Throughout the entire regions of the Philippines, Yamashita treasure signs can be encountered by almost anyone around. These signs often come in the form of markings engraved on the surfaces of old rocks, trees, concretes and even old houses. Although, people who often come across these strange symbols simply ignore them. It is probably because they do not know how to read or interpret these signs.

Interpreting Yamashita treasure codes, signs or symbols is “not actually an easy task”. It requires a lot of researching, consultation to the experts and actual encounters of these markings on the field.


Amateur THs (treasure hunters) are advised to start gaining knowledge by doing “research” about the “Yamashita Treasures”. The internet actually offer an endless amount of information about this subject. You can also purchase books authored by experienced THs.


The internet is not yet available when I first started my THing (treasure hunting) career. Thus, I started by “consulting” different individuals with some knowledge and interest about the Yamashita treasures. By taking notes and compiling them, I now have a journal consisting of over a thousand pages with priceless pieces of information to share.

Currently, I am consulting a JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) War Veteran under the fake name of “Kuitchi Takazagi”. I already shared his interesting story on this post, Gold Buddha Hidden….

Actual Signs

Encountering an “actual sign” in the field is by far the best learning experience in interpreting Yamashita treasure signs. This is the reason why it pays to visit a certain site with already recovered treasure deposits allowing you to study the clues around it.


Yamashita Treasure Sign Interpretation Scam

To all amateur THs, beware about a certain group of scammers claiming themselves as professional THs who can accurately interpret Yamashita treasure signs for you but at the expense of paying them a certain amount of money in return. This is clearly a scam. If their claim of being able to interpret signs correctly is true then they would rather find a prospective site of their own and recover the treasure for themselves. Unfortunately, they do not.

As the author of this blog, I myself do not claim that all of my “interpretations are accurate”. Despite of my long years of experience on this industry, “I can still be mistaken”. Anyway, all information I share on this blog particularly my responses to my readers and subscribers about their questions and concerns are “completely free”.

General Yamashita’s Treasures Codes are Now Available Online

The internet now offers a good list of General Yamashita’s treasure codes. So for amateur THs, I suggest that you collect and save them in your computer’s hard drive. You may also want to print hardcopies so that you can take them on your actual prospective sites.

At some point, you may encounter a certain sign that is not on your list of codes. On cases like this, the first step is either take a photo of the sign or draw it on a piece of paper. The second step is to consult the experts by posting your sign in various THing forums. There are plenty of them such as Thunting and TreasureNetForum. Aside from these forums, you can also send it to me and I will try my best to interpret its meaning for you.

Moreover, some of you are asking for the softcopies of my complete Yamashita treasure codes. Unfortunately, I originally acquired most of my collection of codes via offline sources. Thus, I am still on the process of making soft version copies of them. Currently, you can check some of the signs that I completed under the Yamashita Codes Compilation category.

318 Comments to “General Yamashita Treasure Codes and Signs in the Philippines”

    • Sir I just want to ask if we are already near in retrieving a treasure. Our hole is already approximately 60 ft deep. Our site is a Gabaldon, camp of JIA during WWII. We encountered a VERY HARD BLACK ROCK.

      We are also encountering water but not so strong, we think it's only a deposit of water, that's according to our detection (detector with discriminator). Also, according to our detection, beneath that BLACK HARD ROCK, lies a tunnel to the treasure. Is that black hard rock already the treasure seal to the chamber? Thanks.

    • Yes, it is possible that its the treasure seal especially when that hard rock you mentioned is coated with asphalt or tar which makes it color black.

    • Sir this is just a follow up question with regards to this. remember the black hard rock that i mentioned? that rock is not coated with asphalt. down there its black but when moved on the surface and dried, it turns to gray. now, as we continue our digging, more of that stones are encountered. trusting our detector man and his detector, we are now more than a year digging but still hoping because we encountered a steep cement ladder while digging and a divider it seems, like a two door push. Lately, too much water is pouring from the west side. our subpump failed to work so we are still repairing it. And by the way, the water from our hole is like yellowish rust. is there a possibility that this yellowish rust is a part of the ammo boxes that we detected? And the also, the stones down below looks more blackish like its coated with tar but when brought up, it turns gray again. But of course this stones are not natural, man-made rather. Our hole is more than 150 ft i think. is there a possibility that the treasure is in that deep? Our hole by the way is like a tunnel, as we dig, the shape of the side and up is like a resemblance of it, it was like a path. can you give also an advice? And actually we are not good with reading signs. But this site has a JIA history of course. the first hunters who tried to dig this area discovered a shovel, crowbar gardening and fork at 10ft. but they didn't noticed it so when one of the digger speared the soil, the shovel, crowbar and fork went flying. they didn't know where those things facing.

    • Sir, good AM. I’m big follower of you advises. Advice me please, I found at the center of a river a strange marking. On the stone are 7c, 7 kD mark and 12 feet, I found a heart in the rock sign. Please advice me.

      • My advice is to keep going. The latest marker that you discovered means that you are dealing here a large hidden deposit.

    • Good day Sir,

      On our digging, we encountered this very hard rock of an arc that's seems impossible to break. The walls and ceiling have asphalt. After 1 meter of rigorous and laborious chipping we have bore a hole. We thought that it was already the tunnel but only to find out another wall but not as hard as the first one. We have found 5 stones from big to small sizes. What do they mean? Are we on the right track? Is the very hard rock the first line of defense to the treasure? The place is a Japanese camp here in the Philippines.

      Another thing, we have encountered this soil that if you step on the other side, the other side will rise as if you're stepping on a rubber balloon. What is the meaning of this Sir? Will look forward to your response.

      Thank you very much.

    • When it comes to tunnels, there are many entrances that will lead to a dead end. But, among those entrances are one entrance leading into the correct chamber. The JIA actually did this intentionally.

      The soil that you encountered seem to be strange. However, be careful on it because beneath it could be water.

    • Good day, sir.

      As we continued our digging, we found a shark tooth that point's inward. We continued digging and found 4 triangles with their tips facing each other. May we know the meaning of this triangles, sir? Thank you.

    • These triangles are trying to indicate a certain "center point or spot". And, I believe that is the digging spot.

    • Good day Sir,

      I just want to ask the meaning of the rock we found. Carve in turtle one small and the other one is so big?

      Thanks God bless.

    • I suggest that you should read my long detailed discussion about the turtle signs.

    • Good AM, how about the nails sign from the tree, nail sign is downward. Where is the object? Thank you.

    • Try to dig on the spot where the nail is pointing down on the ground.

    • Good day Sir Elmo. We need your help. I have a 4 old trees. 3 is tamarind and one is mango. The position of the 3 tamarind is straight line the distance each 18 meters. The mango tree are 50 meters away from the tamarind trees. The figure just like a triangle. This is a sign of treasure. What is the first dig.

      Thank you Sir, more power and God Bless.

    • I think that we can consider it as a sign particularly the Tamarind tree which you claim that are aligned in straight arrangement. The mango tree also adds to the puzzle. Despite of these clues, I suggest that you should look for more signs especially by inspecting the bodies of those trees.

      What also caught most of my attention is the mango tree. Can you describe to me the arrangement of its main branches?

      • Hi Sir and Good day,

        We found out 2 sign from our digging area, how can I send this picture to you.

        First sign is same as triangle but there is two small triangle beside on it. The second sign it’s like capital letter C with slanting letter Y.

        Please we need your advise for this. Thank you so much.


        • You can send the photos of your sign to my FaceBook Page – Treasures and Antiques.

    • Good day SIR ELMO. We need your help, i saw my cousin marks of land or so called MOHON or landmark. In the lower part of the mountain side. Mohon or landmark engrave 2 arrow sign. One arrow sign pointing toward of the side mountain and one arrow sign pointing toward the old Alibangbang tree. The bottom of Alibangbang tree engraved a big piece of nail. The spoon was buried in the soil in front of nail. The distance of mohon and Alibangbang tree almost 5 meters.

      Sir this is treasure sign? Thank very sir ELMO GOD BLESS.

    • Yes, it is possibly a Japanese treasure sign. Anyway, I do suggest that you should continue digging at the bottom part of that old tree where you found a spoon.

    • Good day again Sir Elmo,

      We have encountered again in our diggings 4 triangles with their tips facing each other. Please enlighten us the meaning of this, sir.

