The most common method on how the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) hid their war loots during WW2 (World War II) were “burying them deep under the ground”. According to some historical reports, the JIA even utilized their slaves where they carried the treasures and dug tunnels for them. The most “inexcusable act” committed by the JIA particularly their high-ranking military officials was they killed all those who witnessed the locations of their hidden treasures. So aside from the slaves, they also murdered most of their men before they finally surrendered to the Allied Forces.

So how exactly did the JIA buried treasures in Philippines?

1. The Treasure Deposit

After digging a certain amount of depth from the ground, they usually create a “chamber” at the end where they store the treasure deposits. This is often the case for large hidden Yamashita deposits.

One of the most common question asked about depth is, “How true is 45 feet deep on Yamashita treasure?”

Based on my experiences, small buried deposits usually consists of shallow depths ranging from 1 to 5 feet only. Yamashita treasure found at medium deposits goes around 10 to 15 feet depth while large deposits ranges between 60 to 120 feet deep.

The 45 feet deep rule actually came from a successful treasure hunter who recovered one deposit at this particular depth. Just because he was able to uncover the deposit at this depth, many derive into a conclusion that majority of the deposits are also buried at 45 feet deep.

2. Dangerous Traps

Once they piled all the treasure deposits inside the chamber, “booby traps” were setup which gets automatically triggered when any of the items are moved or disturbed. Aside from booby traps, the JIA also used poisonous gas and chemicals as deadly traps.

3. Hard and Thick Concrete

Next to the chamber can be a hard and thick concrete that will not easily break. Some THs call it as the “Japanese Treasure Seal”.

4. Human Sacrifice

Unfortunately, the slaves who worked in burying the treasures were not spared by the JIA. They were shot to their deaths usually after “halfway-through” of covering the hole before the Japanese soldiers took over in filling up the rest. This explains why some THs are able to recover human remains or skeletons on their diggings.

5. Clams and Sea Shells

Clams and sea shells are commonly used buried treasure signs by the JIA. Since it is common to encounter these objects especially deep under the ground, THs must try to distinguish them if they are “actual signs” or just natural. When used as an actual sign, the clams or sea shells are well arranged in some strange manner.

These clams and shells are often encountered as treasure sign either along with the human skeletal remains or after it. On some rare cases, they were also placed on the “final layer” which is near the deposit.

6. Pebbles or River Rocks

The JIA also used pebbles and river rocks as buried treasure signs particularly on deposits hidden on dry places. These objects are often encountered by most THs before the clams, sea shells or human skeletons.

Any curious individuals who discover rocks or pebbles that originally belong to the river on a dry land will surely “draw curiosity” about their existence. Anyone can realize that somebody must have brought them on that particular place for some certain purpose. As for experienced THs, they can easily conclude that these objects are “treasure signs”.

To distinguish pebbles and river rocks, they usually have smooth surfaces and a lot tougher to break as compared to the rocks found on dry lands.

7. Bottles

Bottles are also another common treasure signs used by the JIA. Most THs encounter these objects at a depth of around 3 to 10 feet deep. Although, THs must examine the bottles they found and try to distinguish if they are old or new. Distinguishing old bottles from the new is actually easy. New bottles have clear, fine and smoother surfaces as compared to old bottles which were roughly made.

The common colors of old bottles used by the JIA as buried treasure signs are dark-brown, brown, dark-green, green, dark-red/maroon, blue and clear/colorless.

8. Ammunitions

On some deposited sites, the JIA also used ammunitions as buried treasure signs. They are usually encountered by many THs at shallow depths ranging from “12 inches to 3 feet deep”. However, some of the Japanese soldiers were clever enough to scatter them all over the surface area of the deposit’s burial site. This tends to confuse most THs with EMDs (Electronic Metal Detectors) due to these scattered pieces of metallic objects.

9. Different Types of Soils

And finally, the JIA also utilized different types of soils as treasure signs. Let us have a further discussion about this topic below.

Ground Soil

Different Types of Soil as Japanese Treasure Signs

Soil found in the Philippines consists of several different colors. Due to these varied colors of the soil, the JIA came out with a good idea to utilize them as treasure signs.

Here are the following different colors of soil found in the Philippines:

a. Brown
b. Black
c. Grey
d. Red or Orange
e. White
f. Yellow
g. Violet
h. Pink

So how the JIA used these varied colors of soils as treasure signs?

Back in WW2 specifically during the “near defeat” of the JIA, the Japanese soldiers ends up digging a lot of holes, pits and tunnels which served as their “underground hideouts”. Thus, most treasure burials sites consists of many other dug holes nearby. And due to this, they had access to different properties of soil.

Depending on the availability of the different colors of soil they found, they filled the hole with treasure deposit in a manner of “alternate layers” of soils they acquired. There is actually “no standard order of colors” they followed. However, the final or surface layer is always the original type of soil they dug from the ground of their treasure’s burial spot.

At some point, the JIA often contaminated the inner layers of soil with deadly chemical poison. If a certain individual got exposed into this chemical poison either by “skin contact” or “prolonged inhalation”, the victim will experience itchiness then dizziness. Later effects are paralysis and then death. Many diggers had already fallen victims into this deadly poison and unfortunately they died because there is “no cure”.

Moreover, THs who are aware about this clever method by the JIA in utilizing different properties of soil as treasure signs can confidently confirm that they are digging on the correct spot. Thus, the need for EMDs or Dowsing tools may no longer be necessary.

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    • Hi Sir! May I ask the meaning of a piled soil consisting of 3m diameter and 1m high with a lot of stones arranged like a crown on top of it? Nearby is a medium size rock having a shape like a pointer. It is pointing towards the old bamboo trees which is situated near the creek (20m away).

      My father dug the spot of the piled soil and he did not found anything.

      According to our forefathers, the site was a Japanese military garrison back in WW2. Sir, can you give me your own idea about this? Thanks.


