Due to valuable treasures that are currently hidden around the world, there are a lot of treasure hunting companies that have suddenly emerged. Some of them are not just some small time companies but consisted of large organizations being funded many investors. Majority of them though only specializes on lost treasures under the seas.

I actually used to work on a treasure hunting company before and I can say that there are some good and bad sides of it. Let’s start with the good side. As a treasure hunter of the company, you are given a lot of good benefits just to make sure that you will be able to accomplish your job. Travels, tools, equipment, expenses and access to necessary information are all provided to you by the company. It really sounds cool right?

The bad side is that, your superiors particularly the head of the company will always expect positive results from you. So in order to produce such kind of results, you will really feel the pressure of the challenge. When it comes to your income, it all depends on the contract that you signed before you got hired from the job. And in most cases, they will offer a salary similar to a regular income and you take no part from any of the recovered treasures from your projects. In short, you are considered as a regular employee with regular wage.

Investing on Treasure Hunting Companies

As mentioned above, there are plenty of treasure hunting companies out there and they are open to all interested investors. Majority of them includes top or popular manufacturers of treasure hunting equipment such as metal detectors. But, we won’t be going all through them because it’s a very long list.

Let’s just discuss one of the most popular and controversial treasure hunting company around which is the “Odyssey Marine Exploration”. They are currently the world’s leading company of this industry due to their many amazing discoveries of hundreds shipwrecks from the ocean floor. They are operating worldwide which means that they are working on numerous shipwreck projects.

The results of their successful discoveries are actually posted on their website. You can check the photos and videos of the actual treasures that they have proudly recovered.

According to them, what makes them achieved their goals are due to their professional team composed of skilled researchers, technicians and archaeologists. And, they claim that they are using the most advanced deep-ocean technology today.

So I guess, if you have an underwater project and you really need help then perhaps you may want to consider contacting Odyssey Marine Exploration for assistance.

So is it really worth investing on a treasure hunting company like Odyssey Marine Exploration?

Before I provide my answer into this question, I would like to clarify that my response is solely based on my personal opinion only.

I would say that investing into treasure hunting companies are rather extremely risky especially when there are other competitors that suddenly emerges. Yes, there can be hundreds of valuable treasures in both under the ocean and the ground. However, majority of those that are easy to recover has already been found several years ago. Thus, what’s left are those that are very hard to find.

Aside from difficulty, some treasures are now being claimed by their original owners. One good example were those historical Spanish Shipwrecks (Galleon) containing tons of gold and silver items. This means that being the finder does not guarantee you of ownership. You will have to face and fight for ownership from the court which could take several years. And worst, you will most likely end up losing.

And just recently, more and more countries are now prohibiting salvaging shipwrecks from their national territories. The worst part is that, all museums are now banned from purchasing or buying salvaged items from shipwrecks.

Treasure Hunting Companies versus Small Scale Treasure Hunters

Perhaps the major drawdown of a treasure hunting company is their publicity which cannot be avoided. They really need to publicize their results to attract interested investors and since they are a company working at the natural environment, the government are at close watch in all of their operations.

Now, small scale treasure hunters are just like my own team. We don’t have investors but financiers who are considered as a trusted member of the group. And unlike treasure hunting companies, we can choose not to make our discoveries goes public. In fact, we prefer to choose to stay silent. This prevents us from getting involved into the court trying to fight for our claim of ownership with our findings which is just a complete waste of time.

Moreover, treasure hunting companies are viewed by many professional investors as the worst option to invest your money. My research has even lead me into various articles filled with criticisms. Thus, if you are simply an investor who just wants to grow your money by investing then it’s better to look for another company different from the treasure hunting industry.

12 Comments to “Treasure Hunting Companies Explained”

  • Your message is true. Then, if you want me to be part of your companies. Then if you have a vacant time. We were to go to our project. There’s a lot of signs. No one knows how it read. Sorry if my English is not perfect. Please understand me.

    • Just choose one of your prospected site and describe to me the signs that you discovered. I will then try to help you out by trying my best to interpret what they mean.

  • Sir Elmo,

    Yes Sir, we need a financier to help and support us in our small scale treasure hunting hope you considered my effort on this matter. Gratitude to you in advance hoping you choose us to be one and be a part of our proposal project in TH hunting. God Bless always.

  • I am in the Philippines, and have come across a Yamashita Treasure site. Confirmed by 2 scans. I am looking for some investment to get part of it up.

    • Good luck to that, you may want to provide them your contact so that if there are anyone who is interested then they know what to do.

  • Sir Elmo,

    As your follower, I have learn a lot about treasure hunting.

    Now I will tell you about our project. We have started since last year until now but we stop maybe 4 weeks already. We can’t afford already the expenses.

    Please come and visit our project. We almost finished but because everything is already expensive we decided to ask a help for the people like you as I trust you.

    Please consider us because we believe this is a large scale project.

    Hoping for your help. Thank you and God Bless you!

    • It sounds interesting but currently, me and my team are also working with a big project. Anyway, I’ll try to think about what I can do.

  • There are people who CAN read the signs and symbols that lead to treasures of massive value. I’m one of them. It only took me 35 years.

    Google Maps will help you locate many treasures.

    The recent Hurricane Florence to hit the east coast of America…..it was created to take out the signs and symbols of over 75 treasure vaults that were created by the Aztecs, and worked through time by other cultures, and Blackbeard the Pirate was one of the most recent to use these vaults located at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune. Camp Lejeune is in the middle of an Aztec “treasureville.”

    Trumps golf courses and properties sit on/over earth access points to treasure as well as openings that “go very deep.”

    Hillary Clinton’s island of Haiti is another treasure island that is being worked by the Clintons.

    The list goes on forever….and I can find them all (except for those already recovered).

    No brag, just fact.

    Have a great one, everybody.
    Michael Garrison

    • Interesting. Anyway, it would be nice if you can tell how accurate is your method in locating a certain hidden treasure. And, you may want to tell if you offer your services to others.

  • Hi,
    Hope your are all fine.

    My name is Fadhili and I live in Tanzania, I have five site and its real one among of them have mercury but this site are allocated in the forest in Dodoma region. I don’t need money rather than a team with a full equipment. Please contact trough:[email protected]/+255654544156. It’s a serious deal please put in touch.


  • The only thing I want to know is how and where can you sell your treasure recovery. It’s hard to find someone you can trust. Thanks a lot Sir Elmo.

    • I already covered this in my other post. You have to cooked the gold bar and turn them into small pieces similar to the size of the smallest penny. This way, you can easily sell them at small amount with small-time gold buyers.

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