Treasure Codes and Signs

Majority of hidden treasures particularly those that consists of large deposits usually have clues left behind by the individuals responsible in hiding them. THs (treasure hunters) refer to these clues as treasure codes and signs. They are actually engraved markings of strange symbols that only few experienced and clever THs can decipher or interpret.

Encountering any possible codes and signs around your prospective site actually increases the possibility of a hidden or buried treasure deposit on that particular area. They are most likely engraved on surfaces of nearby objects such as rocks, trees and concretes. Thus, the first and most important step of THing (treasure hunting) is to “explore the site” for these kinds of clues.

If it happens that you discovered a certain strange marked symbol on the surface of an object, it is basically important that you examine it carefully. Try to distinguish the marking if it is either a “man-made sign” or “natural-made sign”.

Two Types of Engraved Signs

1. Man-Made Signs

Man-made engraved symbols are authentic signs that could aid THs in finding the location of the buried treasure. These kinds of markings can be distinguished by examining them if they were etched using manual tools. Although, this could be a problem to all TH beginners because acquiring this skill may take years of actual experiences.

2. Natural-Made Signs

Nature itself can actually carve almost anything which include natural-made signs. But unlike man-made signs, they have no intended purpose for THs but to cause “confusion”.

Interpreting Treasure Codes and Signs

Interpreting a certain treasure sign “correctly” is a vital part of THing particularly in locating the hidden object which makes MDs (metal detectors) or dowsing tools no longer necessary. It also minimizes digging efforts reducing all the hard work involve. Another importance of being able to interpret signs is to avoid dangerous traps.

So how do THs interpret codes and signs?

Most THs are able to interpret treasure signs through the use of “THing Code References”. Although, only few of these codes are made available from the public such as on the internet. Some claimed complete copies exists but they are most likely for sale and there is “no guarantee” if they are really authentic or not.

In order to explain how THs exactly interpret a certain particular sign, let us have an example.

Let us assume that you found an X sign marked on the surface of a large rock. The first step that most experienced THs do is to distinguish the sign if it is either man-made or just natural. Considering that it is a man-made sign, the second step is to “identify” its possible meanings.

In general, an X symbol could mean target, object, spot, stop and danger. The first three meanings are good because they indicate the presence of the hidden treasure on the rock. “Stop and Danger” are the two meanings of an X sign that warns about dangerous traps or some possible risks involve.

The third step is to “search for any possible additional signs nearby” because it is actually common to encounter “more than just one signs”. Each of these signs are interconnected with one another revealing more clear details and meanings about the location of the hidden treasure. So on this example, let us say that you found another sign which is an “arrow sign” engraved on the body of an old large tree. It is about 6 meters away from the rock and it is directly pointing to the X sign.

The presence of the arrow sign is actually giving great “importance” to the location of the rock. So in connection to the X sign, this importance has something to do with the target, object and hidden spot of the treasure. Thus, excavation on that spot is highly advisable.

What if there are no other signs around that can be found?

If it happens that no other signs can be found nearby then there are 4 possible reasons about it:

1. Natural Sign

As already mentioned above, these are signs that are carved by nature which have nothing to do about any hidden treasures. And unfortunately, an engraved X is just one among the common natural signs that often confuse THs especially beginners. Other common natural signs include foot prints, arrows and holes.

2. Dud or Fake Sign

Some people who hid their treasures were tricky enough to setup dud or fake signs. Even experienced THs could fall into this trick wasting most of their precious time, efforts and financial budget.

3. Danger Sign

The last two meanings of an X sign is Stop and Danger which literally both means, “it is better not to attempt or avoid working on that particular spot”. This is usually the case if no other signs nearby can support the importance of any Danger Signs which includes the X.

Treasures Codes and Signs are Not International

Missing treasures around the world were hidden by different group of people on different period of time. This is the main reason why they made use of their own “unique set of treasure codes and signs”. Thus, if your interest is to search for the hidden Pirate treasures then you should only focus your research in studying Pirate treasure codes.

Moreover, I am making myself completely available to anyone who needs help in interpreting the signs that they discovered. Just give me the complete details about it and perhaps include some actual photos then send them either to my eMail Address or FaceBook Page.

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  • Anonymous says:
    • Can you help me interpret a treasure sign that I found? How can I send you a photo?


      Sure. Currently, you can send the photo of the sign that you found into my FaceBook page because my email is being heavily spammed. Send it as a Private Message.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Sir, I have found a sign similar to letter M and a triangle rock along the river here in Kenya. Please call me at 0721xxxx.


