Treasure hunting is a challenging outdoor activity requiring good methods to succeed on your quest of finding valuable hidden or buried objects. Without a good working method, you will just end up wasting your time which often lead to failures and huge disappointments. Majority of THs (treasure hunters) actually fail on this aspect making it the “main reason why they quit”.

Before we proceed on discussing the methods, let us first discuss the 3 following different categories of treasure hunting activities:

1. Treasure Hunting for Fun

Treasure hunting is considered as an enjoyable outdoor activity for families and friends because it allows them to spend their time being together. Common places for a family to treasure hunt for fun is at the beach particularly during summer vacations. As for those people who wants to spend their time along with their friends and expecting some worthy findings, best recommended sites are on abandoned places.

Today, a modern treasure hunting activity for fun has evolved through the use of GPS (Global Positioning System) devices. This activity is more known as “Geocaching” where you get to search for hidden containers (aka Capsules) by relying on the coordinates indicated by your GPS navigational gadgets.

2. Treasure Hunting for Wealth

Individuals who are after incredible amount of wealth or fortune by finding large piles of hidden treasures are a group of “serious treasure hunters”. Their work involve excavating prospected land sites for several weeks or even months. Other than land sites, they also go after sunken ships underwater known to contain a lot of precious items.

3. Treasure Hunting for Discoveries

THs who are searching for buried treasures for the sake of “discovery” are the archaeologists. It is actually their job to find ancient relics (which includes valuable treasures) for scientific study purposes intended to learn the cultures of the early people. But unlike THs aiming for their fortune, archaeologists are entitled to display their findings in the museums for public views.

Treasure Hunting Methods

Method of Treasure Hunting for Fun

Treasure hunting for the sake of just having fun won’t be enjoyable at all if no one can find any valuable items on their search. Finding valuable objects even just a single piece of old coin can really motivate anyone to engage more on this activity. And in most cases, this often lead to a hobby.

Here are the following suggested treasure hunting methods for having fun:

1. Metal Detectors Designed for Amateurs

A MD (metal detector) is a very important tool for treasure hunting activity. Without these kind of equipment, searching for buried items is like manually searching a lost needle in a field of haystack. Thus, THs on this category are required to have their own MD particularly designed for the amateurs. Most amateur MDs have user-friendly features which means that complete beginners can use it without encountering much technical difficulties on how to operate them.

Since a MD is an electronic equipment, it requires batteries before it can be operated. Due to this reason, it is advisable to check the battery of your MD if it requires replacement or recharging before embarking on your treasure hunting activity.

2. Map or GPS

If you are planning to treasure hunt on the beach then a map or GPS won’t be necessary. But if you have other various different places in mind, it is recommended to bring a map or GPS. Other than using it as your guide, use it to mark specific sites where you found some valuable objects. Experienced THs always claims that sites where you found something valuable (such as pieces of old coins) “may consists” more of these objects buried and scattered around the area. By marking them on your map, you can always come back sometime in the future into those sites to continue further excavations.

Aside from marking your prospective sites on your map or GPS, you should also mark places that you have already covered. But of course, you have to mark them differently from the sites that needs further work. This makes you “organized” not to repeat detecting on similar places couple of times.

3. Simple Digging Tools

Digging is an important part of treasure hunting activity. This makes digging tools a requirement which allows you to recover buried items from the ground that your MD found. On this category, you may just want to bring shovel, trowel and pick since you will be digging only around 3 to 12 inches depths.

4. Bring Enough Food for the Group

Treasure hunting will no longer be fun if everyone suddenly ends up being hungry especially after covering several places by either digging or detecting. Thus, always bring enough food for the group to replenish your energies.

5. Research the Best Places to Treasure Hunt

Beach sites are often crowded with THs which creates competition. This makes experienced individuals the obvious winners of recovering most of the valuable items buried under the sands. So if you want a more decent place to hunt then you have to conduct your own “research”.

You can visit the library or search online about the history of the place that you intend to conduct treasure hunting. Focus on finding abandoned places where some event gatherings were held in the past or specific locations where people used to hang around.

At some point, information from the library or internet can be insufficient. Thus, you should also consider asking your grandparents about places that they often enjoyed spending their time socializing with their friends or different people in the past.

