sir I have found a turtle and the turtle is looking into the X sign, what is meaning of it?


    • How does the X stand? Is it the last sign or it is pointing on something?

    • I think, it basically means that the correct spot to dig is under that X sign.

    • Good day Sir Elmo, we just dug 18 ft under and found a stone that shape like a Carabao head with left eye open. If you're going to look at it in a standing position, it shape like a heart and on top of it is a curve triangle shape and if you are going to look at it on the top, I can see an X or a criss-cross flag . Can you please explain me what are the meanings of this one stone with 5 different shapes? I would like to send you the picture but how? Your reply will be highly appreciated.

      Thanks a lot.

    • Sir Elmo, I wanna ask what is the meaning of a rock engraved with X, Y sign beside of the letter there is a big hole. I would like to show some of my photo but I don't know how.

    • If you want to show photos then contact me on my FaceBook page. The link to the page is found on the right side bar with the FaceBook Icon.

    • Sir Elmo, how deep is the symbol of a fish?

    • If you mean the depth of the hidden deposit, then the meaning of a fish sign is interpreted as "deposit underwater". Thus, the item is probably at the bottom of the water.

    • A big rock very much like a sitting frog. Is this a positive sign? It's facing towards north. Where could the treasure be located sir?

    • When it comes to frog signs composing of a whole body and in sitting position, what actually points you into the correct direction are their backs specifically, their butts. It's not their head unlike most other animals signs. Anyway, this meaning can change depending on the presence of other signs near or around it.

    • Good evening Sir Elmo,

      Sir may I ask what is the meaning of a left hand facing up? all fingers are half close or bend inward. And, there is a square shape on its palm. The hand sign was curve on an oval flat river rock that has a size of about 8 inches across, 1 inch thickness.

      There are two standing river rock on both end of the oval rock where the hand is curve. This two standing river rock stands for about 8 inches from the surface and slightly bend inward. Also not far from the hand sign, there is a rectangular shaped rock. It is quite big. In my own estimation, it measures about 1 m in height, 4 feet in length and 2 feet in width.

      The location of these signs is on a dried river on a mountain. The distance of the hand from the rectangular rock is just maybe 2 to 3 steps apart.

      Can you please help me Sir? Thank you and more power.

    • Are the location of those signs at the intersection of the river?

    • I am not sure about it Sir, but there is a creek upward not far from the location. And at the top of it, there was huge rock forming like a tower. One of those rocks on the left side has a marking of a boxing gloves and it seem it was sitting on a pointed rock below.

    • Also Sir, at the other side of the hand sign there are three huge rocks positioned two rocks below (side by side ) and one on top of it.

      Thank you in advance Sir. God bless us all.

    • When there is something important particularly an object that you do not want to get lost, the best way to keep it safe is to hold it with your hand. The hand sign that you found gives the same meaning. It means that something valuable which is a Yamashita treasure is safely stored and hidden on that area.

      But, the real question here is, "Where is it hidden?"

      Basing it on all the details that you gave here, it is hard to confirm the location of the hidden deposit. I think that there are still some undiscovered signs around so I suggest that you should continue exploring the area before doing any attempt of digging operation.

      Anyway, my speculation about the hidden deposit is that, it is probably an inside the rock deposit. This is due to those strange rocks around.

    • Sir Elmo, I am not sure if there are an intersection of a river but I think it is in a straight or slightly bent river. What I know about, on the upper part of the mountain there are two separate creeks (one came from a water fall when it rains and the other is a water flow that passes on a three boulders that resembled like a tower.)

      By the way sir, both creeks are going down hill to the river not too far where we found the hand sign and rectangular rock.

      Thank you Sir and more power. God bless.

    • I suggest that you should explore those nearby creeks for some signs.

    • Thanks for the advice and time to reply to my questions Sir. Yes Sir, I was planning to go back at the place and record it on video. I was just waiting for the good weather.

      Thank you Sir. I will get in touch w/ you again soon. God bless us all. Thanks.

    • Sir Elmo, good day.

      On our site, we encountered rocks as detector decoys. When we broke those rocks we found out that it is similar to raw black diamonds, few white diamonds and raw white gold flakes.

      Sir, do you know anyone who could test those items? Please help.

    • Contact me on my FaceBook page and send photos of them.

    • Good evening Sir Elmo,

      Can you kindly post furthermore about the hand signs, All I know about it is according to the signs I found on the internet it present Buddha. Can you further explain how the JIA used the hand signs as markers.

      Thank you in advance. More power Sir.

    • Hand signs do have general meanings but the most common interpretation represents Buddha. Anyway, I will write a post about it.

    • Sir Elmo, may I ask what is the meaning of a snake? It's huge in size. Beside it is a cow head that seems, it was looking at the snake head. In front of the snake, there is a turtle with its head and neck are all out.

      If I am not mistaken, the snake is looking at the North side same as the turtle. Is it possible that there is something inside the snake head? because the head of the snake seems to have an inverted crown. It was placed on top near the snakes eye.

