Wires and Chains as Yamashita Treasure Markers

As a requested topic, let’s cover in this post objects such as wires, ropes, and chains used by the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) as markers to their hidden treasure deposit. Based on my own personal experiences, these are good markers that can lead you into the treasure deposit spot.

According to the Japanese Imperial General whom I came to know before, one of the quickest methods on how they had hidden their Yamashita treasures were through the use of ropes. So how did they set it up?

The first thing was for them to dig a hole on the ground. They dug it in away where it does not need to be vertically down but it can be totally random. The important part was that the wire that they were going to use had the same length as the depth of the hole.

Next step was for them to connect the wire into the item while the other opposite end of the wire goes outside the surface. And finally, they filled the hole back. They may add some markers at certain depths but on this kind of method, they usually don’t leave additional markers because it was not actually needed. Only the surface portion of the deposit spot has markers.

Now that you have an idea about how the Japanese soldiers had hidden their Yamashita treasure on this kind of method, you already know what to do when it comes to wires as markers.

All you have to do is to follow the wire on its way down to its other end. You just have to be extra careful because the wire used might easily break. But in most cases, the wires that were commonly used by the Japanese soldiers were quite durable.

Possible Danger of Following the Wire

The huge question about wire as a marker is the possibility involved about danger, particularly a trap setup at the other end of the wire instead of the item. One among you actually had an interesting story about this whom he had shared.

According to him, he found a certain durable wire near and old tree. Other than this, there were many old embedded nails on the old tree itself.

He had claimed that he messaged me once before about it and I gave him the advice to simply dig and follow the buried wire. So it was what he did until he reached a certain depth where the wires were split in two opposite directions.

The wire that went toward the left side has a rock with engraved flower sign. He had no idea how to interpret it but based on his own opinion, flower was a beautiful form of an object so probably meant something good. Thus, he followed the wire that went towards the left.

As he continued digging, he was too careful because he had a strong feeling about danger. It took him several days when he struck something hard underneath. When he carefully uncovered the object, it was a huge vintage bom. He was very shocked with what he saw so he immediately cut the wire and went outside the hole.

As a result, he stopped digging for awhile due to his shocking experience that could have ended his life. He was actually so thankful that nothing went wrong when he accidentally struck the trap. But still, he could get rid out of his mind about the other rope that went to the right.

If he is going to cover the hole that he dug, he will forever have doubts about the other rope which might be the correct direction leading into the treasure deposit spot. So he forced himself to continue digging despite his previous traumatic experience.

As he continued to dig and followed the rope that went on the right side, he was now too cautious for his safety. So it took him a much longer period until he finally reached the item. But according to him, it would only take him a week without the fear of digging.  

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