Two Engraved Triangles as Yamashita Treasure Sign

One of you guys has encountered an interesting sign on their site. According to him, this sign is composed of two triangles engraved onto the surface of one huge rock. These two triangles are arranged in a way that they are symmetrical apart. They are actually 12 inches apart from one another.

And to make sure that these engraved triangles are legit Yamashita treasure signs, he confirmed that the depth on how the signs are engraved is about 1 to 2 inches.

The main reason why I find this sign interesting is that it has a clear definition about where to find the exact location of the hidden treasure deposit as to where to dig it.

Let’s talk first about the “location”. The two triangles actually represent two large old rocks. These two large old rocks must be close to one another and you should be easily able to find them nearby. In some cases, the rock where these two triangle signs are engraved is one of the rocks being referred.

Assuming that you have found the two large old rocks being referred to by the two engraved triangles, the next step is for you to determine the exact digging spot.

This sign also indicates that the treasure deposit is buried right in the middle or center portion of the two huge rocks. Thus, you should dig it at this part.

Questions regarding the depth of the buried treasures, if there are any traps involved, and etc… can only be answered through the other markers that are buried under the digging spot.

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