Fellow Filipino treasure hunters in the Philippines, you may be surprised to know that General Tomoyuki Yamashita didn’t just hid treasures in the Philippines but also in some other Asian countries. And, one of them is Vietnam.

Many treasure hunters of Vietnam are also seeking for the hidden Japanese treasure hidden by General Yamashita at “Tau Mount” in “Phuoc The Commune, Tuy Phong District, Binh Thuan Province”. They have already spent decades trying to find the hidden treasures but without any success.

Desperate of recovering the Yamashita treasure, Binh Thuan authorities themselves had even instructed the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to organize and plan the recovery of the treasure. They actually started their excavation and hopefully they could finally discover the hidden treasure. According to some sources, this will be their last and final attempt.

How Did Yamashita Treasure Ended Up in Vietnam?

In World War 2, the Japanese Imperial Army looted so much treasures that they couldn’t carry them all. As a result, they had to bury some of them.

Vietnam was just one of the many places where General Tomoyuki and his men buried tons of treasures. It was known that they buried around 4,000 tons of gold and a lot of valuables items with an estimated value that goes around $200 billion. These valuable treasures were war loots that the Japanese General and his army plundered from different Asian countries that they successfully invaded.

Tau Mount

Unlike in the Philippines where all treasure deposits were scattered throughout its various regions, Vietnam’s Yamashita treasure was hidden in one specific region only which is at Tau Mount.

Old Train

According to history, General Yamashita transported plenty of sealed carriages (containing the treasures) via train. It was highly guarded by Japanese soldiers which proved that the cargo of the train was highly valuable. The route started from “Saigon” to the “Suoi Kiet Station” in Binh Thuan province.

The train arrived at the station during midnight and at the same time, there were some group of ethnic minority youngsters in Suoi Kiet who were the once who unloaded the goods from the train and carried them into the eastern forest. Then, they were also probably the one who did the manual digging job and aided the Japanese General in burying the treasures.

As proofs about the Yamashita treasure hidden at Tau Mount, an enthusiastic treasure hunter “Tran Van Tiep” claims that he has many old documents that can strongly prove the existence of the hidden treasures. In fact, just after World War 2 ended, many Japanese THs (treasure hunters) came to visit Vietnam for the purpose of recovering the treasure. Unfortunately, none of them succeeded.

Other than the old documents and interest of the Japanese THs in recovering the Yamashita treasure, Tiep is the only TH who uncovered physical evidences of the hidden treasure. Tiep actually unearthed a Japanese sword, coins, Japanese Imperial Army badges and etc… These objects are probably signs indicating that the hidden deposit is just nearby.

Due to Tiep’s success in finding those objects, the Chairman of Binh Thuan province “Dang Van Hai” had fully granted Tiep a license to operate and search for the Yamashita treasure in Tau Mount. Tiep even hired professional engineers and psychics to help him on his search.

Tiep’s treasure hunting operation started on October 16, 1993. But throughout his entire operation until his retirement, he failed to uncover the hidden Yamashita treasure.

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  • Those who wish to read a thoroughly informative book relating to the YT should obtain GOLD WARRIORS by Sterling and Peggy Seagraves.

    And, for a totally non legendary treasure look into the whereabouts of gold and jewelry lifted in late 1963 from (South) Vietnam (just prior to the coup) thought to be deep in the boonies on the island of Mindanao. A couple of individuals whom I came to know while in Thailand swore this bit of info. is accurate. Good Luck!

    • That sounds quite interesting. I should do some digging about this subject.

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