Assuming that on your diggings, you finally reached the chamber or discovered the container of the hidden “Yamashita gold treasure”, there are actually some important things that you need know before taking them out. Many THs (treasure hunters) have already dealt the consequence of being careless or ignorant when they found the object in search “not knowing” that there are still some safety or spiritual procedures that needs to be done.

You might be surprised to know that the majority of individuals who found and recovered a Yamashita treasure were short-lived. Surprisingly, this include the former Philippine president, Ferdinand E. Marcos. Some sources claims that he died from cardiac arrest but what actually contributed to this type of deadly disease are a variety of ailments that caused complications leading to his heart failure. In my own opinion, he got those ailments when he first made an actual contact to the treasures he found.

These Yamashita gold treasures are composed of “stolen war loots” that mostly belonged to the Southeast Asian countries. The Second World War was actually “no ordinary war”. Countless number of innocent individuals got involved and died for no cause just because of these treasures. This makes these precious items, tainted with sweat and blood of the many. Thus, their troubled spirits cannot rest-in-peace for the sake of guarding the treasures that they died for.

Troubled Spirit

Yamashita Gold Treasures Have Deadly Chemical Mixtures

You need to be aware that the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) were too clever enough to put mixtures of deadly chemicals in most of their treasures particularly gold items. It is quite deadly that simply touching the gold with your bare hands makes you contaminated marking your death at a certain period of time. The effect could take several months or even years where it slowly targets the vital organs of your body where the process can be best describe as, “killing me softly”. It is indeed such as “painful death” because the victim has to undergo suffering from a deteriorating health.

Deteriorating Health

In one of my post where I discussed How to sell gold that you found? (Referring to the Yamashita treasures found) I mentioned about taking a small cut then cook before selling it. If you intend to follow this procedure then I suggest that you should wear gloves, mask and clothing that can cover your entire body.

Your gloves will protect your hands from manually handling the item while your mask will prevent you from inhaling the “fumes”. Take note, the fumes or smoke generated by the heat out from the gold when being cooked is also lethal. Aside from inhalation, you will also get poisoned if you make skin contact (including your eyes) to the fumes. This is the reason why you have wear something that will cover your entire body like an astronaut.

Tightly Sealed Yamashita Gold Treasure Containers

There are many different tightly sealed containers used by the JIA such as ammunition boxes, large barrels, oil containers, concrete boxes and etc… If it happens that you encountered such objects on your diggings, it is important for you to know that aside from the valuable item, they also contain deadly poisonous gas inside as trap. Once you opened it especially while you are deep inside the hole that you dug, you will surely be unable to escape. Thus, it is highly advisable to lift the object out from the surface before opening the container. But still, there are some safety procedure and precautions that must be strictly followed.

JIA Ammunition Box
This is a good example of ammunition box used by some JIA as container for their Yamashita gold. By the way, this antique is currently for sale. Contact me if you are interested.

Usually, once you uncovered the item, there are Yamashita treasure signs around it that when interpreted correctly, it warns you about the trap. But in most cases, majority of THs tends to ignore this warning where they end up opening the container without hesitation leading into their own demise.

Back in 2015, we had an interesting site somewhere in the region of Northern Luzon, Philippines. Our source claimed that the JIA dug one large tunnel in the area where they hid most of their cargoes before they left. During the time when we started working on it, the place composed of thick bushes and several large trees. By the looks of it, it seems impossible to find the tunnel.

To make the story short, I considered it “luck” when we accidentally discovered the tunnel entrance. Upon exploring it, we were surprised to find the container simply at the end of the tunnel without much challenge such as digging or metal detecting involved. But instead of taking it out right away, the owner of the land decided to throw us a party so as an offering to any of the spirit guarding that treasure. We actually believed that such entity guided us the reason why it was so easy for us to find the item.

The land owner guaranteed that no one will attempt to steal the treasure from us. He made us feel so secured that the item will still be there until the next morning that we are going to retrieve it.

Morning came and we woke up. We were shocked to see a lot of the nearby residents surrounding our site with a group of police authorities investigating around. Then we came to know that the land owner deceived us. Along with his eldest son, they went back into the tunnel during the night of our sleep and tried to carry it out with just the “two of them together”. It is actually impossible for just two person to move it so they decided to open the container allowing them to carry what they can hold on their arms.

Unfortunately, the father and son died when they inhaled the poisonous gas trapped inside the treasure’s sealed container. Even a group of rescuers who rushed their way inside the tunnel also got involved, they never came out. But at first, the residents and the authorities thought that there was a giant Cobra snake living inside. I think that they derive such conclusion because the tunnel was well naturally preserved and offer the perfect shelter for reptiles. I myself even thought that maybe they were right but why it did not attack any of my crew when they explored it the other day?