      Thank you very much

    • It means, check at the "center" or "middle portion". Or, continue digging right at the middle spot.

    • Sir we are now at 90 ft seeking deep we found leaves sign in the center, a hard sand dirty it's very hard to break. We continue digging in 92 ft, we found again a sign leaves o dahun mark at wall side and there another sign in other it's dahun rin at my isang sign na box na rehas.

      We need your comments about this Sir.

    • Be extra careful because leaves as markings denotes danger signs.

    • Konichiwa Elmo san, i'm Filipino just trying hard to speak this lang of Japs. I just want to ask about the platform where at the other end facing west lies the flag pole hole then followed by an arc (same height of a chair). The platform face the river side. There is a wall fence in front around 20 ft facing the river. We break the very hard platform where the flagpole hole and arc situated. We found 5 nail and 2 pcs. of wood(1ftx3inx5mmthick).we thought its the item already because its yellow orange color but not.

      Do you think there's a probability of precious item in that area base on the nails and wood. Pls. advise and more power.

    • In most cases, when there is a flag pole sign involve, the hidden item are usually located at some distances.

    • Hi Sir Elmo, as we are digging, we found out black wood but it's very hard. Does it mean that this is the seal of the chamber? I wish I can send you the looks so that you can assess it.


    • That strange black wood is just an object sign telling you that you are on the correct path. But, if there are any markings on it then it might tell some hint about the distance of the hidden deposit.

    • Good Day Sir. We found some rocks that has strange black markings on it. If it is poured with calamansu juice, the black markings bubbles.

      And upon digging, only those medium rocks were found and the rest going down doesn't have even a single knuckle-sized rocks and also, before reaching the 52 ft deep dig, we found water, stagnant and only minimal amounts.

      We consulted an old veteran about the dig site and he said that it was the exact site we are digging. There were 2 gold sites mentioned and he said we passed the other one. Should we trust him? He had experience though, he had dug 2 treasure sites and successfully obtained them.

      Also, I forgot to mention that there is a peculiar rock that has a peculiar hole in it that if you put a finger in, it is hollow inside and has somewhat smooth texture.

      What can you say about it Sir?

    • If you can find markings as signs then that would be much better to confirm that you are digging on the right spot. As for the experienced TH that you consulted, it would be very helpful if he really can be trusted. You really have to get to know him well and that should answer your question if he can be trusted or not.

    • Good day Sir, just want to ask about the markings that we found on the rock. It is a rectangle and inside is a carved circle on the center. We dig the rock and we found on the side of the rock another marking of an carved circle again with line again below. Can you translate it?

    • A rectangle with a circle inside is an interesting sign which I already covered. Now, the circle with a line below, it means that you will encounter a tunnel or some sort of chamber under the ground when you proceed digging deeper.

    • Good day Sir, I'm new here but we do treasures here in the Philippines. May I ask one question. Is this true that when you reach the chamber, is there any stairs down? For that is our case now here in Cebu. I encounter signs namely Spiral, P, K, and Open Fan, Cross with letter C attached to the long points of the cross. A blue color water but we already cure it with detergent powder to minimize itchiness. Any further confirmation of our sites. Your expertise is highly valued to us. Thank you very much.

    • About the chamber, it does not necessarily have stairs, some does not have stairs. Basing on those signs, I can interpret them as a large volume of deposit hidden on a straight portion of the tunnel. I assume that you found these signs underground but if you found it outside the surface, then has a different meaning.

    • Thank you Sir Elmo for replying. Last question aside of Dexpan stone breaker. Is there any chemicals to use to break hard cement?

    • Yes, there are plenty of them out there. Just search for any demolition agent products. However, I cannot guarantee if they really work. So before you intend buying any of them, I suggest that you do your own research and investigation.

    • Hi sir Elmo,

      I found the big rock with the hole. But the hole was covered with hard cement with sun symbol with seven spokes and has number 3 beside the sun symbol.

      What the meaning this sign sir. Sorry about my language.

      Thank you sir.

    • The seven spokes represent distance while the number 3 indicate the distance in terms of yards. So in short, it means 7 yards from that point.

    • Sir Elmo, what is the meaning of X sign engrave in stone. We found it at about 30 ft deep.

      • Sir Elmo, what is the meaning of X sign after that arrow sign?

        • If the arrow is directly pointing at the X sign then it means that the item is hidden on that spot.

    • Good Day Sir Elmo.

      I'm just an ordinary Filipino Sir. I am Jennifer, I've read your post on this site about finding treasure (Yamashita treasure). I've just got interested on it Sir prompted me to write you and hoping that it could reached you Sir. I am from Canlaon City, Negros Oriental and our place was humored by a local folks that there were numerous big deposits of Japanese Imperial Army wherein several camps were being constructed on our place way back 1940's.

      My father was quite sometime to be a treasure hunter but unfortunately didn't even successfully dug for a positive result, we had find a rock sign on our place which is circular in shape of a rock which on top having a two (2) molded circular rocks forming an eye and engraved line forming as a mouth in slanting position. It was being dig on early 90's by my fathers relatives where they reached to 15 feet down and they recovered a pieces of wooden log on their dig site, and even triggered a trap of a poisonous gas that made a water colored green. And on that time, they stopped digging because of fear.

      They recovered certain strange rocks forming a heart, triangle arrow and two pieces of feet on their way to down to the dig site. I am hoping for your suggestion if what could you suggest to me whether I shall continue on digging the site if it has a positive deposit based on the signs they have encountered. Hoping for you favorable reply Sir. Thank you so much.

    • Sir Elmo, I am curious of a engraved paper fan found in my own residential lot. Some tried to convinced me of digging it for there is treasure in it after they did the testing with their apparatus/ detector. Will you help me decide Sir. Is it true about the sign?

      • Hello Sir Elmo,

        Good day!

        I would like to ask help and give advises for us. We dug for 2 months already, as we reached on the tunnel/cave, our surrounding has different color (red, yellow, golden yellow or white) and from the tunnel. We saw a 2 holes, from the right side which has a fine, smooth and itchy sand when we touch it and has a hallow grounds and on the left side hole is a hard big and dark rocks with shinning formation (I think its stalagmites/limestone). We are confuse between the 2 holes.

        Can you help us or give an advise which from the 2 holes is the right path or which hole we continue to dig to reach the treasure?

        Looking forward for your response Sir.

        Thank you.

        • As for now, it is hard to tell which of the two hole should you attempt to follow. But remember, there could be an instance that both of the holes may lead to separate deposits. The first hole that you describe with itchy sand seems like harder to work on because of the presence of poison. While the second hole, it might be easier but harder to excavate due to the rocks. Overall, I suggest working on any of the two holes that is easier for you to push through.

    • Sir I am new in treasure hunting. What is the meaning behind a whole piece of rock and I suddenly hit it with a shovel, it break into two piece with a marking of triangular hand round curve inside of it?

    • Good day Sir Elmo I have acquired an 8 hectares land here in Mindanao. Accordingly, this area was a camp of JIA during the WW2. We have 3 Old Mango Trees planted in a triangle form. The roots of the 2 trees deeply penetrates the ground while the other tree penetrates the surface of the soil. We conclude that there is a hard object under this tree. May we know if under this tree is a possible site they buried the Yamashita treasure?


    • Hi Sir. Good day. Sir we have an old tree in-front of my house and there was an eye engraved on it, in the body of the tree. Sir what do you think the meaning of it? Our house was located near in the old way of Japanese during WWII, I think half kilometer.

      Thank you Sir in advance.

    • Good day Sir, I need your help. Whats is the meaning of this of sign that has a big circle and there is a dot just like this one ".O"

    • Good PM Sir, I found a curving of heart in a stone and it has 2 dots in its tail. Can you help me if it is a sign of treasure?

    • Good day, there is a rock on the top of a hill with foot engrave on it. What does it mean?

    • Good evening Sir Elmo, we found a huge rock and it looks like a fish, can I know what kind of sign is that? and there is a letter on it, it's LVJO. Thank you so much Sir Elmo and God bless.

    • Hello Sir good day!

      I have some questions and hoping to be enlighten as I have been searching here about signs. We been digging and now in 60 ft deep. Unfortunately the water is extreme as we are near the river and it is too difficult to emptied out the water but before this happened we broke the heart shape rocks though the rocks was been piled and form like a heart. We have encountered a rock shape like an arrow but on top of it was a clam in which it was mold and attached.