The main reason why you have to search for such abandoned places in the past is because, “you have good chances” of being able to find lost valuable items from these kinds of locations. Most of these items were accidentally dropped objects especially coins. Other possible items includes rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Method of Treasure Hunting for Wealth or Fortune

The world is filled with lost and hidden treasures that many serious THs are willing to take risks in order to recover them. They often go to the extent of spending large sum of money in the hope of discovering the treasures they seek because they knew that this will bring them “incredible amount of wealth or fortune” in return.

Here are some of the following general methods applied by most THs on this category:

1. Financier Who is Willing to Support the Project

The role of a “financier” on a treasure hunting project is important. Without a good source of funds, projects will most likely end up into failure.

A financier is actually a member of the team with the task of providing all the necessary items and expenses needed by his or her fellow THs on their projects. These includes foods, tools, medicines and transportations. Thus, this entitles him or her a higher share on their recovered treasures.

2. Interesting Projects with Good Chances of Recovery

Choosing projects with good chances of recovering them is much better than projects that sounds impossible to retrieve. A good project must be supported by strong evidence/s that the hidden treasure truly exists.

Some acceptable proofs considered by most THs are the following:

a. Authentic Treasure Map

Most large pile of hidden treasures consists of TMs (treasure maps) drawn by individuals responsible in hiding those valuable items. However, most TMs are plotted with some puzzles involve that needs to be solved and secret codes that needs to be deciphered. This makes only clever individuals able to figure out the location of the hidden treasure.

Unfortunately, numerous “fake treasure maps” circulates on various sources which sole purpose is to confuse and disappoint THs. Thus, a thorough investigation about the authenticity of a certain TM is highly advisable before deciding to work on it.

b. Engrave Signs or Markers

In addition to the TMs are the markers or engrave signs. These are carved symbols on the surfaces of rocks, trees or objects particularly within the location of the hidden treasures. Although, these signs are no ordinary symbols. They are codes with deep meanings that only few individuals can interpret.

c. Live Pointer

In terms of treasure hunting dictionary, a “live pointer” is a person who bear witness to the location of the hidden treasure and still alive today. Some of them even took part in hiding the treasure.

3. Good Relationship Among All Members of the Group

A team consisting of members with good working relationship towards one another is a vital importance to the success of the group. When it comes to the share, everyone must have an “equal amount of share” from the recovered treasure except for the financier who can have a slightly higher cut.

Method of Treasure Hunting for Discoveries

As already mentioned above, archaeologists are scientists who studies remnants of the past. Through those objects, they were able to prove the existence of the dinosaurs, different ancient civilizations and many other interesting discoveries during the early period of time.

To become an archaeologists, one must undergo a “University School” that offers “Archeology”. This is a Bachelor of Science degree course requiring 4 or 5 years of completion. Unfortunately, you have to take this scientific field of study in order to learn the method of discovering ancient artifacts.

59 Comments to “Treasure Hunting Methods”

    • Hello Sir. I am from Africa and recently in our farm, I witnessed spikes of fire coming out from the ground. So we started digging and we found a lot of bones at about six feet deep. When we reached 8 feet, we encountered a concrete slab. Could there be a treasure hidden under?


      It is nice to have a visitor/reader comment from Africa. I have been there and there are indeed a lot of unrecovered National Treasures. The spikes of fire that you witnessed was a sign caused by the troubled spirits informing you that there is something buried on that particular spot which you already dug. Those bones that you uncovered belongs to the trouble spirit so I won’t be surprised if they will communicate with you sometime in the future.

      As for the concrete slab, I would like to know its dimensions and you should also inspect it for any engraved markers or symbols which I might be able to interpret.

      I think that your site has a positive hidden treasure. Although, you may require the help of a reliable spiritual medium since there are troubled spirits involve.

    • Hello Elmo, I am 21 years old and I am looking to dedicate my life into this exciting field of treasure hunting activity. I never really considered THing to be in the realm of possibility for someone like myself. I have traveled from Colombia and heard many stories about lost gold and other treasures. Now, I live here in Ontario Canada and I am wondering what advice you can give me about this field of activity.


      There are a lot of things that you need to learn especially when you are a complete beginner. But, my best advice for you is to start by doing plenty of researches. If it happens that you encounter a certain part of this activity that you cannot clearly understand then feel free to ask for my guidance.

