Treasure Hunter Association of the Philippines

One of the most popular treasure hunter association of the Philippines is TSEATC (The Southeast Asian Treasure Connection). They have been on the web even before I started this blog which means that they are offering a lot more valuable information. The members of this association are also composed of professional and experienced THs (treasure hunters).

TSEATC has been dealing with hidden treasures in the Philippines particularly the Yamashita treasures and just like me, they are also willing to help and assist anyone on their quest of recovering their own Japanese treasures.

Here is the official link into their webpage:

TSEATC WWII Treasures in the Philippines

What really makes TSEATC an interesting association for THs is that they are offering “financial” support or assistance to those that are in need to continue the excavations of their projects. But of course, they will have to survey your site and make sure that it contains positive deposit.

Update: Unfortunately, TSEATC is currently not offering financial assistance due to the reason that they are already overwhelmed with plenty of potential projects on their list. Anyway, simply check their website from time-to-time just in case they open their offer again.

TSEATC Gold Buyers

Anyone who managed to recover a Yamashita treasure consisting of gold bar deposits often bothered on how they are going to sell it. Some THs are actually contacting me privately asking for my help on how to dispose their findings.

There are two suggestions that I recommend on how to sell your gold bars. The first method is already covered on this post, Selling Yamashita Gold Items. The second method is to contact TSEATC because they claim that they have a group of “Excellent” gold buyers who are always ready to buy your item.

To all fellow THs, I highly recommend reading the page where TSEACT discussed the various methods of scammers on how they trick gold buyers and sellers. It really does help a lot.

TSEACT Shares a Copy of Yamashita Treasure Signs

Perhaps TSEACT are the once who first released some copies of the Yamashita treasure sign here on the internet. They are actually sharing 49 pages of THAPI codes including LUZVIMIN codes which are available for “Free Download”.

To all amateur THs, I suggest downloading TSEACT’s own copies of Yamashita treasure signs. I can confirm that they are “authentic Japanese treasure signs” because I also have similar copies of them in my own original references.

TSEACT Covers the Rules of Treasure Hunting in the Philippines

TSEACT also covered the rules or law that must be abided by every TH in the Philippines. Anyone who does not know how to follow the rules and regulations of THing (treasure hunting) could go to jail and penalized for damages.

According to TSEACT, there are two important guidelines that every THs should follow before starting their own project. First, they must apply for a “license or permit” to conduct THing on a certain area or place. Second, “Sharing Agreement” must be settled especially when the government is involve.

Moreover, I urge anyone to visit TSEACT for more valuable information about THing. By joining into their own message board, you are free to ask interpretation of signs, advises, guidance and etc… I am pretty sure that somebody can even offer a more insightful information that I am. And finally, I just want to let you know guys that I have “no personal connection” to TSEACT. I only recommended them because they are a reliable source of information.

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  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Sir, what is the normal sharing percentage?

      Thanks a lot,


      • christian jade says:

        Hi Sir,

        How to understand this "hole on river bank. (3 to 4 diameter, 6 to 8 deep."? where's the object on it, in the river or under the hole?

        • I think that this is an underwater treasure deposit so it is at the river.

    • Sharing percentage is dependent on many different factors. But in most common cases, it is normally settled at 50:50 sharing percentage.

    • Hi sir Elmo, I want you to help me what are the meaning regarding the heart shape stone we've found with 2 bottles on V position on top of it, at approximately 10 ft. under the ground. The 1 bottle was broken (the 1 on the upper side because I hit with digging bar) and the other 1 remain. On the bottom of the bottle there are writings of numbers with letter"T", and another numbers down side of it. I'll wait for immediate response ASAP Sir.

      Thank you very much and God bless you more. (I'll send the pictures in you email sir,just send me greetings and I'll send the pictures back to you)

      • The last sign that you discovered has something to do with tunnels.

  • Jaime Salcedo says:

    I want to be a member of THAPI can I apply on line? I love treasure hunting hobby with about 20 years looking for precious metals resulting lost of time and money. What would be the best long range gold detector? I plan to buy ger gold hunter device, advertised good but I want some feedback based on experience.

    Best regards!

    • The best equipment that are capable of detecting long range distances are scanners. However, their prices is seriously very expensive. But for a hobbyist, just consider it as a good investment.

      • Good day! Sir did you try to use VR9000 gold metal detector? Thanks.

        • Sorry, I have not tried it yet but I read a lot of bad reviews about it.

  • Benjie A.Langoyan says:

    Good day!

    We have a positive prospect in our property but we don't know where to start because that there’s so many cave in that area. We need a scanner Sir. Can your Organisation help with this matter?

    Thank you and more power!

    • It all depends on your location so if it happens that we are near, then will might provide some assistance.

  • Anthony inocente says:

    I would like to join this group to know more about treasure hunting, I would like to start my own hunting in the near future for that I would like to know about signs, compass reading etc... How could I join this group?

  • Anonymous says:

    Sir, we have a positive prospect in our lot. Can you help us to locate the right area?

    • Sure, just give me the details of the signs that you discovered and I will try decoding them at the best of my knowledge and experience.

  • Vercingetorex says:

    Hi Sir,

    We have found a 3 triangular big boulder in my property in between this 3 boulders is a stream on the other bank lays 2 boulder and 1 on the other side. On the two boulder on the other bank the 1 stone has a symbol of an eye that points to the 2 stone with a symbols of a turtle back and a triangle with a dot inside the triangle, on the other side of the bank the stone has a rectangular deep hole being curve. When we measure the distance of the three stones they are almost equal as distance.

    Our place is in the mountain where our grandparents told as that this was the last stand camp of the JIA during the WW2. We have found Japanese vintage bombs and other things during the war. There is a Japanese memorial shrine in our place for the fallen JIA. What do you think, is there a treasure hidden in our land? Once we dig well we found JIA boots, spoon fork, bayonets, helmet and sum shell casing. Just asking.

    • Reading how you describe those signs that you encountered in your place, I can tell that your land has a positive deposit. Those signs that you describe is an interesting project to work. The Japanese memorial shrine is another different site so as the water well where you claimed to have uncovered JIA accessories.

      Going back to the signs that you describe in your property, I can say that there are two or more separate treasure deposits. However, I can only confirm two of them. One is near the rock with the symbol of a turtle's back and being stared by the eye. While the other one is at the middle of the three stones with equal distances.

  • restituto says:

    Sir, we dig 2 rock enclosed treasures as part of triangle sign with a dot in the center. It was hidden inside big rocks just a stone but heavy and sparkle. Please help me to identify it. Are this mix with gold and diamond it could mark a piece of glass and do we have a buyer for this kind of stone it all weight almost 6kgs and very hard to break. If I can upload the pics I will do. Thank you in advance please reply.

    • You can send the photo via PM to my FaceBook Page account.

      • Sir I know how to find a treasure w/out sign or metal detector. My problem is I have no financial support and the vintage I don't know how to defuse.

        • You should go after those small hidden deposits because they are a lot easier to recover without costing you so much financially.

  • Nonoy Sumigin says:

    Good PM Sir, can you send me your email address so that I can send you the picture of the sign that I discover.

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