The police authorities even called their special unit who were armed like they were going to a war. Lucky for them, one of my crew member who sneaked behind them and managed to get near the entrance of the tunnel immediately identified a familiar scent. Without hesitation, he shouted and warned all the people to back off because its “poison gas”.

So instead of sending the armed unit, the authorities sent another group of rescuers but this time they wore their proper equipment. And gladly, they were able to take the dead bodies out. One of the rescuers revealed that the container was opened and saw the gold bars inside it. He was thinking of grabbing one but his good conscience made him realized that he was there for those dead people.

After the terrible incident, we tried to push our luck to the authorities if we can claim the treasure since we were the one of found it in the first place. However, they claimed that we can’t because it will be used as the “main object of evidence” proving the deaths of those individuals. Without it, it was hard to believe on their report.

Entities Guarding the Yamashita Gold Treasures

I already covered in some of my posts about the spirits guarding the Yamashita treasures that they themselves can show you the exact location of the hidden item particularly through dreams. But on this discussion, there is something that I want to further explain which is focused on the treasure itself.

If it happens that you managed to recover a certain Yamashita treasure through the help of spiritual entity, you have to give back something in return in the form of an offering. Others who also found such treasures without the aid of any form of entities but they uncovered human skeletons requires the same procedure (proper burial must be given).

Here’s another interesting story of an old friend who was able to recover a Yamashita treasure but through the help of a certain entity. According to him, the spirit contacted him through his dreams and revealed the location of the treasure. In return, the entity asked for some good clean clothes and certain amount of money as offerings.

The spirit needs to wear new clothes because he finally wants to reunite with his family. As for the money (it was just actually a small amount of money), he will use it on his travel back to his home (sorry, some of you may not understand this part). Given the poor situation of my old friend, the entity allowed him to retrieve the treasure but he needs to pay for his offerings on some certain period of time. In short, he is in debt with the entity.

As time progress, my old friend suddenly became incredibly rich. He built a lot of houses, businesses and owned several land properties. But, the offering to the spirit remains unpaid.

The poor entity kept on waiting until he could no longer bear it. Then, my old friend suddenly experienced bankruptcy, serious family issues and many other problems that caused his downfall. Today, he is back to his normal poor life but the curse still seem remained on him. He claimed that even his hard earned money are like being flashed down the drain.

Lesson learned, when dealing to a certain spirit, you have to comply with its demand. If you manage to retrieve the treasure and you think that you can get away with it by not giving back your offering then you better think again. Rather than fortune, you will reap terrible misfortune that you will regret taking the treasure in the first place.

Who is the Rightful Owner of the Yamashita Gold Treasures – Philippines or Japan?

Most of you already knew that the treasures hidden by the JIA in the Philippines consists of war loots stolen in the 2nd World War. As already stated above, they originally belonged to all different Southeast Asian countries. So does this make them the rightful owner?

All treasures hidden by the JIA in the Philippines was named after the Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita. He was the officer-in-command responsible for the transportation of their war loots back to their homeland in Japan. Unfortunately, they got intercepted by the Allied Forces in the Philippines where they end up hiding them instead across the regions of the country. Now that the 2nd World War was long over, does this make Japan the rightful owner?

There is now no denying that the Yamashita treasures are hidden in the Philippines. Although, some critics still insist of denying their existence despite of all solid evidences uncovered from different parts of the country including its coastal regions. Since these valuable war loots are currently hidden in this country, does it make Philippines the rightful owner?

The answer into those question is, “Philippines”. Besides, Japan strongly claimed that they cleverly transported all their war loots into their homeland successfully before they even got confronted by the Allied Forces in the Philippines. As for all Southeast Asian countries, it would be quite a hard task to identify each item as to which specific country do they originally belonged.

Moreover, as far as I am aware, “finders-keeper rule” is currently being applied once you discovered a Yamashita treasure in the Philippines.

Some of the Yamashita Treasures Consists of Philippine Gold

The Japanese Imperial Army actually took advantage of the rich natural resources of the Philippines, specifically mining resources. They forced all their slaves to work in the mines increasing their gold production at an amazing rate. As a result, majority of the Yamashita treasures are composed of gold bars.

Therefore, not all Yamashita treasures did not came from foreign countries. Some sources claims that 30% of these hidden treasures are composed of Philippine gold.

56 Comments to “Yamashita Gold Treasures in the Philippines”

    • This is indeed one of the most interesting blog you have posted Sir Elmo, Thank you for reminding us of our safety again.

      Last summer, there were 3 hunters died when they hit a poison trap during their digging somewhere in Surigao. This is actually the reason why I stop digging manually as of now, I'll be using heavy excavator soon.

      I detected big dimensions of buried metal object in all of my positive spots and I believed it can't be done retrieving it manually. I saw a place where Japanese contractors (JICA) secretly operating during the night, the place was once a small creek and after they finished their project the place now looks like a lake.

