Many amateur treasure hunters really have no idea about the first buried treasure sign or marker. This is the reason why this will be thoroughly explained in this post.

To all amateur treasure hunters and to those who still do not know, surface markers or markers that we discover on the surface of the ground are clues that will lead us to the correct digging spot. This is the main purpose of all surface markers that we found on our site.

On the other hand, buried markers are clues that we encounter when we dig the correct digging spot. The main purpose of buried markers is to provide clues that we are digging the correct spot way towards the location of the item. So as long as we recover buried markers on our diggings, we can have a peace of mind that we are on the correct track.

The First Buried Marker

But how about the first buried marker? What do we really need to know about it?

When decoding surface markers, there is always a chance that our interpretation is wrong. The worst thing that will happen is when we seriously dug it deep where we just wasted a lot of our time and effort.

Anyway, one method to avoid this mistake is by performing a trial digging. If we are not sure about our interpretation if it is correct or wrong then we can always perform a trial digging on our suspected digging spot.


Let’s say for example that we discovered several treasure signs on our site. There are signs such as engraved feet, turtle shaped rock, and some arrow signs. In order for us to decode the correct digging spot, we drew a sketch map.

So based on our overall analysis, all markers seem to point similarly into one location which is the digging spot. However, we are still not sure if this is really the correct digging spot or not. So the best thing to do in this kind of situation is to perform a trial digging.

Let’s say that we dug our suspected digging spot. And at a depth of 5ft, we managed to uncover a legit buried treasure sign. This particular treasure sign that we recovered is considered as the first buried marker. The purpose of a first buried marker is to inform us that we dug the correct digging spot. Thus, we should continue digging down further. It is also a confirmation sign that our overall interpretation to the surface markers are correct.

But on the other hand, if we dug a depth of 5ft or perhaps even deeper but we did not uncover any legit buried marker then this means that we dug the wrong spot. So in this kind of situation, we should stop digging and reassess our markers again for another different possible digging spot.

The 5ft Depth

You might want to ask why dig a depth of only 5ft for trial diggings?

A depth reaching down to 5ft is based on my experiences and teachings of an old or retired JIA soldier. According to him, they purposely placed first buried markers at a depth of 3 to 5ft as a form of confirmation for the correct digging spot.

However, based on my own experiences, there are some cases where we uncovered the first buried markers at a depth of more than 5ft. The deepest first buried markers that we encountered were buried at a depth of 15ft which often took place on the mountain sites. And the common reason why they reach such depth is due to landslides. We have to know that landslides commonly occur in the mountains.

So if our site is location in the mountains especially when there is a possibility that a landslide had occurred in the area then we should conduct a much deeper depth for our trial diggings.


First buried marker is that very first treasure sign that we are to uncover if we dug the correct digging spot. If it is actually a confirmation that we had managed to decode the surface markers. Thus, we should continue our excavation way towards the location of the treasure deposit.

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