      That piled soil is strange which makes it obviously a sign. If your father dug it then I wanted to know how deep did he reached before he decided to stop. Anyway, the rock which seem to be a pointer is another interesting sign. Since it is directly pointing towards the old bamboos then I recommended checking that portion for some clues.

    • Hi Sir, we dig in the center of the three triangle Japanese bamboo and found piled rock. At the center is a stone engrave with heart sign and the other side with Japanese letters.

      • That is an interesting site. The heart sign simply represents a very valuable deposit on that area. As for those Japanese letters, you need to take a photo and send it or PM it to my FaceBook Page.

        • Hi Sir Elmo. I just want to ask a question. We’ve been digging 3 meters then after that we’ve found boots and a shell. What does it mean Sir?

          • The boots along with the shell that you found are objects confirming that you are digging on the right spot. Thus, it basically means that you just continue digging.

        • Sir good day. Update regarding the three Japanese bamboo tree. Under the bamboo is a square flat stone, we accidentally break it then under the second tree 1 meter, we dug a turtle stone having head only with grove.

          • Nice, keep it up. Just keep going.

    • Good day!

      Many have already tried to spiritually pin pointed that there is something buried right under the house of my friend. Other than that, there are two old Japanese guys who mentioned themselves that there really are treasures in there. So we borrowed a metal detector and used it on the area which also confirms it.

      We started digging and reached already 12 ft and we hit the water trap. We also uncovered human skeletons. However, we stop our operation since the last day where during the night, we heard loud noises coming from the site where there seems to be other people trying to continue our excavation.

      We tried to seek for spiritual advice and he said that the item was transferred by one of our bad fellow digger. What should we do? Do you know someone with a third eye? Where can we rent a very reliable metal detector?

      Thanks and God bless.

      • You should have went into the site during the night that you heard that loud digging noises. Go along with the whole group and try to catch them on the spot. This actually gives me the feeling that during that night, the item was already recovered while you are left clueless about what just happened. Anyway, if it happens that its not then there is nothing wrong trying to continue your excavation. The human remain is already a good starting sign that you should keep going.

    • Sir I am from Cagayan, Luzon. We are almost 8 meters deep and we encountered water. Digging it deeper for 3 meters, the water became oily. What does it mean? Please reply back Sir.


      You need to distinguish if the oil is natural or not. Anyway, may I know that signs why you dug on that spot?

    • We continued working by digging down on our project which I think is a pit or sealed tunnel. We are now at 15 feet deep where we managed to remove the layer of sand gravel and cement. Now, we encountered a circular concrete flooring measuring 2 ½ feet in diameter. It has a small hole at the center filled with gravel and cement.

      By the way Sir, the hard layer is just an inch of thickness. What shall we do next? Thank you and God Bless.


      Try to uncover that circular concrete with a hole at its center. I wanted to know its thickness.

    • Good evening Sir Elmo. For about 13 feet deep, we found 4 big clam shells measuring almost 3 feet in length. Is it possible that these clams have hidden deposit inside them? We also discovered a tunnel inside measuring 15 feet diameter opening. Although, some openings only have 5 diameter sizes.

      The hole that we are digging consists of soil, sand (very fine like white sugar) and a very sticky soil. Upon excavating it, we found a big stone standing up with an estimated weight of about 100 kilos.

      Are all our findings good? By the way, out site is near the sea.


      Yes, it is possible that there is something hidden inside those big four clams especially when they are heavy. The tunnel that you discovered are also interesting which requires further exploration. I think one of those pathways will lead you into the chamber and there are probably signs around the corners that you have not noticed yet telling the correct path to take.

    • Good day Sir Elmo. I am from Mindanao and we have a product that we dug for about 35 meters. At this depth, we encountered a purely hardened steel rock but we managed to break it and continued with our diggings. It was followed by a layer of soil with sands. The color of the soil was pink and the layer consist of about 3 meters thick. Unfortunately, water suddenly came out so we used two water pumps with 3 Hp.

      In your own opinion, what is the next layer after the pink soil? Thank you and I hope to hear from you. God Bless.


      I cannot guarantee that you site is positive unless you can give me the details of the signs that you found prior to digging it. Anyway, the deposit is usually near the trap. In your case, you triggered the water trap.

    • Sir good day. What is the meaning of a red color sand? I dug this layer at about 4 feet deep. Another question that I would like to ask is, how thick is the JIA treasure seal?


      As stated on the post above, it is a sign that simply indicate that you are digging on the correct spot. As for your second question, it ranges between 1 to 5 feet.

    • Hi Sir. We dug underneath a strange yellow bamboo and at 5 feet deep, we found a straight wall going down. When we penetrated through the wall, we encountered piled rocks. Then at 10 feet, water suddenly came out from the bottom so we used water pump. We noticed that the color of the water is chocolate brown. What does it mean?

      The most interesting sign that we found was a broken glass and a bolo which we recovered at 3 feet deep.

      I want to send you the photos of the wall. How can I send it to you?

      Please help me analyze out site because I know that you are an expert on this field.


      Most importantly, does the water makes your skin itchy? If it does then it is contaminated with poison where you must avoid being exposed.

      The signs that you discovered are also interesting and I would love to check the photos that you got. Please send them into my FaceBook page.

    • Dear Sir, I have been digging in an area consisting of piled rocks with different sizes. The later of the soil from the top is 2 feet then followed by 6 inches of 0.5 inch stones then at the deeper portion were large boulder of rocks. Right now, I stopped digging because it is very dangerous. The further that I dig deeper especially removing the rocks, the walls will collapse. My question is this, is this a positive spot?


      It is hard to confirm if your site is positive or not unless you can find a certain authentic sign. A piled rock does look strange but it is not good enough to conclude that the spot is positive.