      I could show a photo but unfortunately they broke the shell on its rock but i can take photos of the rock. Does clams so big denotes some signs as well? like first clam was pointing up and then it points down because we have encounter that. The thing is we stop digging further because of the water, but as it rains now a days heavier but the water in it never over plowed so we are amaze. Hope you can help us enlighten with your expertise.

      Thank you.

    • If you are digging near the river and now at 60 feet deep then you are probably far deeper than the small deposits around because those small target deposits are just in between 20 to 50 feet deep.

    • Hello Sir, we found a drawn map on a stone. Of course its extra ordinary for it was drawn like a pen. Maybe by a very sharp metal. Do you have an email address so that I may reach you.


    • You have to find the mother deposit in order to recover the small target, 10 meters deep load. The mother load is near the surface sign but the small deposit is about 30 meters away. If the mother load near the surface sign is not available, I can find it by my gadget.

    • Hello Sir, Good day.

      How about a 300 sq. meter of land filled with sea sand. What is the meaning of it Sir? The other side of the land is a soil.

    • Good day Sir! We found more sign like almost 15 heart, 1 bird, pair of feet, 1 pamaypay or fan, quarter moon and lastly we dug a round of big stone engrave a sun.

      I want to ask if we are in the right spot?

    • Hello Sir good day,

      My father was a treasure hunter and he found a fiver glass map inside the rock. On the map, there is a drawing, it is an arrow pointing to the box. What does it mean?

    • Good Day Sir!!! I do really appreciate your work, everything actually, all
      information that a treasure hunter needs to know. Lately, i was reading on your blog, and happens to read this in one of your reply to a netizen, "I now have a journal consisting of over a thousand pages with priceless pieces of information to share." With regards to that, I know it is too much to asked by me whose even not an acquaintance of yours, but can you please provide me a copy of your journal? I'm really interested on that. I PROMISE NOT TO REPRODUCED IT if you say so. I just wanted to really know a lot with regards to treasure hunting. I'm an ex-treasure hunter, i tried to dig, but of course I'm only 22, need to stop and work. my father is a financier but until now, the tides of luck is not with us. But my ambition, our ambition is still on track. I will use your journal to gain all necessary knowledge, i'll study it because one day, i want to hold my own project which if lucky, i will not keep it just for myself but share it with all, who needs help. I know its very hard for you to trust me but believe me sir, I'm telling the truth. PLEASE SIR… I really wanted to carry your own will and success… I am hoping for your kind consideration and approval sir. PLEASE

    • Hello Sir, I have found a drum filled with broken bottles. The colors of the bottles are not the same, it has a color of red green, yellow and the others has no color. I found it accidentally near of big Sampaloc tree, 3 meters away from the Sampaloc tree, I saw the broken bottles when I dug 1 feet deep.

      I did not continue the digging. Is it possible, that is a treasure sign? Or the right spot of a treasure? Please help.

    • At the center of a big rock and a Mango tree we have dig a hole about 10 feet deep. The hole is about 5 ft in diameter. It was full of pure river sand and some 6 or 8 round rocks bigger than a basket ball. At the bottom of the hole is 3 steps stairs carved on the red soil and in front of the stairs is a 10 inches wide and 5 feet canal with 3 hole on it. 1 at the middle and 1 on each side and it was covered with small stones and sand.

      About 10 feet in front of it is a big hole about 8 ft diameter and 12 ft deep. It was filled with big rocks some flat and some irregular shapes. It was covered with a 7 ft x 4 ft x 3 ft rock. ( we broke it with dynamite ). On one side of the hole is another hole with a heart shape and also filled with big rocks. On the other side is a 10 ft tunnel its flooring was tiled with flat stones. ( All these hole were found about 20 and 25 feet deep respectively )

      We will appreciate it very much and we will be very grateful for your kind help if you can help us analyze where we can possibly locate the buried treasure. Thank you so much. I will also appreciate if you can send me more instruction on my e-mail add. Again thank you. ( [email protected] )

    • My friend stumbled upon two rocks in his property. On the upper rock surface, he saw three 1" holes and at the side of the rock is a triangle symbol. These are clearly human made. Around the area are also other signs like carvings on trees and bend trees. The most revealing matter is the existence of a tunnel just under the two rocks. My question is if the treasure is under the rock itself or in the tunnel or buried around the trees?

    • Due to the number of signs that you discovered, I can say that there are multiple deposits around the area. My speculation says that there are several give-aways or small deposits around but inside the tunnel is probably the main deposit.

    • Good afternoon Mr. Elmo.

      I need your help regarding the treasure sign and symbol. I'm digging 6 foot already. But I have found one big stone with marker signs. Which. Above the stone. I see a diamond which is engrave.

      The other side, like an head of the eagle. The other side again. Which is letter c marker and under the big stone leaf symbol. All of this is engrave on a big stone. And I try to dig both the diamond sign aside from the big stone. Then first, I found 60 pieces of small stone filings. Then second side, I found small stone but hardest. Its is form a heart with arrow. Then one stone small triangle lock on heart center. We stop this.

      3rd side. I found form 6 stones. Two of this is rectangle and two of this is triangle and one is circle. This rectangle is the center form the three triangle and one circle heading of the one triangle.

      And the fourth side. We dig about 6 foot. We found a stone. Three triangle and form its triangle. An 2 small triangle aside from a big triangle so that it will form letter v. I found out, leaves stone that covered by cement. All of this sign having triangle teach on the big stone rock. But I'm bothered because of letter v and heart and rectangle that I found on the side of the big stone.

      Hope we can help me where the treasure sign located.

    • The head of the eagle is one important sign that has the highest priority among others. You have to follow the direction of its beak and that should be the digging spot. The C and the diamond markers signifies a corner portion of the area being pointed or stared by the bird.

    • Good PM Sir,

      I found a curving of heart in a stone and it has 2 dots in its tail. Can you help me if it is a sign?

    • If you can confirm that the dots are man-made then it is probably a sign. But, if you do not know how then capture a photo of it (including the heart stone) then send it to me in my FaceBook page.

    • Hello Sir Elmo, I wanted to ask your thoughts.

      Our dig is about 7 meters with water, different layers of soil, sand and hard stone. Upon a meter, we came across dark wood almost black. This resembles a large tree on its side. When you break the wood, the inside is shiny.

      We were following the log/tree trunk side ways and seemed to break up into a number of smaller pieces. We are still continuing and although, the water is making it more difficult were still staying positive.

      I'm wondering what your thoughts on this. Should we follow the wood? It's quite unusual that I tried burning the wood but it does not burn, almost as if treated chemically.

      Please let me know what you think. If you can send me your email address I can send you a pic. Thank you much in advance!

    • You can send those pictures into my FaceBook page which is accessible via the small FB icon on the right side navigation bar of this website.

    • Sir, good evening to you. I have seen a large rock where one of its side has a heart shape. The other side has an elephant and on the top, there is a carved turtle. The head of the turtle has three small holes.

      We dug at the right side of the heart shape of the rock and we found nothing. Can we ask for your advice on where exactly to dig?

    • Try digging in front of the turtle's head then tell me later what you have uncovered.

    • Sir, I have seen another rock with a very fine surface. It has a marking of a circle which has the same size as the 5 peso Philippine coin. At the side of the rock, it has a crack. Do you think that there is something stored inside?

      Please help me Sir. Your advice is very important.

    • A circle is a sign that is often interpreted as a deposit, item or treasure. So your opinion that something might be inside due to the crack is possible.

    • Sir Elmo, I need your help. On a very old coconut tree somewhere here in Davao Oriental, a big foot was engraved and just beneath it are tree circles engraved as well. How do you read it Sir?

    • That engraved foot means, "trail to treasure" while the three circles represents the deposits which is probably three separate deposits.

    • Hello Sir. When our tenants were excavating, they found human bones, leaves sign on a rock, sand which hardens when showered by rain and a tip of a luncheon meat.

      Please advise us on what to do Sir. Thank you.

    • Those are interesting signs. My advice is to continue digging, because as long as you are getting or uncovering such strange objects, it means that you are digging on the correct direction.

    • Hi, Sir. We found scattered rocks at 5 ft, one of the rock is a coiled snake. I could send you a picture. Thanks.

