In this post, we have here some photos taken by our fellow treasure on his excavation site where they encountered some objects as treasure markers.


  1. Buried Tree Log or Trunk Marker
  2. Triangle or Arrowhead Shape Rock
  3. Trial-Digging Spots

As we can see in this photo, this is the hole the they dug or excavated.

Based on this photo, my estimate of its depth is around 5 to 15ft deep.

At the end of their excavation, they encountered this strange tree log or trunk.

Its length seems to be around 3 ft.

Buried Tree Log or Trunk Marker

When it comes to buried tree logs or trunks as a treasure marker, they can be interpreted as a “pointer” indicating a certain specific direction that we need to follow.

So in this case, we can consider both ends of the tree log as its pointer. Thus, we have here two directions pointing in opposite directions.

Triangle or Arrowhead Shape Rock

Beside the tree log marker is another rock with a strange shape. As we can see in this photo, it is shaped like a triangle or an arrowhead.

When it comes to triangles as treasure signs, they are commonly interpreted as “Volume of Treasure Deposits”. This means that the item buried on the site is a big deposit.

However, this rock can also be interpreted as an “arrowhead” marker where it is pointing to a certain specific direction.

As we can see in this illustration, the pointer of the “arrowhead” rock marker is directly pointing on one end of the tree log marker. This means that the end of this log is the pointer the we need to follow.

Thus, we have to follow this particular direction.

If we followed the indicated direction then we might discover the next treasure marker or uncover the treasure deposit itself.

My estimated distance for this direction is around 5 to 10ft.

Trial-Digging Spots

We can also conduct two “Trial-Digging Spots”.

The first trial-digging spot is by following this direction indicated by the opposite end of the tree log marker. We follow this direction to check if we can discover the next treasure sign.

The second trial-digging spot is to dig underneath the tree log marker.

Therefore, we have here the illustration for my overall interpretation to the buried markers uncovered by our fellow treasure hunter.

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