      Hello there from Kenya, the place where the colonialists left large amount of hidden treasures. Based from the source that I contacted who is knowledgeable about hidden treasures in your place, the M stands for the deposit. As for the triangle rock, it refers to some kind of shelter which include caves.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Lux Lacre says:

      Hello sir, have a blessed day.

      Can you help me about this?

      What is your interpretation about Big Left Footprint at the big rock under the mango tree. And, there is letter V near on that big footprint. How deep does the calculation or how many ft we dig it?

    • The letter V is an arrow sign and 5 steps away from it is the digging spot which is indicated by the big left foot sign. Sorry, I do not have any estimation on how deep it is for you to dig and reach the item. You need to start digging where you will be able to uncover more signs which can give hints of how deep the item is buried.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Rex Mundiz says:

      Sir, can you help me interpret if what is the meaning of the big rock at 15 meters deep from the top? it formed a frog and has two x from the top of it.

    • I already covered the X sign on a separate post which could either mean the "target" or the "deposit". The frog has almost similar meaning with the turtle sign.

      • abdol ally dialoding says:

        Hello Sir, can I have your Facebook account? Thanks.

        • Scroll your way to the top and visit the page that says "Contact".

  • Anonymous says:
    • Jay Bahulay says:

      Good day, Sir! Is it possible to discover sawdust of gold bar mixed to sand? That is what we have discovered in our suspected area. Please help us identify what it is.

    • Yes, it is called "raw gold" where it requires several steps of processing before you can turn it into its gold form.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Eva Grace Bagunu says:

      Hello Sir,

      Are the signs of treasure can also have a precious substance? We've found a stone that looks like a hat of Japanese soldier. And there's no. 7 at the tip of it.

    • I am never yet to encounter a hidden treasure that is in the form of a substance but I think it is possible. Anyway, a sign that is similar to number 7 in general interpretation, usually represent the item hidden on that spot.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Sir, what does it mean when there is a square cement formed after digging 4 ft from the ground?

    • It is considered a positive sign.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Good day Sir, may I know the meaning of twisted metal, two of its leg is curling like a circle we found it 4 ft.from the ground together with broken Japanese glasses.

    • That twisted metal can be interpreted as "under" while those broken pieces of glasses indicate that you are digging on the right track.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sir good day,i have a question on the side of the twisted metal there is a wood charcoal it forms like a spot and a different piece of small cut metals and a ceramic and broken potteries, is there a possibilities that the deposit is hidden under the rock because under ground surface is floored with a limestone. Thanks for the help sir.

    • Those are interesting signs and yes, the chances are, the item is buried under that floor made of limestone. Unless, you will encounter a buried sign pointing you to another different direction.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you sir for the replies, we have encounter also under the ground near the twisted metal a plenty of nail it forms like no.7 a copper looks like a letter Z in form and U shape the soil are itchy smells like bad odor is there any chances that we are near to the object,last week we break the limestone under the twisted metal its very hard to break. Can i have your opinion in our project thank you sir.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a question sir regarding the twisted metal that we encounter underground because last week as we continue digging the other two leg of the twisted metal is connected to a round rod around 3mtrs.in length lying under my question which we will going to follow the 3mtr.round rod lying under or the twisted metal that is lying under in series with the round rod.thanks you sir for the replies.

    • Hard objects as blockages are actually reinforced by the JIA which are basically intended to cover their hidden treasures. Thus, encountering such objects is also considered a sign which means that you are on the correct path.

      Moreover, be careful about that itchy soil and bad odor. I already discussed several times the consequence of being exposed from them.

    • As for the twisted metal, I think that you are doing a great job so keep it up.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Johnoriel Pielago says:

      Sir what kind of bomb does the JIA used in their treasure?
      It's because I found a foot step sign with a flower sign on the middle of it.

    • You have to expect anything that will dangerously explode. The flower symbol does not actually tell what kind of trap has been setup.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for the replies sir more power and godbless .

  • Anonymous says:
    • Hi there, what is the meaning of 3 circles 1 meter apart from each other and a sign that look like eye or 8 and a footprint.

    • Those three circles means "good sign" which is often interpreted indicating the presence of a buried treasure. Since there are three of them, it is likely that there are three separate deposits around the site situated at certain distances.

      The 8 like figure mean, "on that spot" but since there is a foot sign involve then it is probably trying to tell you the spot where the footprint symbol is indicating. I suggest that you should read the post entitled, "Foot or Feet Yamashita Treasure Sign" to learn more about its meaning.

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