    • That is a very good treasure sign. Just like most other creature signs, it is facing towards the direction where the item is hidden. However, there is a poison trap involve so you really have to be careful.

  • How true is the swamp with letter y sign have treasure?

    • Referring to the word true, it all depends on the authenticity of the sign that you found if it is legit or not. Anyway, a Y sign often refers to an intersection of a certain pathways.

  • Sir, what is the meaning of thick cement with X sign? After we dig it, the next sign is arrow. Do you think its a correct spot of the hidden treasure?

    • I think you are probably on the right spot due to that thick cement and X sign. Anyway, at what depth have you already dug right now?

  • Hello Sir, I just want to ask something. Here in my place, there’s a certain rock that we already dug. It has an X sign, number 7, number 4, and letter v or y letter engraved on it. And on the rock beside it, it is very large with a foot sign on the large rock. What are the meanings of those? Please answer my inquiries. Thank you.

    • The 7 and 4 both refers underneath but on the corner. As for the X, it represent the spot while if its a V then it is considered as an arrow sign but if it is a Y then it is referring to a location with an intersection.

  • I found a map in a bottle that includes a Triangle. Inside the triangle is an EYE, and in the side of the triangle is the word “ARADAM ADAM AK TOM”. What does this mean?

    • I just want to confirm if those are the only descriptions on the map that you found?

  • Hello Sir Elmo! Our site is a creek area. The cave is on top then there is an old bamboo grove down. Along the creek 20 meters from the cave, we are the once who started digging under and near the bamboo. There are stones that we found which are signs. Is it possible that the item is at the bamboo because we have detected it as well.

    • Yes, it is possible that the item is buried under that bamboo tree. Based on some of my experience, the JIA do prefer to hide their treasures on these kind of tree especially those that are known as Japanese bamboo trees.

  • Hi Good day,

    Can I ask what is the meaning of the stones that are color red, orange and yellow? We found it while we are digging. Thank you.

    • If these kinds of stones really look different from any other stones that are commonly found around then it is a marker. On this case, I suggest that you should expand your digging.

      • Thank you!

      • Sir, I have another question. While we are digging, we encountered sand mix with soil. We also found stones that are shining. What are the meaning of those Sir?

        • It all depends on where you found them. If those sands are strangely like piled on that particular spot so as the shining stones then it is a sign. However, if you can encounter them in other nearby areas then it is just natural.

          • Thank you for the answer Sir.

  • Sir, we also found a stone that is huge, heavy and smooth. It is also in a form of a bone like the bone in the leg part of a person. What does it implies Sir?

    • Have you uncovered it under the ground or is it originally outside the surface area?

      • Under the ground Sir.

        • If its under the ground then you should continue or proceed digging underneath. That rock is simply a marker indicating that you are on the right spot.

          • Thank you Sir.

  • Hi Sir and Good day. I have a picture of signs but I don’t know if this sign is a treasure sign. I found it under the foundation of an old bridge. Can I send it to you via email so you can interpret it?

    • Send it to my FaceBook page account via PM. My FB page is accessible via the small FB icon from the top just below the Search Form.

      • Hello Sir Elmo and good day.

        Please let me share my story about treasure hunting. We have a farm and I found something strange. There are so many gathered stones that are 3 meters in length and 2 meters wide. And we dig that spot.

        • Well, I think that you just did the right move. Excavate and check if there are signs or markers under which should help you decide whether you are on the right spot or not.

  • Hello Sir Elmo,

    Can I ask what is the meaning of the letter Y or something just like that is linked in the bottom of the stone, after we dig almost 7 meter (the size of that stone is 8 inch length and 6 inch width). Please Sir give some advice. The next soil after that stone are so very fine.

    • The meaning of a Y symbol has something to do about pathways. In most common cases, it refers to an old trail or old creek where the deposit is often hidden right at the intersection.

      • There are many treasure sign that we found in our farm but we don’t know the exact location – like the 21 steps made by rocks facing the large hill 8 feet tall. The hills obviously made by a man. I thought the Japanese camp in there.

        • Try checking out those signs that are man-made especially those that are engraved symbols. Describe them to me and I will try to interpret.

  • Good PM Sir Elmo, can you help me interpret my sign? I have found a stone shape of a turtle facing to the east. And beside of a turtle, there’s a big rock. It looks like an egg which have a sign consisting of two holes – diameter of 2″ and depth of 4″. And beside of a big rock, it have a stone engrave at the front of the stone rectangle in vertical position then on the right side, there’s two holes 1 1/2″ and half inch depth and 1 hole in the center of a rectangle. The top of the stone engrave circle with hole in the center. Please reply Sir, thank you.

    • Based on how I interpret it according to the details here that you have provided, the location of the hidden item is somewhere at the East where the turtle marker is facing at. Those other engraved signs on the nearby rock tells more about the deposit. The rectangle confirms that the deposit is enclosed inside a certain storage. However, because of the dots placed on different sides, I think the storage is more of a large chamber.

  • Sir, I found a stone like logs and there a like spider web on its tip. What would be the meaning of it?

    • I think it means that there is a complex tunnel system under the ground.

  • Good day Sir, we dug a hole more less 110ft deep, clams and shells, pebbles and grind corals were mixed with cement. As we passed by and as soon as we riches the said depth, and upon reaching 110ft pebbles were gone and the water became very cold and we found out that it was hard to dig inside the hole but when it brought outside its a very fine and soft greenish sand. Can you give us your opinion about this Sir?

    • Why is it hard to dig? Is the layer made of rocks or ground layers? My opinion about the that soft greenish sand is that, it might be contaminated with poison. So be careful especially when you notice or experience the symptoms especially itchiness.

      • Thank you sir!

  • Good evening Sir, what is the meaning of the nails we found in the holes?

    • I wanted to know if the nails are embedded on the holes or simply placed there. I also wanted to know how many nails are there and their length sizes.

  • Sir, I found a half shaped circular boulder shaped like and as big as a helmet. At the center of the flat surface, I found a red hole the size of a one peso coin. It was red in color and more or less 1/4 inch deep. The hole was facing down. Found it 6 feet down beside a large boulder which was under another large boulder that had a different color. Found Japanese bottles, plates while digging around the big rocks

    • The helmet shape rock means that the item is enclosed inside sealed chamber or storage. While, the dot confirms that spot. Now, mys suggestion is to continue digging at the portion where you uncovered those bottles and plates.

  • Hello Sir Elmo,

    I have been reading your articles and Q and A column since 2 years ago and I’ve learned a lot from it. Thank you for your support and assistance to all who seek your wisdom in TH.

    Now my chance. May I ask what is the meaning or what represents the boulders or look like “old man of the mound” in the vicinity of a treasure site?


    • Any markers that represents or have similar to human figure means that the deposit consists of gold Buddha.

  • Hello sir Elmo,

    We found a rock 6 ft after unearthing many piled rocks and cut stones. After a cemented level, there’s a black rock with a hole similar to a hole mark on a rock above ground. How far from this rock is the deposit? Vertical hole is only 1.5 square 6 ft.

    • So far, it is hard to say because hole markers doesn’t tell much details. Anyway, keep going.

  • Hi Sir Elmo,

    I am a newbie in TH. I would like to ask some questions. I found some sign on a rock. It forms a heart and double X. The first X is at the upper portion while the other X left is at the lower side. We found it in underground.

    • It means that there are probably two separate deposits on that spot. If you are dealing with a tunnel, then there could be two separate chambers. Anyway, you have to keep looking for more possible signs.

  • Hi Sir Elmo,

    I would like to ask some help. We found form of a heart and double X underground a big rock.

    • The heart represents the hidden deposit on that site while the double X could mean two separate deposits on the same spot. Maybe one of them is buried deeper than the other.

  • Good afternoon Sir. What is the meaning of a snake head under the big stone heart?

    • The head of the snake is facing towards the direction where the item is hidden. But since it is a snake sign, there is a poison trap involve so you really have to be careful.

  • Sir good evening. What is the meaning of a fish sign? Thank you.

    • It means that the item is hidden under the water or it is within the area with water.

  • Sir, I found some markings in a huge rock. The markings show a triangle with a hole at the center. It has also an arrow at the top of the triangle but it is not clear whether the arrow is pointing down at the triangle or pointing up the steep hill of the mountain.

    Sir, kindly give me some insights or advice with regards to these matter. Thank you.

