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The majority of recovered Yamashita treasures in the Philippines were hidden nearby old trees and rocks. This is the reason why most of the Japanese treasures codes and signs consists of references pertaining to these two common objects.

Why the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) hid most of their war-loot treasures nearby old trees or rocks?

They hid most of their treasures nearby old trees or rocks because these are objects that can “withstand the flow of time”. This makes them the perfect objects for the JIA in marking their signs. Unfortunately, people on this new generation are now endlessly cutting trees and harvesting rocks mostly for construction purposes. Thus, leading to the loss of important signs.

Anyway, aside from the treasures buried nearby old rocks or trees, the JIA also hid them “inside the bodies” of these objects. This ingenious method of hiding really puzzles most amateur THs on how the JIA did it. The JIA actually used some kind of powerful chemicals capable of dissolving various forms of materials.

Treasure Deposit nearby Tree or Rock

Most Yamashita treasure signs pertaining to deposits hidden nearby tree or rocks consist of “triangle symbols”.

Note: In the previous post entitled, Deposit around the Tree… the discussion also covered signs composing of triangle symbols. However, they are only applicable when there are separate trees or rocks around the site that are arranged in “triangular formation”.

Here are some of the following Yamashita treasure signs indicating the presence of hidden deposits nearby a certain tree or rock:

The sign consists of a triangle and a line from the top that goes horizontal then downward vertical at its right side. This means that the item is hidden near a “bended tree”. The bended portion can be the body (trunk) or one of its main branches.

This sign has exact the same meaning above. Although, the symbol consists of a triangle with “emphasis to its top corner”.

This is another sign indicating the presence of the hidden item near the side or corner of a certain tree. The symbol is illustrated by a triangle with horizontal dashed line from the top.

The next sign consist of a triangle with horizontal line at the bottom extending towards its left side. But unlike the three symbols above, this sign specifically refers to the “deposit hidden at the corner of the rock”.

And finally, this sign is applicable for both trees and rocks which literally mean “deposit hidden in the corner”. The dot at the bottom right corner of the triangle represents the buried item.

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  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Sir, we need your help. We dug a depth of about 13 feet and the latest sign that we found are three big rocks. The top rock has a triangle shape similar to an arrow head. We also recovered stones with shapes like foot and diamond with a dot at the center. I took photos of all these stones. Thank you.


      It sounds interesting. Anyway, I would like to see those photos. Please send them into my eMail.

      • Nice one, you are very near.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Sir Elmo. I need help! What is the meaning of an engraved circle with a triangle inside it? The sides of the triangle also have embedded nails. These signs were engraved on the surface of a large rock that is approximately 4 meters tall. The signs are all found on the top surface of this rock. Inspecting the sides of the rock, we noticed that there are foot marks.

      We decided to start digging at the side of the rock and at around 1.5 meters deep, we recovered broken red porcelain plates. At 3 meters deep, water started to come out at the sides of the hole that we dug.

      Sir Elmo, kindly guide us about our project. Thank you.


      Those are very good signs. The circle mean that the deposit is hidden “right on that spot” while the triangle inside refers to the “corners”. May I ask how many nails are embedded? It’s because they represent the number of the hidden items. As for the foot marks, it probably mean that the digging spot is 5 steps away from the corner.

      Since you started digging and interestingly recovered broken porcelains - that is indeed a very good sign which means you need to continue. Unfortunately, the water that suddenly came out is probably a water trap. You may need water pump in order to continue digging.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Francis Yap says:

      How many feet can you recover the treasure from the corner of a triangle of tree or rock?


      The depth of the buried item can be identified by signs that you may encounter as you started digging the spot.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Sir Elmo, in relevance to the triangle and your asking how many nails? We found one squared nail on each edge of the triangle. Therefore, there are three(3) nails.

    • It possibly mean, three deposits. One on each corner of the triangle.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Sir just this week, I have found a river stone (size of a half basketball) just beside a creek. In my mind tells me that there is something wrong. ( Why would a river stone will be in a creek?)

      So I inspect the stone and found a vein pointing downward towards the creek itself. Then I looked for signs and I'm shocked to found an old tree bended in the creek that has been logged (80 yrs old above). After a day, I found a stone with 3 triangles engraved in it. The distance of this stone is around 50 meters from the tree.

      I start digging in the creek itself and found a small stone with an X mark underneath and beside it a river stone again with the same size I saw earlier. Just underneath the side of that river rock is a small square stone with a size of 1 inch width and length.

      Just just now, I have seen & read your first triangle sign "bended trunk"... What can you say about this?


    • That is an interesting creek that you discovered. Anyway, continue what you are doing by searching more signs around so that we can piece them all together. This way, we can determine the highest possible hidden location of the item.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Brocoy Randy says:

      Hello Sir Elmo good evening.