    • Sir Elmo good day. We are already more or less 15 meters underground and have found different signs made of cement and some broken parts of woods until we reach 4 concrete fence-like signs made of concrete about 1 foot in height with one of them reddish in color. What do these signs mean sir Elmo?

      Thanks and God bless you always.

    • They are still "layer signs" as discussed on this post.

    • Good day sir! I just want to ask, did the Japanese use magnetic rocks? I mean, we are already in 40 ft underground and there are large rocks that are magnetic. What does this rocks mean? thank you so much in advance sir!

    • If these magnetic rocks are not so common around then it can be considered as a sign.

    • Sir, good day I'm from Butuan City, Agusan del Norte. I have found a flat stone 6 x 12 inches and it formed an arrow and there are two drawing or engraving of a person faces. For more information please see my picture at Facebook.

      Is this Spanish or Japanese treasure sign?

    • After seeing the photos, it is definitely a JIA treasure sign. Anyway, follow the direction of the arrow and check that portion or dig the exact spot.

    • Good day Sir, how can I send you photos and what is your FB account?

    • You can send your photos into our FaceBook page which is accessible through the FaceBook icon located at the right side navigation bar of this site.

    • Hi Sir, Can you help me please because when my father discover about a clue near the Fish pond, he dig it about 6 feet and he discovered a stones. Its just not a simple stones its like a weird stone that is unusual and I never seen it before. Stones shapes are like DOLL, EGG, DUCK and some weird shapes. I can't explain it. The color of the stones are all grey and the soil is yellow Brown or Golden Brown. Just like that and I want to send you some picture if you can determine if its a real clue.

      Thanks I'm from Davao City Philippines… Where should I send it.. 🙂

    • I would love to check those photos. Anyway, you can send them into my FaceBook page which is accessible on this website via the FaceBook icon located at the right side navigation bar.

    • Sir we dig at 10 feet below and we see the layer of soil that it might be a hole and pour it with soil so the layer is not a natural it is a human made and we encounter a light odor. What does it mean Sir?

    • It only means that you are following the correct path but be careful about that odor because it could be potentially dangerous especially when you have been exposed for such a prolonged period of time. It is important that you have to watch for symptoms.

    • What do long thin stones mean?

    • A lot of things needs to be considered before we can say it as a sign. Thus, I need more details about your site.

    • Hi Sir, can u help me please because when my father discover about a clue near the Fish pond, he dig it about 6 feet and he discovered a stone. It's just not a simple stones its like a weird stone that is unusual and I never see it before. Stones shapes are like DOLL, EGG, DUCK and some weird shapes. I can't explain it. The color of the stones are all grey and the soil is yellow Brown or Golden Brown. Just like that and I want to send you some picture if you can determine if its a real clue.

      Thanks I'm from Davao City Philippines. Where should i send it? 🙂

    • You can send those photos into my FaceBook page. The link is accessible through the FaceBook icon located at the right side navigation bar. Anyway, I will give assessment to those stones after checking those photos.

    • Hi Sir. We are digging in our backyard. We dug more than 15 feet already and the digger found a big stone (cement) forming something, looks like a carabao and under it are pieces of woods. Is it positive?

    • We need more additional signs in order to confirm if it is positive or not. Thus, I suggest that you should perform a shallow excavation in the aim of discovering more interesting signs that could tell more clues.

    • Hello. Can you help me how to locate the hidden treasure? I'm from Zambales. I have many sites but I don't have knowledge to retrieve it. Thanks!

    • Read my blog and don't hesitate to ask questions. I will be willing to help you by sharing my knowledge and experience on this field of activity.

    • Hi Sir, me and my grandpa found something suspicious that I believed it's one of the signs left by the JIA. Well it's a rock that looks like a turtle and the turtle's head is pointing at a big and smooth rock and I believed that rock was meant to be smooth. Is there any treasure there?

    • I already have a long and detailed discussion about turtle signs. I suggest that you should read it as it answers your question.

    • Hello Sir just wanted to ask about our project here in Baguio. At first, we remove the white stones from a rip-rap facing the sun then we dug at about a foot then we discovered a drum cover and a broken different pieces of porcelains of a bowl and cup and a shell of a 50 caliber bullet.

      Then we went further and discovered a live 50 caliber bullet pointing to the closed tunnel that we are heading to. Within 3 meters, we discovered a box of 50 caliber bullet, empty, placed on a flat wood of Sagat tree and beside it is a 10 ft. 2 inch pipe, covered with Sagat wood at both ends.

      We try to explore further the closed cave to find out that it is an L shape cave. We try to explore further but to no avail. Are this signs a good one sir?

    • It seems that your site has a lot of scattered signs around. Thus, I can say that the area is positive. Anyway, I guess that you really have to explore that closed cave because inside is probably a concealed chamber where the item is stored.

    • Hi Sir! My father dug for almost 20 ft and they found 2 rocks formed like a shoe (the rock shoes pointed left and right) and well arranged shells. So is it a sign that there is a treasure?

    • To confirm if a treasure is positive, I need to know the other signs that you father discovered from the surface prior to digging that certain spot.

    • Hello Sir, I just want to ask regarding the scan/gold detector if this is true. My father-in-law was visited by some people recommended by his cousin told him that there are gold underneath our backyard which is near the old creek and loads of bamboo trees. Some neighbors also telling my father-in-law that our area is used to be the garrison. I'm just quite confuse because they are asking someone to finance the digging. Is there also scam with these things Sir? Thank you Sir.

    • The most common way that you will most likely get scammed is when the diggers made collaboration to each other to hide the treasure and sneak them out for themselves. Thus, it is important the diggers are individuals whom you trust.

    • Hello Sir Elmo, my site in Wawa Montalban Rizal, after we reach 31 feet of digging, we found 6 pcs of wood, rounded wood cut from the forest. The 4 pcs is lay down and the 2 is in vertical position. This site is 4 meter distance for a big rock, it is possible that it is a good sign? This site is almost 15 meter distance from the river. Pleases give me some advise.

