2 Common Yamashita Gold Bar Scams

To all gold buyers in the Philippines, be warned that there are several groups of syndicates who are selling fake gold bars. They often claim that they recovered a certain Yamashita treasure and they intend to sell them to their victims at a very low price.

These syndicates are composed of professional swindlers with various methods of enticing their victims. Worst, they will not even hesitate committing murder especially when they know that the money is already within their grasps.

Here are two of the most commonly used method by scammers to trick gold buyers:

1. The Gold Dust Method

The syndicate will first choose the right victim by acting ignorant about what they just found. Specifically, they often act as if they do not know the actual price of gold in the market. Thus, their victim will think that he or she could take advantage of their ignorance not knowing that he or she is the one who already fell into their trap.

Any group of syndicate will never agree to the demands of the gold buyer. They dictate all the necessary procedures on how their transactions are to be performed. This include the place of transaction which is usually situated at a certain remote location putting the buyer at risk along with his money. They can just actually point a weapon resulting to a robbery but this will be their last option if everything did not went according to their plan.

Their main goal is to make their transactions looks legit so they will attempt to prove that their gold bars are authentic by performing an actual test right in front of the buyer. They are going to cut one of their chosen gold bars with a saw to collect its dust particles.

Before we continue, here is the trick. The fake gold bar already have an original cut in the middle but it was re-filled back with authentic gold. Thus, the one who is going to perform the cutting is one among the syndicate who is careful enough to cut the right portion of the gold bar. As a result, they can even hand over the gold dust to the buyer for himself or herself to personally test it on a glass of acid. And of course, the test will result as positive.

If the victim still has a doubt about the authenticity of the gold bars, the syndicate will hasten the transaction process by creating some kind of “commotions or distractions”. For example, the syndicate will panic claiming that somebody tipped the military or police authorities about their secret transactions and they are coming to confiscate the items. Most likely, this will force the victim to make hasty decision to give his or her payment in exchange for the fake gold bars.

2. Yamashita Treasure Uncovered near the Victim’s Property

The syndicate will target a certain victim who can spare huge sum of money for the fake Yamashita treasure that they planted near his or her property. They will first start their operation by planting a box filled with fake gold bars before establishing contact to their victims.

Once they finally approached their victim informing that they found a certain buried treasure nearby his or her property, he or she will most likely intrigue to check it. The syndicate will then allow their victim to take a peek into the fake gold bars contained inside the box they planted. At the same time, the syndicate will all act ignorant.

When their victim shows some kind of interest, one of them will attempt to negotiate saying something that goes like this:

We think that these objects seems a valuable treasure. If you would like, you can have them all but just give us this kind of amount and we are all okay with it.

Since the victim think that he or she is dealing with a group of ignorant people, he or she will not hesitate to give into their demands. In the end, the victim will soon realize that he or she just got scammed.

More Methods of Yamashita Treasure Scams

I decided to add more methods on how swindlers target their victims regarding about Yamashita treasures. Thus, I will be making constant updates on this post.

3. Showing the Deposit from the Actual Site

This method is very similar to the no.2 but with slight difference. First, they will find their target who is willing to buy the Yamashita treasure found by them. Second, they will bring their victim into the site which can be a cave, tunnel or hole where they claimed to have uncovered the treasure. In there, the swindlers will show fake gold bars that they planted.

If you are curious and wanted to examine the gold bars, they will not allow it making an excuse that all deposits are still connected into some sorts of wires that touching any of them can cause the trap to be triggered and explode.

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