      What is the meaning of two slanted line with both hole of ends and door sign below engrave the boulder we dug inside the tunnel?

    • I think that I already answered similar inquiry but on a separate post. Anyway, the two slanted lines mean "at the side or corner". The door sign represent a "hidden chamber" while the dot or holes at the ends of the slanted lines stands for the deposits.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Brocoy Randy says:

      Hello Sir Elmo good day,

      What is means the round hole and go to north one feet where a bonsai tree stand and hole was deep 14 inches. It hole is little concealed and has plaintive floor, one meter size in a hole area. That their two nearest line from between north and west and go between east and south and end of line where hole set at the center of two line.

      From the hole five meters away go between north and west where the wounded heart carve on big rock and that on top it an red stone inserted little metal inside it and cover by triangle stone.

      Please tell me where right location of item deposit?


    • Based on what I can understand here on your comment, there are two lines and in between them or at the center is a hole. What this mean is that, the item is buried or hidden in the middle of two objects particularly an old tree or rock.

    • Hi I am a treasure hunter in Oregon. I found a triangle made from old metal with a stick going through the bottom portion laying on the inside of triangle. Almost like its to be pointing or creating a virtual point on triangle. Along with that, there is X on the left upper point of the triangle tip and kinda looks like a slight bend in the left upper side of the X. Also, its attached to the triangle tip. And, there is a piece of wood vertically into the ground on the right side of triangle also attached. I need help with this. Any ideas.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Elmo. I need help. My brother is working for the sign that they saw at the sea coast. There are three perfect round shape holes at top of three big rocks where one of it is inside a triangle. And there is also another big rock where there's engraved little canal like it flows toward to one of a rock that has a perfect round hole engraved inside a triangle.

      We don't know where to start to dig again to find the item, or where to start to break rocks. I really need your response to this matter. We did spent lot of efforts and time to this and it seems we are wasting money as well, we found nothing after digging the center of imaginary triangle form by connecting the three perfect round shape holes.

      Thank you and God bless.

    • The triangle has something to do with a group of rocks or trees around. While, the dot indicate that the item is hidden on the middle. Thus, you have to analyze your surroundings.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Sir Elmo. Sir we found a tree with a carved heart on its trunk near the creek with approximately 100 meters from the sign. This creek flows directly on the Well nearby. The tree is located at the slope. The tree, Well and Slope form like a triangle, do you think Sir this is the right digging spot we are looking for?

      I was also bother Sir to this heart carved on the tree because it was carved inversely. What is the meaning of that Sir?

      Thank you

    • A heart sign often represent "wealth" which is a good confirmation sign telling you that your site is positive. However, it is not yet a sign that can tell you the exact digging spot of the hidden item. Anyway, those tree, old Well and the slope are interesting signs but still, there is no strong possible indication of the object's buried location.

      Assuming that you thoroughly explored your site and can no longer find any sign, it is unlikely that these important signs got lost through time. If this is the case then your site requires deep analysis involving logical speculations. Or, it can also be a matter of "trial-and-error".

      For example, you can choose any spot where you got the highest feeling of your instinct. Then once you started digging for a few feet deep, but you have not uncovered any signs, this only means that you just dug on the wrong spot. Otherwise, you have to continue digging.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Sir Elmo, we follow what you advised to us so we had tried to dug the Old Well where surprisingly we found something like a fragment or a piece of old bottle formed like a shape of diamond, then when we reached 2 meters we recovered a rock with unusual engraved symbols on it and at the side it has a small hole at the size of a nail, after we continued digging with a depth of 3 meters we found two big rocks that seem to be natural.

      I post the rock we got on your Facebook page, please Sir help me to read the symbols engraved on it.

      Thank you so much Sir for your kindness.

      God bless.

    • It seems that there will be a "change of direction" since you suddenly encountered a natural rock. Anyway, the old bottle that you recovered is a good sign which simply means "positive location". But before giving you some further information, I will first need to check the photo of that rock with signs on it.

  • Anonymous says:
    • I suggest that you should send me your photos via my FaceBook page.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Jong-Jong Jumawan says:

      Good morning Sir Elmo. Can I ask your help?

      My friend's farmer accidentally found a triangle cement engrave in rocks. They broke the rocks and dig down, they found nothing. The triangle cement was lost and misplace. There are 2 old trees near in it and it was already dead only the dead roots remain. 1 of these trees is in the lower portion of the said sign beside the river in the east side.

      Can you help me analyze this please. Thanks I'm Jong from Mindanao.

    • One of the several meanings of a triangle sign is "corner", particularly a corner of an old tree or rock. Since there used to be old trees nearby, that must be the corner where you need to inspect or dig.

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