      I forgot to mention it has an open eye at the right side. By the way, these signs are located on top of a waterfall at its very side where the water drops. And, on its right side is a body of water coming from another waterfall.

    • I already have a post discussing about snake signs where I suggest that you read it if you still have not. Anyway, aside from pointing you into the right direction a snake sign also serves as a warning about presence of dangerous traps particularly poisons.

      Similar to the snake sign, I also have a post where I covered about turtle signs. Encountering a turtle sign usually involve the presence of water. This means that the deposit can be hidden underwater. Since you mentioned the presence of a waterfall, it could also be hidden behind it. However, this is not always the case so do not worry.

      Now, my interpretation to those signs is to follow the direction where the snake and turtle signs are staring at which you stated that it is on the North side. On this North side area, you should find a certain spot with water (due to the turtle sign). Since one of the eyes of the snake sign is open, it means that you should focus your search at the right portion of the North side area.

      In most cases, when you found the correct spot, there are signs that confirms the presence of the hidden item.

      Regarding about the inverted crown of the snake head, try knocking it with a hammer to feel if something is stored inside.

    • Good morning Sir Elmo,

      Regarding on your advice on the head of the snake knocking it with a hammer, do I need any ritual/prayers/or offering before I start or do anything? I really do know nothing in this kind of activities and in case the head contains something inside does it also contain a certain danger or traps inside?

      Badly need your expert advice and guidance. Thank you very much Sir and more power. God Bless.

    • Go to the site and feel if there are any presence of spiritual entities. With regards to the snake head, there is a huge chance that there could be a poison trap.

    • Good day Sir. I would like to ask what these signs means: the 1st sign would be a roof of a typical Japanese home. Under it is a straight line. Some signs would be human figures and somewhat a kind of bird. What does it mean sir? Thanks and God bless!

    • It means that the location of the item is buried under an old house. The human figure usually represent the deposit while a bird tells you of direction.

    • Hi Sir,

      What is the meaning if there is a triangle and beside the triangle there is an asterisk like symbol, all engraved in a rock?

    • An asterisk sign is also interpreted as an X or a dot where they do have similar meaning. It is actually a representation of the deposit or the hidden item. Thus, the sign that you found here has a similar meaning to a triangle with a dot on one of its side. I already have a discussion about this sign which you should read.

    • Hi Mr. Elmo,

      Can I ask something about this? Is it possible that it have a deposit? It has a sign of a sword pig and wizards? Or its a trap?

    • In my own opinion, the pig is a representation of food and interpreted as the treasure deposit. The sword warns you of a deadly trap while the wizards means, it is probably guarded by spiritual entities.

    • Sir good day, I have found a sign in my area. It have big rock and in the middle of the rock have an old tree crawling the root of the tree. Sir can you help me interpret that treasure that I found?Thanks.

    • I am sorry to say that it is still hard to determine if the site that you found is positive of treasure deposit. So my suggestion is to explore more of the area especially for engraved signs on surfaces of the rocks and trunks of old trees.

    • Hello Sir, I am from the Philippines and I found a rock with a symbol of asterisk. I am not sure, but can you help me decode this rock? I think this is from Yamashita Treasure I guess.

    • An asterisk sign has a very similar meaning to an X sign which means or represents the hidden deposit.

    • Hello Sir, we have a scroll manuscript written in Hebrew. Does it possible to help identifying its value please?

    • Only a historian can tell that value of that manuscript. But in my own personal opinion, the value of that manuscript depends on its age, the person who wrote it and its written contents.

    • Hello Sir Elmo, we have digging a very thick concrete. In first layer, we found pebbles then second layer, we found a sea shell. So we are in 9 feet depth. My question is, are we in the right spot? or are we close to the deposit?

      Please I need your help. Thank you.

    • Based on those things that you encountered, I could say that you are on the right spot. However, you still need to continue digging because none of those that you mentioned tells anything about the deposit.

  • Good day Sir,

    As we are on trekking on the hilltop here in our place, we noticed a heart shape engraved on top of a big rock stone. And as we go down to that said rock, we also noticed another signs. One is like horse shoe or maybe letter C and the other one at the side of the rock is an open fan. As we search the area we ended up at the opposite hill about 300m from where the signs are located where we see a small tunnel entrance. We were confuse so we get into that said tunnel. About 10m from the entrance is a big tunnel. Inside this tunnel we saw 3 drums white in color and we hear some ticking sound like a time bom b. We didn’t touch any of the drums because we are afraid it might explode when we touch it. We saw some white crystals around the drums that looks like matchsticks and we didn’t touch them for fear of explosion.

    Is this a treasure tunnel Sir? What should we do to eliminate the bom b inside?

