Before you read this post, I highly suggest that you should read my other post about “Do Dowsing Rods Really Work?” It’s because on this post, I have covered all the important and necessary preparations before you can properly operate your dowsing tool to produce accurate result.

Now, what I am about to introduce to you on this post is a simple dowsing L rod technique which is commonly known as the “Triangulation Method”. By applying this method, you will be able to locate the accurate digging spot of your hidden target particularly the buried treasure deposit on your site.

This strategy is called Triangulation Method because you will be dowsing on three different spots on your suspected area. And on these three spots, you need to form a triangle which will be shown on the succeeding illustrations below.

Choose a Random Spot

The first step is for you to choose a random spot on your area particularly on one of the corners like what is shown on this illustration.

Now, operate your dowsing L rod tool and locate the direction where there is the strongest pull and then take note of it. To take note of it, you can use a rope or long straight stick which you can lay on the ground.

On this illustration, let’s say that your dowsing L rods have a strong pull towards the South East direction.

Move to your Next Spot

The second step is to move to your second spot. From your first spot, you can move several feet away and dowse for direction.

Speaking about moving to your next spot, I really do not recommend “dowsing while walking at the same time”. You have to know that your body movements can unnecessarily affect the movements of your dowsing L rods making it inaccurate and unstable. Thus, I highly suggest that you should only dowse on a standing and steady position.

Going back into your second spot, let’s say that your dowsing L rods are still being pulled towards the South East side of your area.

On this case, you should move further away until your dowsing L rods are pointing towards the South West portion of your site. Mark this spot just like what you did from your first spot.

Complete your Triangle Spot

Now that you got your first and second spot, you should already have an idea about your third spot.

That is going to be on the South portion of your area. So on this example; let’s say that on your third spot, you got a strong pull towards the North portion.

If you are going to analyze the overall dowsing result from the three triangular spots which is according to this illustration, you can easily plot and identify the center spot which is the digging spot.

But before you make your final decision of digging that spot, it is actually best to repeat the entire whole procedure. Although, the difference is that, the spots should be now close to the center spot. You can repeat it again for several times until you are fully satisfied and convinced with your result.

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