    • They are good signs, simply follow those vertical logs on their buried ends.

    • I will follow the end of a logs? Both side? Can you give me an idea if what direction of log should I would dig?

    • I suggest that you should follow those two vertical logs that you mentioned. Follow it down to their bottom ends.

    • Good day, I'm from Mindanao. We discovered more or less 150 kilos of cemented turtle and at the back of it is a huge letter A. Beside it is a sign like a pi sign. Please help me to interpret it.

    • I suggest that you should read my post about the turtle sign. As for the huge letter A, it represent the item while the PI sign mean, at the corner or sides.

    • Hi Sir Elmo,

      We found a triangle sign with a hole in the middle, we dig the site and encountered the unimaginable hard rocks (cement) and manage to dig deeper. We also encounter sand and water that was after the 1 meter hard rocks. We are now about to reach 7 meters.

      PS. We found so many signs but we like to start to this triangle with a hole in the middle sign. We think this is more positive than the others. (We are located in Mindanao).

      My question is, since we are now about to reach 7 meters. How more deep we need to dig?

      Looking forward to hear from you 🙂


    • I suggest that you should continue digging but observe for every possible signs because they are the ones that can give hints if you are near the item.

    • Hi Sir, we dug up for almost 60 ft. One of my men saw layered rocks and its mix with a cement. When they picked the rocks, the water started to elevate. What does it mean sir?

    • Be careful, they are about to trigger the water trap.

    • Sir, is it possible that dreaming a young lady pointing where the hidden treasure is located can be true? plus with the help of a locator telling there's something inside so we end up digging.

      At 5 ft, we encounter the water trap and use the water pump to vacate the water. At 13 ft, we encounter logs or woods piled on the surface.

      At 18 ft, we encounter grayish to green and very sticky soil and at 20 ft, we encounter a very fine black sand and we notice there is a small hole in one side which water comes out from that hole and there is also a hole in the surface or in the flooring it's like vacuuming the fine sand.

      Is it positive?

      Thanks sir from Davao Oriental.

    • I already came across several individuals who came in contact with a spirit revealing to them the location of a hidden treasure. And, most of them did successfully recovered the item.

      As for you project, I suggest that you should keep on consulting the person who dreamed about the hidden treasure that you are currently working. You should also read my post about spirits guarding the Yamashita treasure.

    • Hello Sir Elmo, I would like to ask something. I have an uncle, they dug around 16 ft. They found a pile of dried leaves then after that there's a burnt wood at around 12-13 ft. then when they dig deeper around 16 ft. They have difficulty of breathing, they're telling maybe there's a chemical coming from it that's why they stop digging.

      Is possible to have a JIA deposits? Thank you.

    • Yes, it is possible. However, you mentioned about difficulty of breathing which is a sign of gas trap. You have to think twice if you want to proceed on this project because it is too risky unless you have the proper equipment to use.

    • Good day sir. I have a photo of a big rock that looks like an eagle head. How can I send you a picture?

    • You can send the photo into my FaceBook page. The page is accessible through this blog by using the FB icon found on the right side navigation bar.

    • Good day Sir. My friend told me that in their river side they found a "Straight Line" of 3 holes in different sizes and their sizes are 6 inches radius with height of 2 ft. 2nd hole is 4 inches radius w/ height of 1 ft. 3rd hole is 2 inches radius w/ height of 6 inches. What is the meaning of this? Thank you. GOD bless.

    • I think it has something to do with underwater deposit.

    • Hi sir Elmo…. how are you? i'm from, Ilocos Sur Philippines. I have been constantly reading your blogs about treasures and i was addicted to it. I idolized you, admire you for being so helpful to others.

      Sir we have dug for about 16 meters infront of our house, it was positive when they use OKM EXP4000. While digging, we found broken jars/pottery and a rock that has a square sign (I already sent it to you in your FB page sir, thru PM). Now a lot of water coming out and sand, not soil. What does it mean sir?

      Thank you and God bless your kind heart.

    • Thank you for your great appreciation of my blog.

      Those pieces of broken jars and the sign that you found is a positive confirmation that something is hidden on that spot. The square sign specifically mean that the item is stored in a certain container. Unfortunately, the water and sand that suddenly came out are traps that your diggers had accidentally triggered. Now, you still have to continue digging to reach the deposit but the issue here is that, you have to find a way to control the water and prevent the sand from collapsing.

    • Hi sir how to upload a photo?

    • Please use my FaceBook page for showing your photos. My FaceBook page is accessible via the FB icon located at the right side bar.

    • We are digging a site and we found a rock engraved with leaf and the other engraved with a clam, after more digging, the soil is black and then gravel and sand. What does it mean? I want to upload pictures but how?


    • Are you sure that you found engravings of leaves and clams? It is because there are chances that they are not really engraved signs but they are fossils. Anyway, I would love to check the photos to confirm them.

    • Hi sir Elmo, our site has a 12 ft heart shaped boulder facing east/rising sun. On the middle of the boulder there is also a hole 12 inch diameter as big as standard plate facing east also. This is a back to back heart ( upward and downward).

      10 meters away from the boulder there is a dead river with a cut tree formed an x facing east again. On that cut tree there is a sign of Y and IV. We dug the spot and found markers of hearts, turtle, diamond and stone like a half of a ship. Stone with many stars. The soil is layered with green, blue, red, violet, brown , white and pink. The soil is hard to break when it is in water but once dried it is brittle already. It looks like sandwich. Now we come across with 2 big stones green and black. We are on breaking these two stones and try to find what is underneath. The hole is 18 ft deep. Do you think we are near to the chamber already? Is the site positive? Are there other deposits?

    • Basing from the majority of signs that you encountered from the surface, they are all referring towards the East area as an important location. Thus, you need to explore that portion.

