Tree Logs as Yamashita Treasure Markers

You might be surprised that the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) had also utilized tree logs as markers to their hidden Yamashita treasures. And my interpretation to them is quite simple where all you have to do is to dig and follow the log down to its opposite end.

Based on my own experiences as a treasure hunter, the JIA will bury the tree log down the ground. Although, you will only encounter this buried tree log provided that you have successfully decoded the signs on the surface of your site leading you to the said spot.

The JIA often used tree logs that are long and straight. And to make sure that they will last for a long period of time, they put some kind of oil or chemical on them as treatment so that it will take time for them to get rotten.

Thus, if you ever encounter a certain tree log on your excavation, you should continue digging it down to its opposite end. And hopefully, you may uncover the treasure deposit. But in most cases, you will most likely encounter more additional tree logs with different directions for you to follow. Anyway, just like what I previously stated, all you have to do is to follow the tree logs down to their opposite ends.

Another different case on how to interpret tree logs that you will uncover under the ground is that they could be timber support for tunnels. You have to know that the JIA often used timbers as support especially when they dug deep holes.

Basing it on my personal experiences as a treasure hunter, here is an illustration on how the JIA commonly set up their timber support for their vertical tunnels.

And here’s how for their horizontal tunnel.

After the JIA had hidden their Yamashita treasure somewhere at the deep corner of their tunnel, what they often did was to set an explosion at the tunnel entrance. As a result, this will cause the tunnel to collapse which also caused the timbers inside to go out of their places.

Despite the collapse, the timbers still remain on their places which you can use as a basis in tracking down the original path of the tunnel. In short, keep digging towards the direction where you keep on being able to uncover the timbers.

Moreover, there should always be other markers than the tree logs or timbers that can help assist you in tracking the correct direction. So as you continue to dig, it is quite very important that you need to pay close attention to any other possible treasure signs or markers around.

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