      There was a place in Davao City that the contractors recovered a very large treasure deposits during the construction of diversion road to airport, and that place is now a tourist spot with a name D'JAPANESE TUNNEL OF DAVAO CITY.

    • Yes, there are many THs who died from dangerous traps but the incidents only ends up being reported on local medias particularly on the radio and newspaper. THing for the hidden Yamashita treasure is really a very dangerous type of activity.

      Anyway, I do agree that Davao has a lot of treasure deposits. However, I know a lot of powerful individuals such as politicians, company owners and rich people that are now on that region having the same goal – treasure hunting. Thus, it might be really hard to compete against them unless you own the land that you are prospecting.

    • Sir, how about here in Zambales region 3, where is particular find the Japanese treasure?

    • According to some sources, General Yamashita's third largest forces were the once that went to that place.

    • Sir Elmo, do you believe in a particular site with signs or markings of a poison or booby traps have treasures therein? Thank you.

    • Yes, because the main purpose of those traps is to protect anyone from recovering the treasure unless they know how to interpret those markings or warning signs allowing them to avoid such dangers.

    • Can you help us in our land regarding yamashita treasure, you can email me at [email protected]

    • I would rather suggest that you should send me the details of your land and the signs that you found in my FaceBook page. You can send it via PM for private conversation.

    • Sir Elmo:

      I'm a loyal fan of your meaningful, practical & knowledge full website, with thanks. An old Japanese man (believed an Officer) visited the site where he claimed he buried during WWII, 200 pcs – 72 kgs gold bars & a Buddha. Got permission from landowner to retrieve objects, with his share only the eyes of the Buddha.

      Diggers in the cave retrieved approx. 3 m long log at end of down vertical hole 3 m deep in limestone mountain perhaps 300 to 400 m high. The officer died a year ago, cremated and ashes given to his wife in Laguna. Currently, plan is to pump out water from the over flooded dug hole so we can use an OKM Rover C detector to locate object without walking in water. Could there be a possible plan more practical than what we are planning? Much obliged.

    • Nice, you got here an interesting project that you are working on. Sorry to hear that the old Japanese man who was guiding you just died. Anyway, pumping out the water is also my best suggestion.

    • Thank you Sir. This is a very helpful information. GOD BLESS!!!

    • Good day Sir Elmo,

      Can you give me some advice about the the treasure sign that show to me by may comrade that the two small water falls are cover by concrete like the one made in the side road in the mountain area. According to his father and the old in their Sitio, where they grew up they said the time of WWII a lot of POW and JIA was retreated going to that area with kariton in tagalog version, and a lot of box they carried going up to that mountain following the small creak never come back again, me and my companion going to the site and i see in my two eyes the said falls was man made concrete, and the father of my companion say to me that he already search that concrete, and he found inside a square concrete like a table.

      Sir its a sign that have a treasure on that area, pls give a advice how to get that because the politicians in the area are discovered this, because a THs from Baguio was begin to dig the first falls with the same concrete cement. But they stop when they trace by the mayor of the town.

      You can help to get that Treasure, sir if you want we will tour you there if you like.

      Thanks. Can we talks sir about Treasure because a lot of people i met in some remote places they always giving me information about treasure but i don't no how to operate it. So i hope you can give me small; time i show you all the site they show to me. If you want to talk to me personally or in pone.

      Pls PM me sir i wait for your response.

    • I suggest that you should go there yourself and explore the area. Then, look for markers or signs around and I will help you interpret what they mean. This is the only possible way that I can help you at the moment.

    • Dear Sir Elmo. I just want to share something and ask your opinion. We dig a hole between a triangle planted bamboo then after 4ft, we smell gas so we stopped and there was almost the same size of stones inside and there was hole on some of it and the caretaker said there was a ball of fire going to the pit sometimes. I want to continue digging but don't know how and I am looking for a financier that knows about treasure. Can you help me out?


    • Good day Sir. Can I ask what is the meaning of seashells mix in gravel and different shape of stones? Thank you and God bless!

    • Hello, I am one of the followers of Yamashita's hidden treasure in the Philippines. And, I have found one of their sites where they have made some of important signs, I am not so sure how to start for this journey, can you give me some source of idea? The markings are a triangle 2 inches on both side in 3 corners, below is connected with Y were inside the Y upper left there is a hole like a cigarette filter with depth 5 inches and half and upper left of triangle also a hole same like the other hole with 7 and half inches deep some arrow to the right facing East.

