General Yamashita Treasure Codes and Signs in the Philippines

Throughout the entire regions of the Philippines, Yamashita treasure signs can be encountered by almost anyone around. These signs often come in the form of markings engraved on the surfaces of old rocks, trees, concretes and even old houses. Although, majority of individuals who often come across these strange symbols simply ignore them. It is probably because they do not know how to read, recognize, or interpret these signs.

Interpreting Yamashita treasure codes, signs or symbols is “not actually an easy task”. It requires a lot of researching, consultation to the experts and actual encounters of these markings on the field.


Amateur THs (treasure hunters) are advised to start gaining knowledge by doing “research” about the “Yamashita Treasures”. The internet actually offer an endless amount of information about this subject and Treasure Hunt Club is just one among them. You can also purchase books authored by some experienced Treasure hunters.


The internet is not yet available when I first started my THing (treasure hunting) career. Thus, I started by “consulting” different individuals with some knowledge and interest about the Yamashita treasures. By taking notes and compiling them, I now have a journal consisting of over a thousand pages with priceless pieces of information to share.

Currently, I am consulting a JIA (Japanese Imperial Army) War Veteran under the fake name of “Kuitchi Takazagi”. I already shared his interesting story on this post, Gold Buddha Hidden….

Actual Signs

Encountering an “actual sign” in the field is by far the best learning experience in interpreting Yamashita treasure signs. This is the reason why it pays to visit a certain site with already recovered treasure deposits allowing you to study the clues around it.

Yamashita Treasure Sign Interpretation Scam

To all amateur Treasure hunters, beware about a certain group claiming themselves as professional treasure hunters who can accurately interpret Yamashita treasure signs for you but at the expense of paying them a certain amount of money in return. If their claim of being able to interpret signs correctly is true then they would rather find a prospective site of their own and recover the treasure for themselves. Unfortunately, they do not.

As the author of this blog, I myself do not claim that all of my “interpretations are accurate”. Despite of my long years of experience on this industry, “I can still be mistaken”. Anyway, all information I share on this blog particularly my responses to my readers and subscribers about their questions and concerns are “completely free”.

General Yamashita’s Treasures Codes are Now Available Online

The internet now offers a good list of General Yamashita’s treasure signs or codes. So for amateur THs, I suggest that you collect and save them in your computer’s hard drive. You may also want to print hardcopies so that you can take them on your actual prospective sites.

At some point, you may encounter a certain sign that is not on your list of codes. On cases like this, the first step is either take a photo of the sign or draw it on a piece of paper. The second step is to consult the experts by posting your sign in various THing forums. There are plenty of them such as Thunting and TreasureNetForum. Aside from these forums, you can also send it to me and I will try my best to interpret its meaning for you.

Moreover, some of you are asking for the softcopies of my complete Yamashita treasure codes. Unfortunately, I originally acquired most of my collection of codes via offline sources. Thus, I am still on the process of making soft version copies of them. Currently, you can check some of the signs that I completed under the Yamashita Codes Compilation category.

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  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Sir I just want to ask if we are already near in retrieving a treasure. Our hole is already approximately 60 ft deep. Our site is a Gabaldon, camp of JIA during WWII. We encountered a VERY HARD BLACK ROCK.

      We are also encountering water but not so strong, we think it's only a deposit of water, that's according to our detection (detector with discriminator). Also, according to our detection, beneath that BLACK HARD ROCK, lies a tunnel to the treasure. Is that black hard rock already the treasure seal to the chamber? Thanks.

    • Yes, it is possible that its the treasure seal especially when that hard rock you mentioned is coated with asphalt or tar which makes it color black.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sir this is just a follow up question with regards to this. remember the black hard rock that i mentioned? that rock is not coated with asphalt. down there its black but when moved on the surface and dried, it turns to gray. now, as we continue our digging, more of that stones are encountered. trusting our detector man and his detector, we are now more than a year digging but still hoping because we encountered a steep cement ladder while digging and a divider it seems, like a two door push. Lately, too much water is pouring from the west side. our subpump failed to work so we are still repairing it. And by the way, the water from our hole is like yellowish rust. is there a possibility that this yellowish rust is a part of the ammo boxes that we detected? And the also, the stones down below looks more blackish like its coated with tar but when brought up, it turns gray again. But of course this stones are not natural, man-made rather. Our hole is more than 150 ft i think. is there a possibility that the treasure is in that deep? Our hole by the way is like a tunnel, as we dig, the shape of the side and up is like a resemblance of it, it was like a path. can you give also an advice? And actually we are not good with reading signs. But this site has a JIA history of course. the first hunters who tried to dig this area discovered a shovel, crowbar gardening and fork at 10ft. but they didn't noticed it so when one of the digger speared the soil, the shovel, crowbar and fork went flying. they didn't know where those things facing.

    • Sir, good AM. I'm big follower of you advises. Advice me please, I found at the center of a river a strange marking. On the stone are 7c, 7 kD mark and 12 feet, I found a heart in the rock sign. Please advice me.