    • I already have a discussion about this sign, it means that the item is at the center of a certain area with three corners. Anyway, I suggest that you use the Search Form to find the discussion and learn more about the details.

  • Hi sir Elmo! We found a Japanese thong with a fan sign into it, what does it mean?

    • Is this an actual object or an engrave sign?

  • Hi Sir Elmo,

    Good day,

    May I ask what is the meaning of the signs we encountered? A rock with a heart sign with 3 small holes inside the heart in the lower right side of the rock. Another sign is an arrow sign carved on a rock. Another rock with double V sign of W sign. Another rock with a hole inside the hole it has a log shape cement approximately 5 inches circumference.

    Thank you in advance for your help in interpreting this.

    • Those signs means that there are three hidden deposits on that area. But, there is an important detail here that you forgot to mention. Where exactly is the arrow sign pointing at?

  • Hi sir Elmo,

    Good day! We are digging to make our septic tank suddenly at 6ft we found blue bottles w/ mark pcc and engine machine covered by cement and some broken plates, some broken metals w/ Japanese letters. As we dig deeper, there’s a tree trunk beneath w/ a stone engraved on it double v upside down. It is possible there’s treasure on it? I need your help Sir. Thanks!

    • Those are interesting markers which indicates a positive deposit. I suggest that you should continue working on it but you just have to be careful because I got the feeling that it is equipped with a dangerous trap.

  • Good day!

    Sir Elmo, may I ask what does it means of the shaded square box (asphalt, 8×8 inches) symbol painted on the wooden post of an old house?
    And another symbol is a mirrored image of letter L (horizontal line on left) with a dot below the center of horizontal line. (vertical line measuring 8 inches and horizontal line measuring 5 inches)

    Appreciated for your reply. Thanks.

    • The shaded square symbol denotes a hidden deposit stored inside a box while the inverted L means, the item is hidden on the right-side corner.

      • Good Day Sir Elmo. I’d just like to ask what does an inverted letter L mean? it is colored yellow and found on the ground. It has a measurement of 6×3 feet. I’ve read on the previous comment that the item might be on the right side corner, if I may ask how deep can it be?

        • That is correct, it is at a certain corner. As for the depth, when you are going to dig, you will uncover additional signs or markers that may tell you about how much depth you need to dig.

  • Good day Sir, we have a project in one of the islands in Coron Palawan. There is a marker that seems like a crocodile pointing to X mark and we discovered that the crocodile is pointing to a turtle inside the cave and finally we found half body of turtle. We are in the middle of digging inside a cave, almost below sea level. We dig underneath turtle (we follow JIA marker,) and before we dig, there’s plenty of pebbles, cement and small rock that we encountered.

    As of now, we dug almost 1 meter underneath turtle. We encountered huge rocks as you see in the video, is it possible that there is treasure there?

    • 1 meter is still a very shallow depth. You should try to dig at least 5 to 10 meters before we can come up with better assessment if you are digging to correct spot. With regards to you site, it is possibly a positive treasure site as long as those markers that you encountered are legit and not natural.

  • We found a rock with a mark 7KD. Is it a treasure sign? Hope to hear soon. Thank you.

    • It means treasure hidden under a certain object. In most cases, it is under a rock or concrete.

  • Sir Elmo, good evening. We found 3 giant clam shell in three position or location. The first clam shell found at around 6 feet deep at the north west closed shell. The other shell in open position side to side on west side of the dig site. Does it means we are near the target deposit?

    Thanks a lot and regards.

    • Well, basing on the description from your comment, it is still too far to make a conclusion about being near the hidden deposit. Anyway, keep excavating always stay focus in finding more markers for clues.

  • Hello Sir Elmo, we have a project, as we dig around 35-40 ft. we recovered a hard wood, broken plates, human bones, and the water seems to be oily and the most inner part of it we found a approximately 4×8 meters just like a tomb that covered with a hard asphalt.

    We cannot demolish because its too hard to break, do you think Sir that there is a hidden deposit inside? and what chemical to use to break it?

    Thank you Sir, God bless!

    • Those foreign pieces of objects that you recovered from such insane amount of depth are good markers indicating that you are digging on the right spot.

      That tomb like concrete that you uncovered is what really drawn my attention. There is indeed a huge chance that the deposit is stored inside it especially when it is too heavy for its size.

      Breaking a Japanese made concrete is really hard. You need a special chemical to help you break it a lot much faster. However, this kind of product is only available from the black market.

  • Sir Elmo, good day!

    D7Y engraved on rock, located on top of Letter T formed river junction or located opposite to the other river joining perpendicularly to the other.

    Thank you and God Bless.

    • Those signs that you found states that the item is hidden on the right-side intersection of the river. You have to explore that portion of the river for additional signs.

  • Good evening, Sir Elmo.

    What can you say about a water stream in a form of Y, and on top on the left side there’s another Y water stream. And at the end at the top edge of last water stream Y are 2 parallel water stream at the same time its the edge of the mountain. When we tried to dig a little at the center of last Y, we found a triangle sign with small box engraved on the right edge of the triangle. And on the left side of the water stream there’s like a gutter cement.

    • I think that triangle sign is more of an arrow head pointing towards the hidden location of the item. The engraved small box simply represent the deposit. And perhaps, this arrow head sign might also be pointing to that gutter concrete from the left side of the water stream. If so then it is no doubt that the item is hidden on that spot.

  • Please help me interpret this. Shoe engrave on the stone and in front of that stone is another stone with engraved sun. What does it mean? Thanks.

    • It means follow the direction of the sun where it sets down. On that direction is the location of the hidden item or another important sign.

  • Good day Sir, I have a gold locator. My locator can detect even a mineral gold or microscopic gold powder found in ores. And I detected an area below a cliff with a big balete or ancient century tree above the location site. Is it possible that it has a buried treasure there?

    • I suggest that you better explore the site for any possible treasure signs. It’s because these signs are the only reliable basis if the area is a positive treasure site. If there are none that you can find then you can rely on your gold locator as to where you can start to dig. Just dig a few shallow depths and you should be able to uncover some signs. But if still there are no signs, then your gold locator may have detected natural gold ore on that area.

  • Hi Sir Elmo. We found a rusty, 3-inch, square head 3 meters deep but we missed where it was pointing. The soil in our area is red but in this particular spot where we found the nail the soil is black. Is the nail a positive sign and are we near the object? Thanks.

    • Nails are often used by the JIA as treasure signs which secretly and cleverly pin-pointing a certain location or direction where the item is hidden. So sad to know that you missed where it was pointing at. Anyway, you can try your luck by widening the corners and perhaps, going a little bit more deeper.

  • Sir Elmo,

    We found a 15x15x40 of rock and its so very heavy and very hard to break it. We needed 7 people just to flip it. On the top of the rock, there is a star sign.

    Advice please.

    • The star sign means that the hidden deposit is large because it is hidden by one of the top ranking JIA official.

  • I’m Loloy Sir. I have found an engrave sign on the rock like arrow and 3 diamond of playing card. The 2 are small and the one at the center is bigger than the 2 diamond. What does it mean? Thank you.

    • I think that you are dealing here a precious jewelry deposit because of that engraved diamond shape sign. As for the rock which seem like an arrow, you need to confirm it. Go and survey the area where it is pointing at. If the rock is an arrow sign then you should be able to find other signs on that area.

  • Good day admin,

    I have some question regarding the treasure sign we’ve found. A two turtle one was no head, tail and foot. And also we’ve found letter d rock.
    What is the meaning of letter d sign?

    • I already have a discussion about the meaning of a turtle sign so I suggest that you should read it. Anyway, the turtle that has its head, tail and foot out is pointing to a certain direction. Its head act as the arrow. While the other turtle with no head, tail and foot means underneath. The other rock with an engraved d also means under. I am not really sure if this means that you dig under this rock unless there are signs pointing towards it.

  • Sir Elmo,

    I would like to ask a number of signs found in our land which is located on the flat base of a small mountain. The area had a 2 small creek formed in Y. at the point where the stream joins.

    There are 3 big rocks and small rocks that has different symbols. We found 3 small holes on top of the small rocks with foot prints. The small rocks were piled up properly on one side of the creek. On top of the 2nd big rock which formed like a triangle with a cracked at the center.

    There were holes on top with 6 inches diameter and 12 inches deep. There was also a hole inside enclosed in a rectangle which look like a Japanese flag.