    • Good day Sir. I just want to say that I really like your blog because it is very informative and seems very helpful to many people. I got interested about treasure hunting because our land property happens to have one. I could not find your email so please message me instead on my email address which is at ad…[email protected] I have a lot of questions that I would like to ask regarding about our project.

      Thanks a lot.


      I will try my best to help you out. Anyway, I suggest that you should contact me on my FaceBook page because my email is being heavily spammed.

    • Mr. Elmo. Do you have experience in Romanian symbols? If yes then this is what I would like to ask. I found a smooth dish and small triangle referring to an ancient Roman building. It measures about 10 centimeters by 7 centimeters. What does it mean?


      Yes, I have some experience with Romanian symbols. When it comes to triangles in relation to some certain structures, it means that it is some kind of solemn or sacred place treated with utmost respect. Anyway, can you provide a photo of this interesting object that you found?

      • Sir, good day can you help me about a sign engrave on a 2 stone with a same sign? what is the meaning of it Sir? Can I have the name of your FB page Sir?

        • I need more details about the signs that are engraved on those two stones. Describing them would already be good enough unless they are some sort of ancient Japanese texts.

    • That is really informative. Has your team dug a treasure yet?


      Thanks. Yes, my team has already dug several deposits but we prefer not to disclose any information about it.

    • I need a financier who can hire workers and equipment to work on my prospected Yamashita treasure buried on a rice field. What really makes it an interesting project is that, during rainy season where the water is high on the rice field, there is a strange oil leaking out from the ground.


      Interesting site. Any other details beside the oil such as signs that you discovered?

    • I remember doing treasure hunting and I was really sweating because it is adventurous.


      It is indeed one of the best outdoor activities because it challenges your mental, emotional and physical state.

    • Hello sir, I am from Sri Lanka and I came across a rock which has a symbol of a lotus. From what I've been told there happens to be a treasure inside it. The rocks happen to be pasted together. Could you please advise me on this.

    • In most treasure symbols, the lotus symbolizes hidden jewelries especially pertaining to diamonds. I cannot really confirm if there is something hidden inside that rock because that is all what I know about that kind of symbol. Anyway, if you value the rock then the use of x-ray scan is suggested (if possible). Otherwise, you can just break it apart.

    • Hi Sir. I am searching an adequate financier to our area where there were sign big clamp shell and we already dig it and found many human skeletal bone in under… and we could not be able to continue in dig it due to plenty of water. We prospect that it is really a big bankers of gold deposit.

    • Hello Sir. I want for a confirmation. Could it be possible rocks dumped below ground a markings for treasure? Here is the mapping position, when you stand over the rock (our position), facing north is a creek about 7 meters away. Facing west is an old bamboo tree the same distance. Facing South, a rock with an arrow sign pointing towards our direction.

      Actually, we are standing at East. Then we dug it and found again rocks at 3 feet. And then, we continue to dug it down to 8 ft. but it seems that the soil on this level signifies natural and no evidence of signs and markings of a treasure underground so we stopped. We have no detector if anyone here can help, it is great pleasure. Fair sharing is very negotiable.

      Site: Bohol Philippines.

    • Rocks found buried under the ground can be considered as a sign but considering they are rocks that belong from the surface. Thus, it is important for you to be able to distinguish the difference between a surface and underground rocks.

      My suggestion is to explore the creeks. If something is buried within the creek then there are surely some markings there pinpointing into the exact location of the hidden item. Another spot that I recommend is at the location of the old bamboo tree. A reliable metal detector would really be a great help on this part especially when there are no signs around.

    • Chat conversation start 10:43, good day Sir Elmo. We dig 70-80 feet and we hit a water trap is there a way to stop the flooding? We use pumps sometimes we can stop the water from flooding there are times we cannot stop. We are at a mountain, we also use home made detectors and we also ask for the help of a medium.

    • Hi, many times coming in my dreams from my windows falling a pcs. of small gold from 3mm~6mm sizes, when I excavate the area where the gold is fallen at the depth of 4~5m I found 1pc. of horse, is it a signed of gold treasure?

    • Sir Elmo good day!