      • My advice is to keep going. The latest marker that you discovered means that you are dealing here a large hidden deposit.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Good day Sir,

      On our digging, we encountered this very hard rock of an arc that's seems impossible to break. The walls and ceiling have asphalt. After 1 meter of rigorous and laborious chipping we have bore a hole. We thought that it was already the tunnel but only to find out another wall but not as hard as the first one. We have found 5 stones from big to small sizes. What do they mean? Are we on the right track? Is the very hard rock the first line of defense to the treasure? The place is a Japanese camp here in the Philippines.

      Another thing, we have encountered this soil that if you step on the other side, the other side will rise as if you're stepping on a rubber balloon. What is the meaning of this Sir? Will look forward to your response.

      Thank you very much.

    • When it comes to tunnels, there are many entrances that will lead to a dead end. But, among those entrances are one entrance leading into the correct chamber. The JIA actually did this intentionally.

      The soil that you encountered seem to be strange. However, be careful on it because beneath it could be water.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good day, sir.

      As we continued our digging, we found a shark tooth that point's inward. We continued digging and found 4 triangles with their tips facing each other. May we know the meaning of this triangles, sir? Thank you.

    • These triangles are trying to indicate a certain "center point or spot". And, I believe that is the digging spot.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Good day Sir,

      I just want to ask the meaning of the rock we found. Carve in turtle one small and the other one is so big?

      Thanks God bless.

    • I suggest that you should read my long detailed discussion about the turtle signs.

  • Anonymous says:
    • sandag roy says:

      Good AM, how about the nails sign from the tree, nail sign is downward. Where is the object? Thank you.

    • Try to dig on the spot where the nail is pointing down on the ground.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Good day Sir Elmo. We need your help. I have a 4 old trees. 3 is tamarind and one is mango. The position of the 3 tamarind is straight line the distance each 18 meters. The mango tree are 50 meters away from the tamarind trees. The figure just like a triangle. This is a sign of treasure. What is the first dig.

      Thank you Sir, more power and God Bless.

    • I think that we can consider it as a sign particularly the Tamarind tree which you claim that are aligned in straight arrangement. The mango tree also adds to the puzzle. Despite of these clues, I suggest that you should look for more signs especially by inspecting the bodies of those trees.

      What also caught most of my attention is the mango tree. Can you describe to me the arrangement of its main branches?

      • Jonalyn Logrono says:

        Hi Sir and Good day,

        We found out 2 sign from our digging area, how can I send this picture to you.

        First sign is same as triangle but there is two small triangle beside on it. The second sign it's like capital letter C with slanting letter Y.

        Please we need your advise for this. Thank you so much.


        • You can send the photos of your sign to my FaceBook Page - Treasures and Antiques.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Good day SIR ELMO. We need your help, i saw my cousin marks of land or so called MOHON or landmark. In the lower part of the mountain side. Mohon or landmark engrave 2 arrow sign. One arrow sign pointing toward of the side mountain and one arrow sign pointing toward the old Alibangbang tree. The bottom of Alibangbang tree engraved a big piece of nail. The spoon was buried in the soil in front of nail. The distance of mohon and Alibangbang tree almost 5 meters.

      Sir this is treasure sign? Thank very sir ELMO GOD BLESS.

    • Yes, it is possibly a Japanese treasure sign. Anyway, I do suggest that you should continue digging at the bottom part of that old tree where you found a spoon.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Good day again Sir Elmo,

      We have encountered again in our diggings 4 triangles with their tips facing each other. Please enlighten us the meaning of this, sir.

      Thank you very much

    • It means, check at the "center" or "middle portion". Or, continue digging right at the middle spot.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Sir we are now at 90 ft seeking deep we found leaves sign in the center, a hard sand dirty it's very hard to break. We continue digging in 92 ft, we found again a sign leaves o dahun mark at wall side and there another sign in other it's dahun rin at my isang sign na box na rehas.

      We need your comments about this Sir.

    • Be extra careful because leaves as markings denotes danger signs.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Konichiwa Elmo san, i'm Filipino just trying hard to speak this lang of Japs. I just want to ask about the platform where at the other end facing west lies the flag pole hole then followed by an arc (same height of a chair). The platform face the river side. There is a wall fence in front around 20 ft facing the river. We break the very hard platform where the flagpole hole and arc situated. We found 5 nail and 2 pcs. of wood(1ftx3inx5mmthick).we thought its the item already because its yellow orange color but not.

      Do you think there's a probability of precious item in that area base on the nails and wood. Pls. advise and more power.

    • In most cases, when there is a flag pole sign involve, the hidden item are usually located at some distances.

  • Anonymous says:
    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Sir Elmo, as we are digging, we found out black wood but it's very hard. Does it mean that this is the seal of the chamber? I wish I can send you the looks so that you can assess it.


    • That strange black wood is just an object sign telling you that you are on the correct path. But, if there are any markings on it then it might tell some hint about the distance of the hidden deposit.

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