    Beside the big rocks are 3 big balete trees. On the biggest rock, there is an area where soil form like a crater with all the grass on top that does grow or die. Further away, all the stones on this side were deformed into pieces with sharp edges.

    Could you please help if there is any deposit in this area?


    • Usually, number signs would indicate directions particularly coordinates but there are some cases that there is a hidden code behind it that when properly decoded, it gives a very important clue.

      Old creeks can also be a good sign because most of the JIA managed to prolonged their survival through the water that they provide. It is also very common that they choose creeks that takes the form of Y or has an intersection.

      As for those strange small rocks, those are the kind of markers that you need to closely observe because it acts like traces to the location of the hidden deposit. While, the different symbols engraved on those three big rocks needs to be interpreted correctly. The three holes on the top of the rock that you found probably indicates the number of deposits. And since you mentioned about a triangle shape rock, it is possible that all of its corners have deposits on them.

      On the area of the Balete tree, you need to be careful on this side because due to the nature of this tree, there is an entity or entities that surely do not want to be disturbed.

      To answer your question, yes it is possible that your area has a positive treasure deposit.

  • Sir Elmo,

    What is the meaning of a shark sign?

    After we discover a foot sign, we dug deeper 5 ft below and this shark sign engrave in a stone came.

    Thanks in advance.

    • It has something to do with the presence of water. In worst cases, it is a warning sign about water trap. If not then it means that the item is submerged down a certain source of water.

  • Hi Sir good day to you,

    We found some signs in our place. A turtle with right foot step and an x. We had dug 42ft below but on 12feet, we found an ark but still we continued to dig deeper. We already uncovered a heart shaped stone and a crisscross pill of logs. We just stop digging because of rain.

    Are we digging the right place?

    • Yes, you seem to be digging at the right place because all those markers that you encountered signifies that you have to continue digging on that spot.

  • Sir Elmo,

    We already reached 51 feet and we found a triangle. Every corner inside the triangle’s corner has dots. We also found triangle in the center and there is an engraved number 3. What does it mean? Please advised me Sir.

    • It means that you need to work on every corners.

  • Hi Sir!

    Good day! I’m new here.

    Actually, I’ve already forgotten what we found some years ago when I was only in high school sometime in 1980’s, till I came across a video in youtube showing some treasure hunters searching for treasures.

    I found your site when I asked google about the meaning of treasure map/symbols. When my lola was still alive, she told us that during the Japanese occupation here in the Phil., there was once a Japanese camp situated in my grandparent’s lot where the Japanese soldiers usually held their meetings. The lot we own now is my mom’s share from my grandparent’s lot where my parents built our house, it’s just a few distance from the location of the said camp.

    One time, my dad asked some men to dig just in front of our house to build something there when they found a round rock approximately 12 inches in diameter, it was buried not too deep, just a few feet below the ground.

    How I wish I could show you a drawing of how it looks like. It has a through and through hole in the middle that looks like a shape of a letter D, below the hole were engraved symbols about 1 inch long such as DX, an arrow pointing down, J Y m. the m is the same size of the other symbols and is connected to a very small square shape next or just beside it. It looks almost the same as the symbol of the zodiac sign scorpio.

    My uncle broke the rock, it was after all a concrete with engraved symbols. We heard from our lola and elders that a treasure was buried somewhere in the vicinity of my grandparents’ lot but they just don’t know the exact location.

    We also found some jewelry from the site we found the rock like earrings with gem stones. One of them was an oval-shaped stone about an inch that looks like a diamond.

    Unfortunately, all the jewelry was lost. Also found there were clothes. We wondered if it was a grave. My dad further asked to dig deeper but ordered the men to stop digging when they hit a concrete.

    Please tell me what is your opinion about this and the meaning of the symbols? Thank you very much. God bless!


    • In my opinion, your site is absolutely positive.

      I just really felt bad for you when all those precious gem stones got lost or perhaps stolen. If they were lost then you can simply just find them around but if they got stolen then it means that there is someone with you that you cannot trust.

      Anyway, the signs that they uncovered all refers to the spot where you discovered them. Thus, all they have to do is to continue. They need to break that concrete.

  • Dear Sir,

    Your postings are very interesting and helpful to others. I am currently on a treasure dig under an old hard wood tree that had the symbols look like a 9 and under it is a heart symbol and under the heart is a short dagger pointing downwards. Respectfully, 9 on top, the heart in the middle, and dagger on the bottom straight in a row.

    I interpret it as the 9 is the creek where the tree is located. Heart is buried treasures, and the dagger pointing down is the exact location under the tree where they buried the treasures. I already removed the tree and dug 40 feet down and hit cement or bedrock.

    Could the Japanese be so accurate to dig a tunnel leading under the the tree that could be 10 feet under the bedrock cement? Also, why did they use a dagger or knife looking symbol instead of an arrow symbol to point to the treasure? Also, I am guessing the treasure buried is located directly under the tree and not in front or side of the tree some feet away right? Also, how deep do you think the treasure is buried in the bedrock cement. Your feed back is appreciated and will be rewarded once we have success. Thanks in advance.

    • You seem to have interpreted those signs correctly but mine is slightly different which you might want to give it a try.

      My interpretation to the 9 sign is that, it means that the item is surrounded, engulfed or inside a certain spot. In most cases, it usually refer to the location where the sign is engraved. This is what’s more interesting, you stated that the dagger is pointing down, this means that you have to dig under right on that spot.

      When it comes to your questions, the JIA treasure signs indeed used a lot of different symbols with the same meaning. In my own opinion, this is to make things more complicated making the deposit harder to find. As for the bedrock, it is very rare that the JIA would tunnel such a very hard layer.

  • Good Day Sir Elmo,

    We found at 52 feet 3 rock forming a triangle and around 55 feet again, we found a letter C with center dot. What does it mean and how many feet more do we dig?

    Please I need your advise.

    • The three rocks means that you need to pay attention to the corners are you continue going down deeper. As for the succeeding C with a dot at its middle portion, it means that the item is enclosed into something particularly a rock, vault, or certain form of container.

  • Hi Sir! good day,

    We found a rock formation that has a Chinese character with a left foot. The rock is found beside the creek.

    Is this a sign of Japanese treasure? Thank you.

    • Since you found it on such a strange place then it is no doubt a Japanese treasure sign.

      The foot sign pertains to a direction. I already have a discussion that covered this topic.

      As for the Chinese characters, being able to interpret it might provide a more helpful clue.

  • Good Day Sir Elmo

    Sir, I just want to ask you again. We are almost 60 feet and we found heart and two letter C engraved.

    As we continue digging, we found new heart but lie down almost 63 feet and at 64 feet we encountered black fine sand and very strong with mixing chemical that all men are getting stomach pain and loss vowel.

    Sir, what is your idea and advice that strong chemical is their a possibility a seal of chamber or vault.

    Please I need your help and strong advice.

    Thank you very much.

    • The heart sign that you encountered is a very good marker because it is a confirmation that you are digging on the correct spot. While, the letter C engraved marking means that the deposit is enclosed into something. Thus, your speculation about a sealed chamber is very possible because of this sign.

      My advice is to continue digging since you have uncovered good signs here. The only problem is that, you need to find a way on how to deal with the poison. Take note, as you get closer to the deposit, the potency of the poison will become much stronger.

  • Hello sir Elmo,

    Good day po! I am an avid follower. Can I personally contact you maybe through email or phone calls or FB?
    Your response is greatly appreciated…

    • Try contacting me on FaceBook.

      • Dear sir Elmo,

        My Uncle found a big Letter “K” on a boulder, does this mean anything?

        • It means you need to check or dig under that boulder of rocks.

  • Good Evening Sir Elmo,

    I just wanna ask this. We found this X II engraved on the top of a rock. What does it mean? Thank you.

    • It means that there are two sets of deposits on that site.

  • Dear sir Elmo,

    My uncle found a sign of two converging lines with a circle in the middle, now he assumed that the V was the two converging rivers since there is a converging river after all, now he found a hole with the depth of 10 meters in the center of the converging rivers, now we started to dig and every meter we find a charcoal? Should we continue digging?

    Your opinion would much be appreciated.

    • My interpretation to the circle with two converging lines forming a V symbol is a direction. The V symbol can be considered as an arrow head which can be interpreted with the same meaning as an arrow sign. So in short, it is an arrow head where its tip is pointing the direction where you need to check.