      In my own opinion, I think there is a hidden tunnel somewhere on that East portion. This is actually confirmed by the sign which are the "Y" and "IV" that you found from a tree.

    • Good day Sir. Just wanna ask sir about the gold detectors. Do you know Jeotara Sir, it looks like an antenna. Is it reliable?

      Right now sir we are digging for almost 65ft deep underground in Bohol. There are many types of soils gathered as we dig under.

      Weve seen also sea clams, woods. About the soils, there are different in their colors. Weve encountered white, bluish green, black like a charcoal or something. We are using the
      instrument I said earlier and its positively pointing downward, sometimes it wiggles and also forms a cross or x but still pointing downward.

      Does it mean were hitting the right spot? We relied only on the detector. Base from the surface of the dug hole, it surrounds like a garrison or some rocks with holes that a man can fit and go through. So it came in our minds that there is something underground. So I ask some of your expertise about it. Does the instrument we used could be reliable and the type of soils and clams we've seen?

      Thank you so much Sir.

    • I am sorry to say that your Jeotara (I'm guessing it is the Bionic Ion Vibration Version) is a total scam. In fact, this type of detector is no longer available in the market because the company that manufactured them already closed down. This was due to the reason that the partner of the company admitted that this tool does not work.

    • We dug already and reach 6 m deep. We encountered 2 big stones. Green and black. The dowsing rod is pointing underneath those big stones.

    • Then I guess that you should give it a try digging underneath those large rocks.

    • Hi Sir, we have get more stone its a shape like a turtle and we dug almost 13 ft and we have encounter the water trap and the soil are color grey its this have positive sign?

    • If you notice that the soil is loose or it is so easy to dig using your shovel alone then we can consider it as a positive sign. Otherwise, you are probably digging at the wrong spot. Anyway, what is the story behind your site and what are the signs from the surface which made you to decide in digging right on that portion?

    • Good day Mr. Elmo,

      We found a broken bottle butt with question mark carving and a small bile of unknown liquid. At the center of an old acacia tree when we cut it out and before we cut the big tree down years ago, an old man ask my grandfather if he can check out the tree, he said he is looking for his bottle, but he found nothing.

      It's colored dark green old bottle butt, what does it mean? please give us a clue, shall we dug it?

      Thank you and more power.

    • Yes, I guess that is a sign. You have to know that the JIA often used bottles as important signs because they do not decay throughout time. So yes, you should give it a try digging right on that spot.

    • Good day sir, is there any possible traps? and how deep should we dig sir before we know its deposit? and lastly sir is there any clue of what kind of deposit does a question mark means?

      Thank so much sir Elmo,i t really gives us a big help. Thank you and more power to you.

    • As you continue digging, you will encounter signs that can be interpreted which may tell everything that you expect that are buried under the ground on that particular spot.

    • Sir Elmo, I would like to know the meaning of leaves being recovered 70 ft below our site? After the leaves we recovered pieces of woods chopped into squares.

    • They are guides. As you dig down deeper, you should encounter more of them.

    • Hi Sir Elmo,

      We are actually trying our luck in treasure hunting. We're already 15 meters under and we recently just encountered adobe cement on the 15th meter. It was really thick and hard. And t'was really odd to have dug something like that below the ground. My grandmother told us that the JIA used to camp on our area. We have detectors helping us with this project, however, I still want to make sure that we are on the right track. And how far do you think are we from the deposits?

    • It's too early to tell, we actually need more signs that can give us a hint. Thus, always pay attention to any objects that you uncover which might be containing signs.

    • Sir Elmo god blessed day, we're digging now at the deep of 27 feet from what they called roof, but before the roof it a pile of leafs and sticks its about 1 yard thick after that some body of trees and after that is sand now that were on 27 feet below we encounter the green surface. After that is coffee brown and after the coffee brown, we go back to green again, a hard one and its so itchy and the green stuff mixing in water and smells like a rust or nickel.

      One and today we encounter rocks big rocks its six of the like 120 kg some of them more than 280 kg and below of those rocks is like a cement hard and different color and lot of stone below like heads and gravel but it still green.

      What does this mean Sir?

      Ps. I also get a man made stone with a leaf inside and a shoe like shape man made stone below but lot of leafs inside Sir Elmo pls help us.

    • All those things that you have uncovered seems an interesting signs so I suggest that you continue what you are doing. Simply keep digging on that portion where you have started because it seems that you are on the right track.

    • Sir can I ask? Need an advise badly. We used a gold detector in our area. The gadget, point out were we are going to dig. And it serves as our guide. From the start of digging we notice that the soil is a deformed soil and we also find 2 solid stones and we also suspect that those are river stones. Because of its hardness. But we noticed that if you combined those two stones it will become 1. Its just like they been cut to two. And it is only 3 ft deep.

      As digging continuous as were about 4 ft deep. There is no soil anymore it is a solid rock that contains gold mine with it. We amaze upon knowing it. We did not expect to see gold mine because what we targeted is treasures.

      We decided to continue our work. And set up our minds to goldmines and hoping to get a good assay to it.

      As we dig. We notice small sea shells in the rocks. We wondering were those sea shells came from and how it happen there is sea shells from a solid rock. As digging is about 6 ft deep including The top soil we find a turtles back. Now we suspect it is not really a solid rock but its a cement. We continue digging and drifting until we find the body of the turtle now pointing to go deep. And as we go deep of 9 ft we find piled solid rocks. We are now conscious about all those things.

      Can you please give us piece of advice, what can you say?

      Thanks and more power.

    • May I know exactly the gold detector that you are using?

    • Hello Sir, i would like to ask what is the sign of 5.2 in a small circle stone with a black round 2 meters with a 25 ft?

    • I would like to clarify if the number 5.2 is engraved on the surface of the rock that you found.

    • Hi sir i would like to ask the metal detector is advicesable to use for treasure hunting ? Pls help and advice .