      Below the arrow a square sign also with 2 inches square. In the other side of the stone a straight line slanting to the north below the line one small line pointing same direction on the upper line. From the stone with signs in the upper left maybe 3 meters away there's a rock formations that indicates like the signs in the stone. In the south side there are some signs like a pipe hole maybe inch by 1 foot and there is a flowing water beside in it same like a spring. If you like to see the pictures I have some, please can you give me some source of idea, thank you very much.

    • Good evening Sir. May I ask if there are presence of Japanese forces occupying in Bohol in the times of world war II, we are currently digging more than 15 ft below the ground and so far we encountered layers of orange colored rocks which we believe to be a river rocks. Next after, we encountered a cement layer upon cracking the cement we smelled a bad odor which we believe is a trap. We stop the operation. Until the smell is gone, we encountered again another layer of that rock and cement. Is this a sign of Japanese treasure?

    • Good day Sir Elmo,

      Please help me interpret this giant cement left-foot recovered at 7 meters deep. The right foot at 8 meters with SM. Hole at the center of the right foot facing east the old bamboo. The water trap is so hard to overcome. What can we do Sir Elmo?

    • Good day Sir,

      As it is mentioned that there should be offerings (maybe fruits, meat, fish, etc…) and specially for the spirits guarding the Yamashita treasures that they themselves, it can only be recovered but he, who can take it with a curse may applied, it may or not be a life also.

      To the Pilipino hunters secretly dug prospects spots, some loose their lives as (can be an offering?) they were poisoned, bombs etc… then a Japanese will took the recovery.

      There's nothing happened to anyone of them or even a situation that can affect the recovery (I am asking for additional information), is there any prayers of rituals for every/any prospects treasure. From Japanese, although they have maps. I have to ask for my self if there is this would help.


    • If a spirit ask for a human life as an exchange for the treasure that it is guarding, it is actually their most common demand which can be avoided through negotiation. This is the reason why you need a good spiritual medium to do the negotiation. So instead of a human life, the spirit will ask for something else. I already covered this topic in my other post so I suggest that you should read it.

    • Good day Sir Elmo, I own a land which some stories I heard that there is treasure in it and I checked then I found this bunch of sign. I looked up about what its meaning through internet but there isn't such meaning. I found then searching about Yamashita treasure then it lead me to you so maybe your my only hope to help me interpret the signs I found. If you have Facebook page could I add you.

    • I do have a FaceBook page in which you can contact me privately. You can access the page via the small FB icon on the right side bar.

    • Hi Sir,

      I am from Nueva Ecija. We are digging that's is according to my dream. We dig about 5 feet and in other side of it, the soil goes down and we found a hard thin concrete with a rectangular sign in the top. What does it mean Sir?

    • A rectangular sign is more commonly interpreted as a storage or a confirmation sign that something is buried on that spot.

    • Sir Elmo,

      Is it really okay to test the gold bars? Is it not too dangerous for security purposes? Where is the best place to test gold around Laguna and Manila?

    • This is really a risk especially if you approached the wrong type of person. But, the way to do it is to cut a small piece of the gold bar you found then cook or melt it. You can sell it to any Pawn Shop where they will conduct the test to determine the carat which is the basis of their buying price. And most importantly, don't tell them that your gold is a Yamashita treasure.

    • Sir Elmo, what is the most accurate scanner that you can recommend?

    • Currently, the best and accurate tool that I ever handled for scanning buried target underground is the Jeohunter. I have a product review about it in which I suggest that you read.

    • Good day, I have seen a mohon at an old house of my grandparents. But, it is square. At its center, there is a letter V. It is placed near the old stairs. What does it mean?

      Both of my grandparents already died. I can send you the photo of this object. Please advice and thanks.

    • V can also be interpreted as an arrow sign. So follow where the tip is pointing at then investigate the area.

    • Good evening Sir Elmo, Sir I had a project here in Nueva Ecija, some of the things recovered are the Duraglas bottle, old plates, bones and many others. My question is, it is possible that those things recovered considered markers?

    • Definitely, yes. As long as you keep on uncovering things like them as you proceed on your excavation, it means that you are digging on the right spot. And at some point, it will lead you into the location of the hidden deposit.

  • Sir, do you believe that Chinese bamboo is also a sign for Yamashita treasure? We found it near our place at Butuan City, Agusan Del Norte.

    • Yes, it is one of the most common markers used by the JIA because of the trees’ very attractable looks. Although, it requires some supporting markers or signs before a conclusion can be made.

  • Good evening Sir,

    Is a bronze can be liquefied through extensive heating?

    • Yes, it does have a melting point.

  • Hello Elmo,

    Thank you for all your interesting and I consider it as an educational post in TH adventure. The ideas an techniques in decoding the hidden treasure is a great help for amateur TH’s. and I’m one of your vivid follower of your youtube videos.

    Please continue to educate us thru uploading you videos.

    God bless you always

    • Thanks for your full support. Yes, I will continue until I have shared everything that I know.

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