Yamashita Treasure Markers found on Old Trees

When it comes to markang, the JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) did not just use old large rocks in engraving their signs or markers to their hidden treasure deposits. They also used large old trees the same way as the old rocks where they carved their signs on them.

However, somebody claimed that the JIA soldiers did not use old trees nor carved markers on them. This was due to the reason that when the tree grows larger in size, the sign or marker engraved on them will get deformed. This is actually a wrong notion. 

Yes, it is true that if you carved something on a body of a tree, it will most likely get deformed when it grows. But when it comes to the carved signs left behind by the JIA soldiers, it is different. You have to know that throughout my treasure hunting career, I have already seen a lot of legit treasure signs engraved on surfaces on the bodies of old various trees.

The JIA Soldiers Used Special Chemicals in Carving their Signs

The main reason why the carvings left behind by the JIA soldiers as markers on old trees is “chemicals”. It was known that the JIA were in possession of special chemicals which they used in melting hard rocks for easy engraving of their markers. When it comes to the carving on old trees, their chemicals prevent them from getting deformed even when the tree grows larger in size.

Embedded Objects on Old Trees as Markers

Aside from carving signs or markers on the bodies of old trees, the JIA soldiers also used various objects and embedded them. The most common objects used by the JIA soldiers were large nails. Based on my own personal experiences, the sizes of the nails that they often used have lengths of 5 inches.

Aside from the nails, other objects include ammunition, knives, gems, pipes, and old coins.

Arrangement of the Old Trees

After inspecting the entire body of the old tree and you have found no carvings and embedded object, then what you have to do next is to check their arrangements. Try to analyze if they are forming a certain shape or line.

The most common arrangement of trees as markers is “triangle” which I have already covered in the other separate post. Next to the triangle is simply a straight line or they are perfectly aligned together.

Branch of an Old Tree as Marker

The branches of an old tree can also be a marker used by the JIA soldiers which gives hints to the location of the hidden treasure deposit. There are many different ways on how to interpret them which depend on the way they formed.

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  • Sir can I ask question?

    What is the meaning of 3 big old rocks form triangle in the seashore?

    • It means that the area has a hidden large volume of treasure deposit. I do suggest that you should carefully inspect each of the rocks for any possible engrave markings.

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