One of the most common symbols used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) in relation to their hidden Yamashita treasure is the “triangle”.

So whenever you encounter a treasure marker which comes in the form of a triangle, this confirms that your site is positive. In short, there is a buried Yamashita treasure somewhere around.

However, many amatuers often get confused between triangle markers and arrowheads. It’s because they do look very much the same.

Anyway, below is a photo taken by one of our fellow treasure hunter in this community.

As we can see, there are two engraved triangles on the surface of this large old rock. The way how they are engraved are shallow but based on my own analysis, I can say that this is an authentic treasure sign.

Now, the meaning of these two engraved triangles arranged in this manner means that there is a presence of “hidden wealth nearby”. Thus, what we have to do here is to further continue our search and explore the entire nearby portions.

We should be looking for the next marker that will indicate the digging spot where the item has been buried by the Japanese Imperial soldiers.

In one of my previous posts, I covered another topic about two engraved triangles. But in comparison to the marker that we have here, they differ on their arrangement. Anyway, you can read more about this post here – two engraved triangle mark

In some cases, the Japanese Imperial soldiers placed holes at the center of each triangle like our illustration above.

But this time, the meaning will become more specific. So if we assume that this is the treasure marker that you encountered on your site, it has a meaning which means “treasure wealth under”.

Thus, this treasure marker has confirmed that the item is buried right under the old rock where this particular marker is engraved. But not unless there is an additional symbol attached to this engraved marker which makes clarification to another old rock that is nearby.

But since the original treasure marker discovered by our fellow treasure hunter does not have holes, it simply confirms that the site is positive.       

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