    • I am actually writing a post about my best recommended metal detector for treasure hunting in the Philippines. You will find the answer on it. Simply use the Search Form above if you are having trouble finding it.

    • Good day sir Elmo, I hope you're in the pickest health upon reading this… it was four months ago when my brother in-law and I was digging a part of our rice field beside a creek to create a fish pond, as we dig, when we got on about two feet, we saw something. It was like an egg, same size as a normal chicken egg and when the lights hits it, it produces a different kind of colorful shadows where the egg like thing was only colored plane white. The question is what is that thing we saw?

    • It is either a precious gem stone or a sign.

    • Good day again sir Elmo, bless you sir and thank you very much for your response, my friend came and checked the egg we found he said it's a white opal, but he never gives me a hint of what to do next. Does this opal has a value? Is there any buyer for this kind of stones? and lastly Sir, should we dig further to find more of this stones? and what are the signs that we should check?

      Thank you and God bless sir.

    • There are several different types of white opals and they vary in prices which means some can be quite expensive while some are not worth selling it. It actually takes a good gem expert to analyze the opal and determine the right value. And of course, there are always buyers of such stones.

      When it comes to your digging, yes I do suggest that you should continue digging because I have the feeling that the white opal you found is just a sign. As for the signs, you should expect strange objects and markings on the surfaces of large rocks.

    • Once again sir Elmo, have a good day to you. We are hoping good health for all of us. I was bit confused sir for this opal being just a sign, do you mean Sir that there is some deposit or positive deposit on our rice field? but Sir, if we dig more than one meter I'm sure water well appear, because our land has a shallow deep for water and secondly Sir, it is beside a creek. What should we do to dig deeper for water well surely come out faster when we hit its level?

      Please give as hint Sir on what would be the best thing to do because we have no idea or enough knowledge on treasure hunting Sir. All we know is just to dig Sir and we never even have a clue on what to look for and a sign to look at Sir.

      Please Sir Elmo give us an idea on how and what to do and it would be a big help to us. Thank you Sir and may the Almighty be with you and bless us all always.

    • Yes, it is indeed a piece of sign in my own personal opinion. Anyway, just like what I stated above, the trick is to pay close attention to any strange objects that you uncover as you dig. And since you are new into this activity, I am always here to help interpret them about what they exactly mean.

    • When digging an area for my house, I found some cement and sandy soil. 1 meter deep on a little hill side area, there is no solid ground. As I dig deeper, only sandy soil and river side stones were found.

      I saw drawings on the ground we dug as well.

      I'm from the Solomon Islands.

    • Can you describe those drawings?

    • Sir, we get a bottle of beer in the hole we dig. 3 feet below ground level, the bottle has bubbles on it and the bottle is cut into a letter like "U" and the bubble is in the middle of the letter U. What does it mean sir?

    • Is the manufactured date on the bottle? We need to confirm if this bottle was manufactured during the reign of the JIA in WW2.

    • Hi Sir Elmo. The rock we are breaking is spotted white with lining looks like glue color red, gray and white. Very hard to break if there is water but once it get dried it becomes brittle. Are we near to the target?

    • That white lining on the rock seems interesting. However, it is not a basis to determine if you are near the object. Anyway, keep it up.

    • Good day! Please help me sir, what is the meaning of letter C.E engrave in adobe? Is it a sign of Japanese imperial army?

      Thank! God bless you.

    • It means there is a change in direction where you have to look for a certain tunnel around the corners.

    • Good day Sir. I read your topic about clams and seashells as the final layer near the deposit. In my case, we already dug 21 ft x 6 ft were piles of smooth stones, 10 ft the same pile but with moderately big rocks, 15 ft another layer but about one big rock pointing down was found. The next 5 ft were hard soil that when exposed to sunlight turns white like a cement. At 21 ft, we started digging layers of corals, seashells mixed together with some form of cement. At 21 ft, the hole is still dry. Could this be the last layer as what you said a rare case Sir?

      I'm hoping for your reply thank you and God bless.

    • You have to continue digging as long as you are dealing with "disturb type of soil".

    • Hello sir Elmo, before we dug, we used OKM exp5000 in determining the exact location of the item, as we commence the digging process we are about to encounter some river rocks on or about 6-8 ft. We also encounter oblong shape stones as we go deeper.

      One day, when we again resuming our operation, I noticed that near the hole that we dug I notice a stone, and in the stone, there is an engraved heart on it. I decided to check the JIA codes and signs and very happy that I found a heart in there. We continue to dig deeper, as we're about at 20 ft, we notice that there is a loose soil for about 1-3 ft. I think layered that even if the shovel can barely manage to dig.

      We decided to dig deeper, as we pass the loose soil, we now encounter a soil layer just like or same soil on the above. Only it was I think mix with some adhesive that made the soil more compact(or dahol-dahol). Even if it was contaminated with rain water, still the soil are compacted, it was not even get sticky.

      Please give me your idea on this. Did we hit the final layer of soil where the buried treasure are deposited?

      Thank you for sharing your ideas Sir, I am happy to read your reply.

    • The final layer is often indicated by encountering strange objects such as human skeletons, samurais and etc… Second, strange scents which can either be a terrible bad odor or something sweet. However, it is highly advisable not to over expose your lungs on these scents as they are most likely dangerous. And third are traps.