    • I think the answer to your question is yes especially due to the presence of those drums inside the big tunnel. There is actually a very huge chance that the items are stored in those drums. The problem is that, among those drums probably contains deadly traps as well which you fear most about. But when it comes to my advice, I suggest using a rope. Tie it around one of the drum and then from the outside or a safe distance, pull the other end of the rope dragging the drum out from the cave. Do this one at a time until all drums are taken out. You should also do the same when you are going to open the drum which is still by using a rope. You can use a hook which is tied to the rope which will allow you to open the container at a safe distance.

  • Hi Mr. Elmo, it’s a series of information as I am already passing through such complications when I dug up a place full of broken vases and other remnants. On the same spot, I found a panta finger tips digging marks on one of the grades incarnation. I want to know about these signs represent means, five small holes on the tomb stone with open finger style. Please let me know what these signs represent.

    • The open hand sign symbolizes the hidden treasure which I believe to be in the form of gold statues or images. While, those five holes means that there are 5 of them in total.

  • Sir, can I ask something about Japanese engraved writings? Is there any possibilities that it is related to any treasures?

    Thank you.

    • Describe where you found them and I might be able to tell if those Japanese writings may have something to do with a hidden treasure.

  • Good day Sir Elmo, I’m from Cagayan de Oro city. In my site, we have there an engrave sign at top of the rock 275 and 2 inches height w/ straight arrow. At the top of 275 the rock is in the middle of Y connected creek.

    Can please help me to interpret the meaning of this Sir?

    Thank you and more power.

    • I suggest that you should follow where the arrow is pointing at. Anyway, since that rock is in the middle of the creek’s intersection, there is a good chance that the deposit is just hidden nearby.

      • Thank you very much Sir for your reply. I already found the correct spot pointed by the arrow is the big stone like square and I assume the deposit is inside the big stone please correct me Sir if I’m wrong . Thank you Sir for the advise it is very much helpful.

        • Square is usually a sign for a container. So your interpretation is likely to be correct, the item might be inside that big stone. The problem is finding the correct spot on where to break it. There won’t be much of a problem if the deposit is a huge item like gold bars but issue is when the items are small particularly diamonds. Anyway, proceed with your plan and good luck.

  • At the entrance of a tunnel, stones were piled in 2 layer forming a half U shape and at the center of the U, a bigger one pc stone with letter A K < (one line) and Y written below the AK<. These piled stones and 1 bigger stone fits the hole of the tunnel. And above the hole, there's a letter X. And at a distance about 5 to 8 feet, an oval stone with 2 stones serve as its stand was found pointing to the tunnel entrance. My friend explored the tunnel and he crawled, sat, half seating position and at the middle portion he was able to stand up.. Inside the tunnel there is a divider which I think give support to prevent the tunnel to collapse. And at the back of the divider, he found sort of falls, I think the excess or absorbed water from the outside of the ceiling. The presence of creeks at both sides which meet at the lower portion about 15 feet from the tunnel entrance. Where to start the digging? In the intersection or where an oval stone is pointing at? I'm from Mindanao. Hope to receive your valuable reply. Thank you.

    • Based on those signs that you encountered, the half U shape is referring to a certain corner which is found at the intersection of the tunnel which is represented by the Y. As for the AK<, it means that there is an additional sign from that corner spot where you have to dig underneath it. With regards to your question, my suggestion is to dig at the intersection. Although, you need to find the marker that confirms that spot before you start digging.

  • Sir Elmo, The A K < and Y sign is facing the inside of the tunnel, It bothers me about the < sign, Please give me your correct interpretation of the above signs. Our team decided to do the project secretly because in our area, a neighbor with his family and the lot owner were able to uncover a container which covered by an asphalt and one said to stop the digging because its dangerous. The following day the lot owner went back and found out that the hole was empty. At that night without the knowledge of the lot owner, his neighbor consisting of a father and his son lifted the container using a carabao.
    Thank you again.

    • How lucky were the father and son who took the container. I am pretty sure that they are now enjoying what they took. Anyway, I have already given my interpretation from those signs on my response to your previous comment.

  • Good day Sir Elmo, I have something to be decode to you. What is the meaning of a shape triangle wood and there will be a hole like a bowl with diameter of 1 foot and hole deepness is 1 foot also which was buried at 8 feet deep. Kindly help me. Thank you 😊

    • Can you describe me the site where you found those signs. The triangle wood often refers to corner while the dot represents the hidden item.

  • Hi, I wrote to you before an email about the Egg shaped Rock, but no response as of this time. That’s why, I wrote this again. If you need more information, email me and I will tell you my contact number. Please reply, I really need your help.

    • I suggest contacting me through my FB Page via PM.

  • Hi Sir Elmo can you help me interpret this treasure sign that I found? How can I send you a photo. I am new in this club.

    • Send it to my FaceBook Page – “Treasures and Antiques” via PM, or to my email: [email protected].

  • Good day Sir. What is the meaning of the symbol letter B that is written on the stone.

    • It is actually similar to the meaning of the 8 sign. It either means golden Buddha treasure deposit or a hidden tunnel.

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