Treasure Deposit is Under the Engraved X Marker

In this post, we are going to cover three Yamashita treasure markers that have been discovered by one of our fellow treasure hunter in this community.

According to him, he discovered all these three markers in his site and they are about one meter apart from one another.

So he has two questions.

One, what are the meanings of these three markers?

And two, where is the treasure deposit spot?

To answer these two questions, let’s first start with the first treasure marker that he discovered on his site.

As we can see on the image below, it is a rock that bears the shape of an arrowhead. Some amateurs may be mistaken to perceive it as a “triangle marker” but in my own eyes, this is definitely an arrowhead marker.

When it comes to arrowhead treasure markers, they are easy to interpret. Just like the ordinary arrow signs, they are pointing into the direction in which we need to follow.

Let’s proceed onto the second marker.

Below is an actual image of the second marker. It is an engraved marker and it is obviously an X symbol.

X markers are actually interpreted similarly to the holes. They may refer to the number of treasure deposits and the location where these precious items are buried or hidden. But through the help of other markers, their meaning can become more specific.

According to our fellow treasure hunter, the arrowhead marker is pointing into the location of this engraved X marker. Thus, this confirms that the spot of the X marker is quite important which could possibly be the digging spot.

To further confirm this, let’s take a look into the third marker.

In this photo, we can see another engraved treasure marker on the surface of a large old rock. Just like the X marker above, it is deeply engraved. Based on my own study and analysis, I can say that this is a man-made or legit Yamashita treasure sign.

Now, my interpretation of the meaning of this marker is “Wealth Under”. This does not mean that the item is underneath it. It generally states that it is under a certain spot. So which spot is it referring to?

If we are going to consider the other two markers which are the arrowhead and the engraved X, we should arrive at the conclusion that the treasure deposit is under the engraved X marker.

Overall, we are going to start our excavation by digging under the large old rock with an engraved X on its surface. 

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