This discussion is for all new visitors to my blog who are looking for the answer about, “Where is the Yamashita treasure hidden today?”

I won’t be answering this question in a historical way because I am not that too good with history. Since I am a treasure hunter and not a historian, the explanation that you are going to read here might be a bit different as compared from other sources around here on the internet.

Let’s start.

The Yamashita treasure has been scattered all around the Southeast Asian countries.

Yes, that’s correct.

Not just only in the Philippines but also its other neighboring Asian countries.

They hid it in various places particularly on sites where curious individuals especially treasure hunters would never suspect that there are hidden treasures on them. If someone managed to witness a certain spot where the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) buried a deposit, recovering the item is not easy as you think.

Dangerous Traps

Majority of hidden Yamashita treasures are equipped with deadly traps that you really have to think twice if you value your life or not. But if you are willing to take the risks, then you might have the spirit of becoming a successful treasure hunter.

Anyway, to sum it up, most of the Yamashita treasures are still hidden all around Southeast Asia where Philippines is known as the country containing most of the deposits.

Recovered Yamashita Treasures

Aside from those currently hidden Yamashita treasures, there were already numerous deposits that got also recovered since the end of the Second World War. This is a very controversial topic filled with so much secrecy. Majority of the people are not just aware about it because of the agenda making everyone believe that the Yamashita treasure is just one huge hoax.

Speaking about WWII, some sources claimed that the Allied Forces confiscated a lot of the Yamashita treasures that were still in the hands of the JIA forces particularly those that didn’t had a chance to flee.

Due to the Yamashita treasure in the hands of the JIA, many Filipino skeptics theorized that the Allied Forces only aided the Philippines because of these valuable loots.

What is your own opinion about this? Do you think that the Allied Forces will come and help the Philippines even without the Yamashita treasures in the hands of the JIA?

Now let’s move to those Yamashita treasures recovered by treasure hunters and that includes me.

When we recovered a certain item, we viewed it as money that goes into our pockets. We aren’t Archaeologists who would prefer the item that they found to be displayed at the museums. Thus, we sell our findings to anyone who are interested to both local and foreign buyers.

Melted Gold

Items that comes in the form of gold are sadly needs to be melted. It is actually harder to sell gold bars with serials numbers and marking such as “Burma” indicating where they originally came from. There are just so many questions involve that you are far better off melting it and then come up with a good excuse.

Thus, most recovered Yamashita gold are now melted and got sold where they are now a part of commodity in the market today.


The Yamashita treasure is not a valuable items that are hidden in one place. Asking about where it is hidden now is actually a typical question often asked by a certain individual who is knew to this subject which I truly do understand. Anyway, we already got the answer covered above.


Now to locate the Yamashita treasures that remains hidden or buried under the ground, there are several things that you importantly needs to learn.

Here are a few of them:

– You need to learn how to interpret “Japanese Treasure Signs”.
– You are lucky if someone entrusted you a map in locating a certain hidden deposit.
Metal detecting skill can greatly help a lot.

There are more of them in which you can find more about it in my other older blog posts.

10 Comments to “Where is Yamashita Treasure Now?”

  • Good article very thought provoking. Yes, you are right Sir.

    1)The Japanese hid their treasures in different SEA countries:
    a) Malaysia (location was mentioned in General Yamashita’s Dream Book
    b) Indonesia – Pres. Suharto had certificate of deposit amounting to 97Billion U.S. dollars from UBS resulting from the sale of this YT gold
    c) Philippines
    d) Japan – a lot of that loot reached their homeland. Many countries could still be hiding them but we have no specific location.

    The Allied countries also benefited from it. The US recovered 12 major Golden Lily vaults from late 1945 to 1947 and used it to prop up the Western Nations’ economies which were broke then due to WW2. The said loot was also used during the Cold War to counter communism and even in US Star Wars program, the reason why the US is now far ahead in technology.

    Japan also used it to resurrect its economy and it is a fact that its economy was in far better position after the war.

    Your question was indeed controversial but yes there are intelligence reports reaching America on the looting of the Japanese in their occupied territories during WW2 which explained their eagerness to take back the Philippines first. Admiral Nimitz wanted to go straight to Taiwan bypassing the Philippines on the way to Japan but McArthur prevailed. I think the YT was the reason for this change.

    • Thank you very much for these additional precious information.

  • Hello Sir Elmo,

    I read a lot of your experience in hunting in here and we hope you can help us too.

    Between Sir, we started digging on last month of April here in Mindanao area.

    When we start digging, in 6ft depth, we found a round log about 3ft long in vertical position and there’s a whole inside the round log and round dot. In the side, when we continue digging in 8 ft, we encounter a lot of roots of tree then in 12ft. We noticed that the soil is black and mix with charcoal.

    And we continue up to 15ft. We encountered a lot of preserve leaves in our hole and then in 20 ft. We encountered again a round log with horizontal position. Under the round log we notice that there’s a lot of shells any kind of shells under, up to 24ft with black fine sand.

    The sign we encountered is a positive sign that our site is a positive site or treasure?

    Thanks Sir.

    • Yes, I think those round shape logs are positive Yamashita treasure signs because we also encountered the same signs before on our previous projects. What we did was that, we simply followed the bottom or opposite ends of the logs which led us to the deposit.

  • Sir Elmo,

    We are now at 5 ft depth and we have found a piece of glass with engravings. It’s a man-made engrave but with unique image. Could we consider this as a good signs?

    • Yes. JIA treasure signs actually often come with amazing craftsmanship. Throughout my treasure hunting career, that is what I had observed the most from my encounters with all legit treasure signs.

  • We discovered a sign which looked and carved like a gold bar, at 55ft in our diggings. It is a hard red rock. Before we discovered the sign we recover turtle signs whose head are pointing downward and a big lumber put parallel to it. What does these mean?

    • Since the turtle’s head is pointing downward, it means that you are going to dig on that spot. The lumber will serve as your guide as you dig downward.

  • Good evening Sir. What is the meaning of Tamoshan c4? I’ve seen this written in stone. There is also a foot mark with no toes in the middle of the mark and has a triangle sign. What does it mean Sir?

    • Since you have there a triangle sign, I suggest looking for old trees or large rocks around since they could be markers.

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