Treasure Deposit Underneath – X Yamashita Treasure Sign

Majority of the Yamashita treasure signs left behind by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) on the surface of the site are markers that provide clues to directions and locations of the hidden item. If they are all properly interpreted correctly then you will arrive at the last surface marker.

This last surface marker is the most important treasure sign that you should be able to find on your site. It’s because a last surface marker is the type of treasure sign that reveals that exact location of the buried item.

In this post, this is the symbol of the marker that we are going to discuss.

The main symbol of this marker is similar to the letter “X” of the English alphabet. Aside from this “X” is a horizontal line that is connected on its top portion.

My interpretation for the meaning of this Yamashita treasure sign is “Treasure Under”. This means that the item that we are trying to search for is buried right underneath this particular spot. Thus, this is a type of marker that fully confirms the exact treasure deposit spot in which we are going to dig.

The long and straight line above the “X” symbol signifies the land surface. This is actually the surface of the land where this particular marker is found.

As for the “X” symbol below, it is what signifies the buried treasure deposit.

Overall, the item is buried underneath the particular spot where this marker is found.

Photo of an Actual Marker Indicating Under Treasure Deposit

We have here an actual photo of the Yamashita treasure marker that we have discussed above.

As we can see, the surface of this rock has an engraved marker that is very similar to the treasure sign that we covered above.

On the side of this rock is our engraved marker because on this portion of this rock, this is part that we are going to dig.

If we started our excavation, we do not have any idea about how much depth we are going to dig before reaching the item below. We also do not have any idea if there is a trap.

The only way to know about these details is through the “buried markers”. These are Yamashita treasure signs left behind by the Japanese soldiers that they buried under the ground. Their purpose is to provide clues and other important details as we continue our operation under the ground on how we can recover the treasure deposit safe and securely.

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