  • We found three big rocks in between is a stream, the rock has symbols a turtle back pointing to the stream and a triangle with a dot inside the other rocks has eyes looking to the rock with a turtle symbols the other rock has a big holes in square. Our land was a last frontier by the Japanese army camp. When we dig a well, we found spoons fork helmet canteen booths plates from Japanese soldiers. There are a lot of tunnels we found nearby where the 3 triangular big rocks is situated. Is this a sign of a treasure buried under the stream?

    • We already covered a topic about turtle markers on another post where you have to follow the direction where it is facing at. On your situation, you claim that the turtle is staring at a rock. This means that you have to inspect the rock and its surroundings for additional signs. Aside from the turtle, you also found a triangle with a dot inside it. What this mean is that, there’s a group of rocks surrounding the hidden deposit.

      As for the tunnels, this might be another separate deposit. In my own opinion, your site has multiple separate deposits.

  • Hi Mr. Elmo! Our diggings is about 60 ft. deep. All the markings are there. The last one is heart. There is no doubt about the existing buried treasure, scientifically and even with third eye man. The map we have was verified by a kin of the former president who had the golden buddha, as well as located via satellite. (I don’t know how it was done.)

    However, we smelled something fishy from the 3rd eye man. We felt he was trying to mislead us, so we stopped digging. He did not let us continue with what seems to be the entrance to a tunnel. He said it is the burial of those who were killed, rather redirected us to the opposite side, the direction not directly under the heart. One of the digging instrument fell and couldn’t be found in the area below the heart sign.

    Now, they are proposing a 70/30% sharing. We, the owner of the land, gets the 30%. Of course, we are not fool. We will continue to dig without them. Anyway, we had dug before he came. They’d been with us for about 3 weeks when we stopped digging. We have worked for it for months and months.

    Now, my question is what is the best detector you can recommend to see what is inside and how deep the treasure is. We have 2 detectors but without those features.

    Very sincerely,

    Email: [email protected]

    I have been your avid fan since I started doing. What do you think is the honest sharing. The site we have has a lot buried treasure. They are all positive. The area has the Jap. bunker. Also, you may know someone who we could hire the said detector.

    • To tell you straight, you do not need any kind of detector at your current situation. With so much signs or markers around, you can easily tell the correct spot on where to follow which I think, you are doing a great job. Detectors can only be useful if you lose your track, misinterpreted a sign, or you missed a certain marker. Anyway, if you insist then I recommend the JeoHunter. I already have a post about it where I covered about its features.

      When it comes to sharing, you should own the bigger share since you have already started the operation before the other group even came to join you. Other than that, you own the property.

  • Hi Sir Elmo,

    We are digging at 20 ft when we found some skeletons of humans. At 30 ft we found corals coated on a cement. At 50 ft, we found a very hard black wood that has a carve of a jar-like (banga in filipino) on it. What does that mean? And this black wood, is it valuable? Thank you.

    • This might not be a Japanese Imperial Army treasure but a National Treasure. Anyway, that hard black wood is a marker. The carving on it which is like a jar refers to a huge deposit hidden on that spot. Thus, I suggest that you should continue with your excavation. As for the black wood, yes it is valuable. It is considered an antique that comes with a good price.

    • Good day Sir Elmo,

      My team found this signs in the wall of the falls:

      – hands with five fingers
      – letter k
      – half sun with five rays

      And then 2 meters down the last sign, we found a man made well then we found letter “y” marked on one of the stone used to make a well.

      Thank you and more power. Hope you can help us. Thank you.

      • The hand sign with five fingers refers to the hidden deposit which is a golden Buddha while the letter K means, it is underneath of something. While, the sun with five rays refers to a distance which is usually five feet.

        As for the man-made well that you found with a letter Y, it is referring to a certain intersection which you need to follow. In my own opinion, that will be the spot where the other signs that you found on the walls are referring to.

  • Good day Sir! I found three big stones and one of them is with a head of bird sign. What does it mean Sir please? Thank you very much.

    • The three stones means that the deposit is hidden on one of their corner. This is confirmed by the marker which is the head of the bird. What you have to do is to follow where the beak of the bird is pointing at, and that will be the spot that you should dig.

  • Hello Sir Elmo,

    What does a small letter y with the tip of it extra curvy? My husband found after digging a few feet on the floor of the water falls and they found a man made well and a big stone with the carvings of letter y sticking out. Please enlighten me Sir.

    More power.

    • The Y shape marker that you found refers to an intersection. Since, there is a curvy on its tip, it means that it is referring to a flowing body of water. Thus, my interpretation to your sign is that, you should check on the intersection of the waterfalls.

      • Thank you so much Sir.

  • Good day Sir. This is regarding to my first question about I found three big stones with one of it is with a head of bird sign. I ask you sir how far (distance) is the deposit from the head of bird sign, do you have idea Sir please. Thank you very much.

    • The bird sign is indeed a sign that has something to do with direction. However, it does not tell any exact number of distance as you might have thought about. It’s because the way on how to identify its distance is to follow where the bird’s beak is pointing at. Thus, follow where the bird’s beak is pointing at and that will be your digging spot.

  • Hi Sir, just wanna ask what is the meaning of this sign °X? engraved on the rock 45ft deeper. But before that we encountered many signs like heart, sea shells mixed in a rock, arrow, triangle with a dot, °} and a different color of soil.

    • The X with a dot means that the item is hidden around the corner. So perhaps try to expand your excavation where you should be able to hit the correct portion of the corner. When you managed to hit the correct corner, there should be a sign or marker which confirms about it.

      • Thank you for your reply sir. We encountered another sign a big open right hand pointing down to a sign °Y. What does it mean, Sir?

        • The open right hand means that you need to stop at the upper section of the intersection. It’s because the item is hidden at it’s left side.

  • Sir have a good day. Our Barangay has been a JIA encampment of WWII before and we dug in our house by using a dowsing rod to locate and we found a pyramid stone. What does it mean Sir?

    • That pyramid stone means that you need to check the corners. Thus, this can be done by expanding your excavation site.

  • Hello Sir Elmo, usually, what is the average thickness of a treasure vault? Because we found a very hard cement deep down the ground (48ft) with a water trap. Do you think it is positive? And what is the meaning of letter D with 2 dots inside?

    • The thickness of the treasure vault depends on the volume of the hidden treasure. Thus, the bigger volume of treasure will also have thicker vault. About the sign that you encountered, it means that there are two deposits stored inside the chamber.

  • Good day Sir Elmo,

    Hello Sir, we found a 6 inches nail in the old tree beside waterfall and 4 meters away from the tree there is a 3 stairs inline with the flow of water there is a perfect 2 hole which about 3 meters deep and the diameter of the hole is the size of the basketball located on the top of concrete platform which we discovered during that time the length of the platform is 4 meters. May I know the meaning of this Sir?

    Best regards!

    • I need to know the position of that six inches nail on how it is embedded on the old tree it’s because it has something to do with directions.

  • Hello Sir, we believed that we already break the concrete seal but after that we saw another cement covered with thick asphalt when we broke it, it was mixed with a small asphalt. The 2nd cement was not that very hard not like the first one. Do you think we are near in the deposit?

    • It’s hard to tell unless you know the volume of the hidden treasure that you are trying to recover. If it is a large deposit then you have to go through a concrete vault that could measure a height of 15 to 25 feet.

  • Hi Sir, good evening,

    Can I send you a picture of a stone that has engraved? I can’t explain what symbols they are but I’m sure that the engraved are made of human. I need some opinion. Thank you.

    • You can send your photos to my FaceBook Page which is Treasures and Antiques.

  • Hello Sir Elmo, upon digging for about 50 ft we found a man made asphalt at 2 ft thick serve as covered with a man made hard concrete with mixed color, white, black and brown. The cement is very hard to destroy. Is it positive that the item is inside?

    • That is what they call as the Treasure Seal, it is indeed very hard to break and there is a huge possibility that the treasure is hidden inside or underneath it.

      • Thank you Sir. We are now at 10 ft breaking the concrete but the color of the cement now is purely white. It becomes harder and harder. Do you think we are now near to target?

        • I think that you are dealing with the treasure seal.

          • Sir,

            We are now 10ft in breaking a hard cement and we encountered a 2 concrete/rock small and large attached each other inside at a very hard cement. Do you think their is inside? We have not yet done breaking the whole hard white cement.

