In the previous post, we discussed about a Yamashita treasure hunt at the BCC (Baguio Convention Center) led by Eliseo Cabusao Jr. This site is a government property but he was able to acquire permission from the City Council to excavate or drill the area. However, he was racing against time because of the limited 60 days period given to him to accomplish his goal.

The month when Mr. Cabusao started his operation was on the month of March. So from the time of this post, his completion period is now far over. The big question is, “Are they able to recover the suspected Yamashita treasure at the BCC?”

Unfortunately, there is no way for me to confirm about what they have actually accomplished. So I contacted a close friend of mine from Baguio and according to him, he never heard any further reports from their local or regional news. All we can do until this point is to speculate. In my own opinion, maybe it is best for them to keep everything a secret regardless of the outcome of their project.

Let us assume that Mr. Cabusao successfully recovered the buried treasure and the news goes public nationwide. Do you think that there is a benefit for him? I do not think so but rather the opposite. Then on the contrary where he failed or found nothing, he will be put to shame.

Anyway, Mr. Cabusao was featured by Jessica Soho (Kapuso mo Jessica Soho) on one of her documentary reports entitled “Gintong Kuwento ng Yamashita”. You will get to watch him talk about his project at the BCC.

Anonymous Tip about the Treasure Deposit at the BCC

Mr. Cabusao’s main source of information in excavating a site at the Baguio Convention Center is a 90 year-old US immigrant who claim that he took part in burying the Yamashita treasure. His secondary basis is that, he consulted a certain group who utilizes the satellite for detecting gold. And according to him, they confirmed the presence of gold on that area.

Now, here comes an anonymous commenter of my blog. He claim that he used to work as a driver of a former Japanese soldier back in 1990’s. And, it seems to me that they went to travel on various places searching for the best site to recover a hidden Yamashita treasure deposits. One of these places that the Japanese soldier visited along with his driver was at the BCC site. On their trip and exploration, the Japanese soldier revealed to him the exact location of the item.

According to the driver, Mr. Cabusao’s suspected site which is within the Convention area is “100 meters off” from where the item is exactly sitting. Other than this, the Japanese soldier told him that the treasure is a tunnel deposit so he showed him the entrance. The clever driver then tried to remember a tree as a marker to the exact opening of the tunnel. Going fast forward to our current time, when he recently passed thru the area it is so unfortunate that the tree is no longer there. But even the tree was gone, he claim that he can still remember the exact spot.

My Final Thoughts about the BCC Treasure Deposit

Underground Tunnel Deposit

At first, my speculation about the treasure deposit at the BCC was buried in a traditional way which is done by digging starting from the surface of the ground then going down to a certain depth. But through various sources that I came across, it is an underground tunnel deposit. Even Mr. Tony Wells pointed it out on his comment. (For those who does not know, Mr. Tony Wells is the true legend of Yamashita treasure hunting here in the Philippines. He is the owner of TSEAT – The Southeast Asian Treasure Connection, which is one among the most reliable sources that talks about treasure hunting industry.)

Mr. Cabusao and Anonymous Driver Should Collaborate

If it is uncertain that Mr. Cabusao is able recover the Yamashita treasure at the BCC site then he might need all the help he can get such as collaborating to the anonymous commenter. It’s because Mr. Cabusao might be the first and the last treasure hunter given permission by the City Council to operate at the BCC area. His failure might even cause disappointment to the City Council where all other treasure hunters seeking permission in the future will no longer be allowed.

Anonymous Commenter

It’s a huge thanks to him that he shared a vital information about the treasure deposit at the BCC area.

To the anonymous commenter, if you are reading this post then I suggest that you should investigate Mr. Cabusao’s project. All you need is to know is if they “succeeded or not”. If they succeeded then this is a confirmation that the deposit which you claim 100 meters away from the BCC site is probably another or separate nearby deposit.

Moreover, if it happens that you are from Baguio (a highly urbanized city situated at the northern Luzon of the Philippines) and you have some information about Mr. Cabusao’s Yamashita treasure hunting operation at the BCC site. Then, feel free to share them on the comment down below.


I will be making additional info here about the recent updates of Prof. Cabusao’s BCC project.

GSIS Claims to Own the Property

Huge thanks to Jed Nevin from Facebook about this information. Professor Cabusao’s operation is put to halt due to the reason that GSIS claims to own the property that he and his crew intends to drill. Thus, they need to conduct a re-survey to determine who really owns the property before they can push-through on their operation.

18 Comments to “Update about the Baguio Convention Center Treasure Hunt”

    • Sir, I just discovered that my area is man made hill. It has 30-50 ft in height and 60-70 ft diameter. Half of the hill is covered by crushed clamps and sea shells which is unusual because it is far from the sea. I also found a plate size ashtray but I cannot determine if it belongs to JIA. Is it possible that it has deposit? I wish to send you a photo of crushed clamps, sea shells and ashtray.

    • It is possible especially that you found an ashtray on such a strange location. However, I suggest that you should conduct a research by asking old veteran or folks in that area about the JIA visits. If the JIA did not visited that place then probably, that relic you found belongs to the Spaniards era. Other than researching, you should also survey the area for any possible signs.

    • Rumor has it that the drilling will commence this week.

      • It’s an interesting news. I will keep a close watch on their progress.

    • Who is GSIS?

    • It is a government security company where GSIS stands for Government Service Insurance System.

    • Sir, we encountered a very itchy water color black. As we continue out digging, we found a heart shape stone.

      My question are:

      1. Why is it that the water is very dark and very itchy if touch?

      2. Meaning of heart shape. How deep might it take after we found this sign we need to dig. Sorry for my English.


    • It is so itchy because it is contaminated with some kind of dangerous chemicals. On some cases, it might also either smell terribly bad or sweet. But the most important part is that, you should never expose yourself to this kind of water or you will feel sick.

      The heart shape stone that you found simply confirms that there is a hidden deposit on that site. That's it and nothing else. Anyway, I am pretty sure that you will encounter more signs as you continue your excavation which might tell how much distance you need more to go through.

    • I was digging from ground level to 24 feet. Lots of stone markers were recovered before this depth where a stone marker has an embossed arrowhead pointing downward. What does this arrowhead mean?

    • It means that you have to continue digging downward.

  • What ever denials they said, there’s no doubt the so called Yamashita treasure was true.

    • You said it right on the spot.

  • They are drilling in the basement of the convention center now and finding nothing.

    • I think it’s too early to conclude.

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