    • Good Day Sir Elmo. I would like just to ask your advice on this, we are presently digging an old WELL covered with garbage. In the ground or within the perimeter area of the WELL around 20 meters in radius there is an old Kalachuci tree and the other side is an old Tamarind tree and the other side is a yellow or Chinese bamboo and the other side is an old Big Acacia Tree. Meaning the WELL is at the center. As we continue digging because the soil is lose we reached at 20 feet with 5 days of digging. As we reach at 22 ft we encounter wood slats and rotten steel plate. At 23 ft, we encounter a twisted bar in an L-shape lying horizontally. At 24 to 26 ft we a lot of broken glass,plates, cups, test tubes, bottles, mixed in the soil. At 27 ft we dug a clams, skeleton human head, a revolver, I think its a type 26 gun, a lot of ammunition. At 28-30 ft another gun, a lot of live ammunition, an old plastic bag, a rotten wrist watch, a leather belt, and broken bottles, glass, plates and an old porcelain kettle, an aluminum cups mixed in the fine brown soil. Most broken plates were mark MADE IN JAPAN. Others also made in USA. At 31 ft we found 2 unbroken sealed bottle. Inside it is a white powder. The other is brownish in color. We temporarily stopped digging last Thursday coz three of our workers smelt foul odor like an old rotten metals. They can hardly breath.

      Sir Elmo is this a Good Sign? This area was used as a Headquarter of JIA according to the caretaker of the lot. The caretaker is the grandchild of the lot owner(died). please advice what shall we do next? Safety side? Is the object near?

      If you want to see the pictures, I have documented it.

      I need to talk to you privately if possible.

    • Sir Elmo as a follow up question. There is another WELL located at a distance of 100 meters to be exact with a diameter of 2 meters. A lot shrubs, small tress and a big "DAKIT Tree". But the lot where the said WELL is located is own by another person. Which is according to the neighbor, the owner of the lot was already live in other foreign country.

    • You have an interesting positive site that you are on working here. Anyway, if you wish to discuss this on a private conversation then I suggest contacting me via PM on my FaceBook page. You can access my FB page via the small FB icon on the right side navigation bar. And yes, I would love to check on the photos that you got.

    • Good day Sir Elmo. I read your post about clams and seashells and you said that in rare cases, it is the final layer layer near the deposit. Let me tell you about our current digging.

      We are almost at 22 feet now and here are the description:

      At 4 feet – first layer of smooth rocks about an inch thick with different colors.

      At 8 feet, another layer of piled rocks both round and flat combination about 1 foot thick with arrow shaped rock pointing down.

      At 12 feet, another layer of different shapes and colors of rocks about 1 foot thick.

      At about 15 or 16 feet, a very big rock made of cement pointing down and beside the rock are flat rocks. Some are made of cement while the others are not and black in color in the inside.

      From 16 to 21 feet, a hard type of soil that when exposed to sunlight becomes white like a cement.

      At 22 feet, now comes small and medium sized seashells and corals as if bonded together with a cement because it turns white after exposed to sunlight. We almost dug 2 feet of it.

      Our area is very dry and has light brown soil even at 22 feet.
      My question is, what do you think does it mean Sir? Is it a sign as what you said in a rare case that it is the last layer?

      Please enlighten me on this. I will be waiting for your reply.

      Thank you and God bless.

    • Yes, clams, coral and seashells can be a sign that you are finally on the last layer of the deposit spot. However, these objects are commonly arranged in some kind of artistic manner. Anyone who discover them can easily realize that it is only possibly made by man. But, if these kinds of objects are like just tossed down into the ground then it is simply considered as a layer sign discussed on this post.

    • Good day Sir Elmo,

      We have a positive site near the river, many rocks (big & small) w/ different shape we get from 3 ft below and when reach 18 ft we found an elongated rock flat surface on top w/ 3 holes (1 big and 2 small). At 19 ft, we found another rock look like a left foot. And that foot like rock is attached closely to the huge rock.

      Sir, I would like to ask what is the meaning of that elongated rock w/ 3 holes. And a rock forming like a foot near attached in a huge rock.

    • Interesting signs which is indeed positive. I would really love to see a photo of them. Anyway, the three holes on that elongated rock means that the item is hidden under the object which I think is the rock. While, the rock forming near it wanted to specify that the digging spot is exactly right at the center.

    • Good day Sir. I am from Isabela. Faith Healer told me that there are scattered treasures within the vicinity of our compound. He told me that there is big crack in our floor and that is the one location of the treasures. The TH's confirmed it that there are treasures detected. The center of the cracked concrete seems like going up or swelling. Is there any traps as the cause of swelling of the soil?

      Thanks and may God bless us.

    • I think the swelling of the cracked concrete as you describe here is not an indication of a triggered trap. Currently, my suggestion is to proceed.

    • Hi, I have read your blog to be very accurate but may I ask, um, we are still on 12 ft but the soil/mud is color blue, is it poison? I hope you answer my question soon for I am very eager to know, thanks.

    • Thank you for appreciating the content of my blog. As for you question, a blue colored mud or soil is likely contaminated with poison. There are two ways on how to identify. First, if the soil smell either terribly bad or sweet. Second, when in contact with your skin, it will become itchy.

    • Good day sir Elmo we found concrete cement rectangular shape smooth surface 2 ft the thickness they have written Japanese letter. We found 2 meters from the ground, is it positive or not? Because in some areas they found relic like jar gun bullet etc… The history are during the WW2 the Japanese took the house and they used as camp.

    • I think it is a positive site. Can you describe the Japanese letters engraved on that rectangular concrete that you found?

    • Good day Sir. We hit a big heart-shaped stone laying flat in 12 ft on our site. It is along with the hard to break yet smooth layers of black rocks like it was burned and mixed with pebbles like the pebbles in the river and it feels colder. As we reach 14 ft. now, I just want to ask what does the heart-shapes rock means sir? Does it lead us to something?

      I'll be willing to wait and read on your reply Sir. Thank you and God bless.

    • The heart sign is a confirmation indicating that you are working on a positive site.

    • What does a monkey face engrave at top portion inside the chamber mean?

    • Good day Sir Elmo. What does it mean when termites were found alive in 21 ft along with wet clay soil, fine sand and mixed with river pebbles in a dry site?

      Thank you Sir and God bless. Follow-up question from MBJ.

    • We found a coconut shell at 10 feet in our digging Sir Elmo, what is the significant of our discovery, is this the sign of positive operation? Thank you Sir.