      I'll just ask if the treasure buried near from the beach location how may feet or meter usually they buried the treasure? We already dug about 24 ft and we see a pile stone with cement and sand from the river?

      Please reply Sir Elmo. Thank you so much.

    • Hello Sir Elmo,

      What is the meaning of a white substance found 10 meters deep?

    • I need more details.

    • Hi Sir Elmo!

      My Father is working on a treasure site. At 24 feet, they encounter poisonous trap. They also see some coral shells and encountered a very hard concrete cement. Is it possible that they are near in a thing? There are also yellowish liquid. Your reply is appreciated.

    • Is the hard concrete the latest layer that your father have encountered on their diggings?

    • Dear Sir Elmo,

      Thank you for the wonderful ideas. Following your instructions and guidance was worth it. I finally found the stuff. What I discovered was unbelievable.

      May God bless you! I wish to keep in touch with you soon.

      – Jun from Mindanao

    • You are welcome and I am happy as well with so much appreciation.

    • Hi Sir Elmo. Greetings!

      Talking about your knowledge in treasure hunting and techniques is quite amazing. I really appreciate everything. In fact, all my supposed questions are answered already in your blog. In other words, no need for me to ask.

      I just follow your instructions indeed. After almost a year of hard effort, financing, and prayers and of course from your ideas. Thank God we found one.

      Soon I will be asking for your guidance on the disposal. I think its tough especially martial law is in force.

      Thank you anyhow Sir. Hope you reply lmj-

    • Thank you for appreciating what I share here on my blog. There are actually so many other things about treasure hunting that I am not yet able to share. So whenever there is a free time, I am trying to write about them then later, publish it here on my blog.

    • Sir Elmo, may I ask if I do some treasure hunting on beaches, do I need permits before I do proceed on this activity? Thank you Sir.

    • As far as I am aware, most public beaches around the world does not require you to have permits. Anyway, you can always ask for permission from the security officer of the beach if such activity is allowed by them.

    • Dear Sir Elmo,

      At the peak of the mountain, I found three rocks in line about 25 meters away from each other. The center rock engraved a triangle shape with a bullet at the center of it. The other two rocks both engraved RM1 and RM2. Could you please help me interpret the meaning of these signs? Is there a possibility that treasure was buried on this site? Your reply will be highly appreciated.

    • There is probably a third rock that you have not found around the area. It might be covered with thick bushes or even buried underground due to the course of nature. Anyway, just triangulate the area based on those two rocks that currently exists. Then at the center, I believe that would be the digging spot.

    • Hello Sir Elmo,

      Can you help me? I found a Yamashita treasure sign. 2 fish made of cement. We dig it for 12 ft deep, we encountered a hard cement 12 pcs. rectangle. Size is 15 inch width 30 inches length 34 inch height. Sir, I send the picture on your Facebook account. Thanks Sir Elmo.

    • Interesting, you may want to break that rectangular concrete because something might be inside.

    • Hi Sir. I hope that you are fine. Sir, can you tell me the meaning of foot and hand. I am from Pakistan. Waiting for your response.

    • The hand represents a very precious objects hidden while the foot means a certain distance from that spot. In most common cases, it is a distance towards the center of some location.

  • Sir Elmo good day.

    Around 10ft digging, we found two stone and broken glass. As we continue digging, we found more steel wire. And around 20ft, we reach and found red sand and around 23 ft we found charcoal. But, the worker is afraid already to dig because his foot cannot step up. I think that is the reaction of the treasure with magnetism. This is what we done last year. Now we want to continue if there is a financier.

    Just to contact me for negotiation. I’m from Pangasinan.

  • Sir good day, in our site one stone engrave with a fish pointing to the 2 hole on the stone then the other one is like sunflower. Next is like inverted c then on the ground x mark on a stone.

    • My interpretation to those signs is that, the deposit is hidden near a water source. However, there is a dangerous trap and the item is enclosed or covered with rocks.

  • Hi Sir, good evening.

    Regarding the items that are located in waterfalls. Is there a general rule to it? Where to possibly find the item, what and where to look for signs? And also, may I ask of your account name in FB so that I could also message you there? Thanks.

    • There is no general or standard rule. What dictates about the location of the hidden items are the signs and markings found nearby.

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