          • If you have a metal detector then you can scan it. Anyway, it is actually best to make sure by breaking those concretes. It’s because there are valuable objects such as diamonds that cannot be detected by metal detectors.

          • We temporarily stopped the operation due to lack of manpower but today we operated again and that’s what we found inside the hard white cement the 2 concrete/rock.

          • I suggest that you should break them.

          • Sir, we broke the 2 rocks that we suspected but it was just plane. We continue digging the very hard white concrete and we reached 11 ft of breaking it and we found a smooth cement mix with sea shells 3 inches thick and after we encounter again a hard concrete but the color is now brownish, yellowish, reddish it is mixed with pyrites. Do you think we are already near?

          • I think, you still have a long way to go. So watch out for markers and signs.

  • There are 16 bombs lying on the ground about 2ft deep. Is it possible that there is a treasure underneath? Is it necessarily underneath the location of the bomb or anywhere closeby? We had somebody to detect and its pointing between the 2 century tree. Is it possible that it is the exact location of the treasure?

    • I suggest that you should look for possible markers or signs instead that can support that direction where your detector had pointed.

  • Sir good day. May we ask help regarding the y river sign. There is an engraved rectangular hole in the big rock beside the intersection point of the two creek thus forming y river sign. What does it means? Thanks Sir.

    • The Y refers to the intersection of the river in which you have already explored and found that big rock with a hole, thus, right on that big rock that will be your digging spot.

  • The rectangular hole in the big rock sir is about 2×3 inches at 2 inches deep.

    • Yes, you should give a try working on it.

  • What does it means of straight arrow sign engraved in the big rock? Thanks

    • Is this arrow you found on the same rock as the hole that you mentioned in your other comment? If yes then, is this arrow pointing into the hole?

  • Sir the straight arrow sign is on other treasure site that offered to me to explored. Anyway I did not yet explored the area.

    • You have to explored it first because the more signs that you discover, the better.

  • Sir on treasure site explored by my friend, about 3 feet of digging, there is a turtle shape rock with engrave heart and diamond at top portion of that rock. What does it mean?

    • Those diamond and heart engraved on that turtle represent huge deposit. Anyway, the direction is indicated by the turtle’s head, feet, or tail. You should read my post about the turtle sign.

  • Sir good day. On our other previous treasure sites explored, about 1 foot of digging, there is small size of rock with engraved 8 thus to form number 8. Anyway the original sign in the area engraved in the big rock is heart shape. Unfortunately I did not see it because it was already broken by the previous treasure hunter try to explored the said area. May we ask help the meaning of that Sir. Anyway the distance of the rock with engraved 8 is around 25 meters from the big rock with engraved heart. Thanks.

    • The heart sign symbolizes large treasure deposit hidden on your site. It is actually a confirmation sign. As for the engraved number 8, I already have a post that covered about this topic where I suggest that you should read it as well. Anyway, basing from your description here, the 8 sign is referring to a certain hidden tunnel nearby.

  • Sir thus the AKS metal detector really detect gold bar deposits?

    • Base on my experience with the AKS metal detector, it has a pretty back accuracy.

  • Sir good day. There is a new treasure site offered to us to explore. The sign engrave in the big rock is flag, rectangle and 3 diamond shape. What is the meaning of those sign Sir? Thanks.

    • I need to know the arrangements of those three diamond shape sign because it is important.

  • Sir good day. What is the meaning of three yellow bamboo planted in triangle form at around 5-8 meters apart from each other planted in top of a hill. There is no other sign in the area, but according to the lot owner, the said area is previously a camp of JIA.

    • You should give it a try digging at the center of the triangle of bamboo trees.

  • Sir aside from AKS metal detector, what other kind of metal detector you usually used in your operation. Thanks.

    • JeoHunter 3D.

  • Sir, good day. What was the meaning of two engrave cross sign in the big rock? And when I search the area, I found the triangle sign about 8 to 9 meters.

    • That double cross sign is a very good sign which means that the digging spot is near on that spot itself. As for the triangle sign, it is a confirmation that the site is positive with hidden treasure deposit.

  • HI Sir,

    We saw a rock with 2 signs. 1) circle with four rays 2) arrow. Not sure what it means

    I sent the picture on your FB.


    • The circle with four rays is an interesting sign because it confirms that the treasure deposit is somewhere nearby. You have to follow the direction of the arrow for a distance of about 4 feet because of the four rays on that circle sign. At that spot, is your digging spot.

  • Sir good day. What is the meaning of 4 small holes engraved in big rocks. The size of holes is around 2 inches only at 1 inch deep arranged in straight line position. Thank you Sir.

    • I need to know the arrangement of these 4 small holes and if they form a certain pattern such as rectangle, square, or etc…

      • Sir, the four small holes engraved in big rocks are being arrange in straight line position at approximately 10 inches away from each holes.

        • These holes may either refer to distance or depth. Are there any other signs or markers around?

  • Sir,

    Our site is an islet where we found an engraved triangle sign with a dot at the center. Near it, is another big rock with an engraved square sign and another rock with an engraved arrow sign. We have been digging a lot but we found nothing, I believe we were not able to pinpoint the exact location of the treasure. Will you please help us in locating it. Thank you and more power to you.

    • That triangle refers to an area. In most cases, this area has markers which includes a group of old trees or rocks where they surround the area. The dot at the center means, at this area, you are going to dig right at the center.

  • Good day Sir, may I asked some marking in the old tree that is a triangle with a dot in a middle and the other side is 2 lines like an signs of falls or river and at the back it’s sign of 4 dots lines and the direction of 4 dots is aligned straight going up to the tree. May I know the meaning of this markings. Thanks and more power.

    • It means that there is a group of old trees or rocks on that area. Since you have mentioned that you found the marker on an old tree, then I think it is a group of old trees. Now, those dots refers to the number of distances. It means that 40 ft from that tree and going towards the center of the area being surrounded by the old trees is your digging spot.

  • Sir can I get a piece of advice or what is the meaning of the nails (square headed nails) an old mango tree. The first nail is pointing at east, second nail is pointing south direction and the third nail is pointing west direction but this third nail was bend a little downward. Thank you and hoping for your positive response.

    • What you have to do is to get the directions of all those nails and at the spot where they all intersect, that will be your digging spot.

  • Sir good day. I newly bought an AKS long range detector. While we are on trying to operate our detector, there is a medium size rock unexpectedly detected by our detector. We try to dig underneath of that rock and we uncover 2 small old bottles filled with un-identified liquid. We might confuse because it was the 2 small bottles that were detected by the detector since the rock is not detected by our detector when we already removed the 2 small bottles. We also confuse that may be the liquid in the 2 small bottles are a JIA chemicals so we kept it in a safe area away from children. Anyway the color of liquid is golden and odorless when try to inspect a small portion of it. May we ask guidance on what to do so sir, or it is a sign or marker?

    • Yes, that is a marker and there is a possibility that it may contain raw gold or gold dust form which I based on how you describe it. If those bottles contains gold dusts then it means that the main treasure deposit on that spot do contain a lot of unprocessed or raw gold.

  • Sir good day. What is the meaning of bottles as treasure sign. Thanks.

    • I have already covered the various meanings of old bottles as markers in the other separate posts. So I suggest that you should read them. Anyway, old bottles often give hints to the directions where the treasure deposit is hidden.

  • What is this sign? AZ and AB.

    • That has something to do with the hidden volume of the treasure deposit which composed of gold bars and golden Buddha. And, they are mostly likely hidden inside tunnels.

  • Hi Sir,

    We are digging a possible treasure deposit at seven meters. We dug horizontally pointing west and I found a deer horn with perfect cut pointing towards west 2 ft distances up from 7 meter level and continue at approximately 2 ft. I found perfectly shape axe like stone pointing and in 1 ft. left below that, there was a hallow sand cement diamond shape tracking towards south west and also from that ax 1.5 ft. below there was a hallow cement box 6 in. x 20 in. dimension the length still undetermined since part of it are in soil. What are the indication of this?

    • The deer horn that you uncovered means that there are two separate treasure deposit on your site. So that portion where you found the axe like marker and concrete is one of the two deposit. Anyway, I do suggest that you should continue working on that concrete object. If possible, you can give it a try breaking it into pieces since something might be contained inside it.

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