    • Hi Sir Elmo, how are you? I message you again last night thru FB and on this blog re: signs.

      Sir, just a few minutes ago, my friend made a tunnel where he got the stone yesterday that has a sign (photo sent thru FB). He said he followed broken jars where he got the stones and where the water is coming out. But while he was following the broken jars with 1 inch apart, the submersible pump suddenly stopped (maybe due to overheat) and when the pump stopped, a lot of water came out, so my friend came out from the tunnel then suddenly, the collapsed.

      Thankfully, my friend came out safely before it collapsed. Please continue guiding us sir, thank you for helping us to be successful, thank you for being an angel to us. If only we could thank you in person Sir.

    • Hi sir Elmo, Good day! In connection with the big four clams, we found 4 big clams every after 2 feet depth, right after is a cement, then can we explore the said cement without any hazardous cases? And is this a positive sign for treasure? Hoping for your kind assistance. Thanks Sir Elmo.

    • Hi, I found 1 pc. of horse shoe between 4~5 meter depth. Is it a sign of treasure? If it is what kind of treasure it was is it gold, small, medium or large quantities?

    • Greetings. Sir, may I asked you what is the meaning of red paint in a head sized rock that was found around 10-12 feet?

    • Good Day Sir Elmo, what is the meaning of red colored paint in the head-size rock found around 12 ft? I am waiting for your reply. Thank you very much.

    • Hello, Sir. We have been digging a site for almost a month now. We saw a sign carved on a piece of rock. It looks like two straight lines with dots along each other side of the line, maybe it looks like a river. Another stone with a sign has also been dug. We are about 12 feet deep now. We retrieved human bones on the top layer, followed by layers of stone, sea shells, and cement fragments. The stones and sea shells are well arranged. Dowsing rod has a strong reading. We are now digging very fine grains of sand and a 10-inch whole suddenly appeared with a strong gushing water. How far are we do you think from the treasure?

    • Is one piece of horse shoe found in a depth of 4 m to 5 m above the existing natural ground can be considered as treasure sign?

    • We dug 5 bodies with a cane handle of one person, it is possible bellow is the treasure we are looking of.

    • Hi Sir, someone told us that our lot has a of treasure but we did not believe it. Then, we go there and we found a solid rock look like encircling the lot. The diameter of lot is more less 2 meters in width.

  • Hi Elmo! We have struck a concrete chest 2’x2.5’×10′ in diameter. After opening it, we found it to be filled with sand. What does this mean, if any? Thanks.

    • Can you give a detailed description about what the sand look like? Such as the color and how fine it is. I actually suspect that it could be an unprocessed or raw form of a mined gold.

  • Hi hello Sir, what does it mean about a lime stone mix with clay sands.

    • If you encountered such mixture then it is considered as a marker because only a human intervention can cause such strange characteristics ground layers.

  • Hi Sir, we dug and found out blue soil at approximately 17 meters. There are twigs, and leaves marked on the soil. What does it mean? Thanks.

    • That blue color of the soil is strange and its a good sign that you are digging on the correct spot. While, those twigs and leaves are additional markers that gives more authentic confirmation that you on the correct path. Encountering twigs and leaves at a depth proves that you are still working on a disturbed type of soil.

  • Hello Sir Elmo, we dig around 7 meters and we found a lot of signs such as heart stone, stone with hole and etc… I would like to ask if it is a positive site?

    • Those heart stones and holes that you encountered on your diggings can just be a product of nature which are naturally made. Thus, such signs is not yet good enough to confirm if your site is positive.

  • Good PM Sir, what is the meaning of the three triangular stone? Its like a 1000 kilos estimate the rocks.

    • I suggest that you should try to take a closer observation of these triangular rocks. It’s because they can also be interpreted as an arrowheads pointing to certain directions.

  • Hi Sir. Old timer says our area is a camp of Japanese military. We found a tunnel with small entrance and inside has big space with water and another two tunnels like 1 and half meters long only. We dig like 20 feet long and we find different colors of soil. Its grey, white, violet and red. So, what do you think should I do? Keep digging or stop?

    • You should continue digging as long as you keep on encountering different layers of soil and they are loose or easy to dig.

  • Sir Elmo, we have a old wall like an opening or gate made of coral rock and cemented with apog as they called it, and in the center there is some sort of concrete flooring same made of corals. And as we dug up, we hit another concrete floor after another floor as layered! and some markings on the walls like a cross with triangle. On both end line of the cross, we suspect that this is an entry to a tunnel. The site was nearly center of the rice field, with Balete century old tree and a creek on the north part of the field.

    Thanks Sir, hope you can helps us on some info of the said JIA sites.

    • That’s interesting. All those objects that you uncovered are very suspicious to be there. So continue working on your excavation so any further markers or signs at the deeper depth.

  • Hi Sir,

    We found a rectangular box made of cement after digging approximately 6 ft, but prior to that we also found such kind of 3 stones. When the stone break into half, we found like a fine broken glass embedded inside stone. There is water flow chemical hard odor oil or grease appearance. Is that the treasure inside the rectangular box? or do we have to dig more continuously? Because the soil is slightly smooth after we found the rectangular box made of cement. Please advise, thanks.

    • I would suggest doing both which is to break the rectangular rock and then if nothing is found inside it then you should continue with your digging. This is to clear doubts rather than to leave the rock thinking that the item might be in there.

  • Sir. We have digging activity until now. We have unearthed 7 stones in heart shaped. One meter below, we encountered black soil with a 2 meter circumference in diameter and we dig it about 3 meters in deep. We are still digging until now. Is it possible that we dig the right spot?

    • Those heart shaped stones are interesting markers especially that black soil which I assume that it can only be found on that particular spot that you are currently digging. But as for now, I can say that you are digging on the right spot. My advice is to keep a close observations on the markers that you encounter which states a change in direction.

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