Late President Ferdinand E. Marcos was known all over the world not because of his incredible amount of wealth but his exceptional intelligence. Unlike all previous Philippine presidents and even those who succeeded him, Marcos displayed his brilliant mind to the public by delivering his speeches without reading any notes.

If you want to learn more about Marcos’ amazing intellect and accomplishments, Wikipedia is a good source of such information. So let us more focus on this post about his accumulated wealth.

Believe it or not, Marcos had uncovered several large Yamashita treasures particularly during his reign of presidency. As the president and supreme chief commander of the AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines), he utilized the army for the excavation of the hidden Yamashita treasures for his own gain. Unfortunately, he also utilized his power to confiscate other treasure hunters’ findings such as “Roger Rogelio Roxas”.

In one of our THing (treasure hunting) project, I came to know an old man. “Joel Dungo” (not his real name) claimed that he witnessed Marcos along with his army of military soldiers who uncovered piles of gold bars in their place. He is just one among the many Filipinos who can testify that Marcos gained his incredible amount of wealth through THing.

Corruption Charges against Marcos

In the early month of March 1968, the government accused Ferdinand Marcos of corruption. He was allegedly accused of depositing large amount of money into his Swiss Bank account including “Credit Suisse”. According to the article report, he used a pseudonym “William Saunders”. The same accusation was filed against his wife “Imelda” who also used a pseudonym “Jane Ryan”.

Those huge sum of money deposited by Marcos and his wife into their Swiss Bank accounts were accused as “stolen money” belonging to the Philippine Government which “I do not believe”. In my own personal belief, those money are composed of the Yamashita treasures that Marcos either uncovered or confiscated. This is the reason why investigators could not find any strong evidence or link that the money was stolen from the Philippine Government.

If Marcos gained his incredible amount of wealth by being a corrupt president then why some of the next succeeding presidents “who were more corrupt” than him did not acquired comparable amount of wealth? This clearly means that being “a corrupt president of the Philippines will not make you rich like Marcos”.

Another issue that are bothering most people of this new generation is that, Marcos was the only president of the Philippines who achieved the highest economic growth rate in the entire history of the country. I could still remember the time when the equivalent value of “1 Peso” was “1 US Dollar”. This means that the Philippine economy equaled the American economy at that period of time. So how was it possible that Marcos was running the country as a corrupt president?

Moreover, Marcos wealth is still an ongoing issue. But recently, the court released an order to confiscate the Marcos’ collections of “valuable paintings”. So guys, what is your own personal opinion about the Marcos wealth?

3 Comments to “Wealth of the Late Philippine President Ferdinand E. Marcos”

    • Marcos is the best president of the Philippines. He did not steal anything from the government. He gained his wealth by recovering a lot of treasures.


      I total agree.

    • He may not have stole anything from the government but he certainly stole from his people and having them file Permits so that he could keep an eye out for where there treasures were being hunted. Therefore, he was not a trustworthy person nor a President as well after having beaten Sir Roxas.

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