Triangle Shape Stone as Treasure Markers

We have already covered in the previous past post about how you can interpret the meaning of a triangular shape stone or rock marker. But for those who are new here, this marker often refers to a certain three other object markers around the site that are arranged in a “triangular formation”. And these objects are more commonly in the form of old rocks and trees.

But when it comes to triangle shaped stone or rock markers, there are two important things that you need to consider.

One is to make sure that the triangle shaped stone or rock marker that you discovered is really a triangle.

What we have here is an actual photo taken by one of our fellow treasure hunters on a stone that he discovered on his site. According to him, they uncovered this stone at a depth of 14 ft and it was underneath a huge rock.

Based on its physical features, can you say that it bears a triangle shape?

To me, this stone is not a triangle but it bears the shape of an arrowhead. You have to know that the meaning of a triangle shaped stone marker differs from an arrowhead.

Interpreting the meaning of an arrowhead is simple. Just like any of the traditional arrow signs, it is pointing to one specific direction in which you need to follow. Following this direction could either lead you into the next important treasure sign or to the treasure deposit.

Now, the second important thing that you need to consider is to confirm that it is an authentic treasure sign. You have to know that rocks or stones with strange shapes such as a triangle or an arrowhead are not good enough to say that they are legit Yamashita treasure markers.

Rocks or stones with strange shapes need confirmation from other markers around, especially when the suspected rock or stone marker is found on the land surface.

The rock that was discovered by our fellow treasure hunter here was a buried marker. Since it is a buried marker, it can only be determined as legit or not though the surface markers. These are the markers found by them on the surface that led them into digging the particular spot where they uncovered the arrowhead shaped stone.

Buried Arrowhead Treasure Markers

When it comes to any buried markers, especially markers such as an arrowhead shaped stone pointing to a specific direction, it is very important that you have to take note of the way you have originally uncovered them. This is the reason why you should always be cautious and observant about every object that you encounter as you dig deeper.

If you just happen to be careless and you moved such buried markers accidentally or for some ignorant reasons, then this could lead you astray and probably to failure.

My best advice if you happen to discover a certain buried marker is to leave the marker to its original state. Now, if you are sure about your interpretation about the meaning of the marker then that is the only time that you should only be allowed to remove it.

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